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JUNE Newsletter 2017


Warm welcome to all our families, we acknowledge and pay respect to the Yugarra people the traditional custodians of the land upon which we meet, play and learn.

As we have our facebook posts, this newsletter is just a reminder for up and coming events and general day to day items. 

Centre Events

Tuesday 6th June - ​Buckle Up Kids
​A free child restraint inspection Program called 'Buckle Up Kids' is aimed at raising awareness about the correct use of infant capsules and child restraints in vehicles and helping reduce the injuries that result from the misuse of child restraints. This program will be held on Tuesday the 6th of June from 3:30pm-5:30pm. Please feel free to come in for this service even if it's not your child's booked day.
Wednesday 14th June - PJ Day
Please roll out of bed and into Piptree.

​Friday 30th June - Funky Hair DaySee what fun memories can you create!!

Contact Details

Have you changed your mobile number, your work number or medical history recently and forgot to update the details with Sandra? Please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ​ or phone 07 3423 3879, these details are very important. Update your details when you need to, it takes only a minute, thank you for your continuing support and safety of all our children.​

Did you know to phone/email the service when not in?

To ensure the safety of our children, please phone, email or let us know of absent days or holidays that your taking. It is required by law that schools contact families who have not shown for the day if they have not made contact, please help us, help you by developing this routine early in preparation for school. It saves time and worry for all concerned. 

Phone: 3423 3879
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Learning through Play

Unlike older children, early years children are unable to learn through abstract or passive methods. Young children learn best by direct hands-on experience. The need to actively explore and manipulate materials and toys; discovering answers, properties, relationships, skills and concepts for themselves. Environments need to deliver knowledge and experiences relevant to a child's personal knowledge and maturation level. Often this is referred to as age appropriate or developmentally appropriate curriculum, an approach that meets educational goals based on research on how young children learn best. Some researchers and policy makers tell us, " Play is the work of childhood". It is a child's very personal way of interacting with their world and learning to master the possibilities in it. The Early Years Learning Framework is much more than meets the eye; it's the very serious endeavour of starting a life-long path of learning, and having a little fun along the way!

It looks like play but it meets academic goals:

  • Block building - Mathematical goals (spatial concepts, problem solving, balance and weights, cooperation)
  • Stringing beads - Mathematical goals (correspondence counting, patterns, sequencing); Literacy goals (visual motor coordination, left to right concepts)
  • Finger plays and rhymes - Literacy goals (auditory discrimination, phonetic skills, auditory memory, concept comprehension, visual motor coordination, vocabulary development)
  • Concentration game - Literacy goals (visual discrimination, symbolic decoding, visual memory, concept development; Mathematical goals (matching and classification)
  • Drawing and painting - Literacy goals (symbolic representation, visual memory, visual motor coordination, creative expression)

​Thank you, 

for all your support, for all your comments and feedback. We strive to achieve the very best and need your help!!

​A message that I wish to pass on is the smallest moments do matter and take care of the ones in our homes, in our communities and support the community to grow. Sometimes the news has the most dreadful truth to show and tell but we need to remember that there still is so much wonder and beauty in the world. We support the children, our future to make the world a better place and I think we have the most important task, so thank you for all you do!!



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