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Newsletter: Piptree Early Learning Eight Mile Plains

Hello everyone,

Oh, it's almost end of the year and we have few events coming up Diwali on 29th October, 6th World Kindness Day and School Teacher visiting in November. We look forward to celebrate with all our families.

Thank you to all the parents who came and joined us for Grandparents afternoon tea and Father's Day afternoon tea for the past months.

In Sprouts room, Miss Eve and Miss Pratibha are doing their best building up our big connection with everyone. We are trying to engage with everyone with helping them to develop their physical and social skills through playing.

Well that's all from us for now and until next time, happy learning and keep smiling!

In Pips room:

Creative and Sensory Play

To inspire creativity and imagination, recently Pips experienced making cookies, fathers day crafts, bubble play, ocean creatures (incursion), heaps of painting, reading, singing and dancing. Creative and sensory play allows children to explore, experiment and create in their own unique way.

Planning and Scaffolding Learning

It is our role sometimes to initiate and often to respond, to help, and always be sensitive to what the babies are interested in. Most importantly, play that babies initiated themselves provide the best learning experiences. Pips regularly enjoy exploring and experimenting with objects such as balls, blocks, boxes, paper, ribbons, paint and dough, using both their sensory skill and physical senses.

Expanding on their interests we will celebrate the season with sensory play ideas that focus on flowers, pine cones, painting, dough, boxes, paper, sand, music, texts, puppets, drama and outdoor play and more. We plan to engage babies on activities that are natural, flexible and open-ended to enable them to investigate the world through their sensory capabilities.

In Buds room,

Gardening. We decided to extend on this interest by making our own discovery garden. We collected so many small plant pots, now our little ones are very excited to start planting and see how our gardens grow. This experience will allow our children to further develop their understanding of sustainability and how to look after and care for natural environment in a fun way.

Self Help Skills.

Children are manipulating the serving spoon to scoop a piece of fruit from a fruit bowl into their ownbowls. When children practice self helpskills such as: feeding and dressing themselves, they practice their large and small motor skills, gain confidence in their ability to

meet new challenges and build their self-esteem and pride in their independence.

Personal hygiene – washing hands with soaps

Healthy eating: children are encourage to cut up their own afternoon tea fruits with plastic knives.

In Blossoms room we have been learning about life cycle of butterfly through different activities such as butterfly painting, reading the Very hungry caterpillar and drawing different life stages of caterpillar which children are enjoying.

Language and Maths experience are an integral part of our learning and we encourage this by providing the following activities recently:

Numbers – Numbers flash cards, Number match, finding numbers hidden in rice.

Language – during group time & throughout the day we have been reading books to enhance the experience of language.

Alphabets – tracing letters, names, painting letters, salt tray writing.

During the past few months, the children have engaged in various activities that have helped them get a better understanding of different things. Some areas which were explored include- names of shapes/colours, scissor cutting, pre-writing skills, etc. We tried our best to organize different activities focusing on these areas to help the children learn.

We are also working on group activities to extend social skills and friendships. This has been working well and most of the children are forming new friendship already. It is indeed very exciting to see them make new friends and learn new skills.

In Poppies room, We have been learning about the world around us and learnt a song for the seven continents of the world. We made a collage for all the continents including Australia, the smallest continent which we call our country. As we were reading the book "Are we there yet?" by Alison Lester, we traveled around Australia and learnt about the different parts of Australia.

We are also focusing on various environment related themes such as "space", "plants", butterfly life cycle", "recycling", to help the children to develop an appreciation for the nature. We request you to keep practicing these skills with your child at home and help them develop their learning during these crucial early years.

A quick reminder to the parents about returning the "transitions to school "papers, which was just handed out and please return them to us when you have finished. We are also in the process of drafting our transition reports for the children's chosen schools and will be handed out to parents by the end of next month.

Well that's all from us for now and until next time, happy learning and keep smiling! 



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