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May Newsletter

A beautiful autumn month we have had and another to arrive, thank you for all your continued support and welcome to all our lovely new families and friends. We have share the dignity program running at Piptree Eight Mile Plains, so please support the less fortunate and bring along some women's products that you cant live without!! We love caring and nurturing the children within our service to think about others, taking pride in helping and promoting great health and happiness!! 

Mothers Day Morning Tea Celebration Extravaganza

​Time and Date 12th May at 9.30am
​Here to celebrate Mothers Day Morning Tea
​Free, please RSVP

      Environmental Ideas that can save the Earth!! Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!!

A footprint means pressing down and global means world, so 'global footprint' means pressing down on the world and we don't want to press too hard' (child's definition of a Global Footprint). We engage and encourage a delicate touch with children. We support them to learn the foundations of what is good for the earth and what isn't with simple dialogue and activities. We have two chickens out in the yard to help with kitchen scraps, we recycle the objects from home and engage the children in sustained play and care for our plants and chickens. What do you do at home to ensure that the small time we are here that you leave a small footprint on earth?

          Emergency Details and Emergency Training

​Are your details such as mobile number, work number, address, Child's allergies, Child's medical needs up to date? Please check if you have recently changed details and I will quickly check and change if needed on the computer!!

​Have you got a few hours to save a life?

Can you come to the centre and enrol into a first aid class on the 19th of June at 5.15pm. If we have enough attendance we can arrange lower pricing. 

So who is in??

13 Traits Parents of Successful Children Have in Common

​It takes a village to raise a successful, healthy child, and parents are the first step, we will continue to help here at Piptree too, with our holistic philosophy and engaged staff culture. ​
1. Children should be doing some chores
2. Children should be learning positive social skills
3. Parents have high expectations
4. The family gets along well with each other
5. Teaching math concepts early 
6. Parents have completed higher education​
7. The parents get along well with each other
8. Parents are Happy
9. Value effort over failure
10. Families that work outside the home too
11. Poverty stunts potential growth
12. Parents provide boundaries and guidelines
13. Children are taught "grit" to sustain effort​​

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 Quick Reminders

  • Sunscreen

Please ensure your children have sunscreen applied at home, have a hat available and are ready to play outdoors in safe clothing!! I understand sometimes we can forget so we have some in the foyer.

  • Meals and Drinks

Breakfast from home can only be served before 7.30am.

We have several children with allergies and dietary restrictions, some to a life threatening scale. We supply morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. If you wish to bring along your own food please DO NOT pack nuts, soy and pork products.

Programs are displayed on the walls and the artworks and imaginative creations the children participate are also located around the room, have a look at some examples that you get to see, please provide your feedback and experiences from home life too!

Spare change of clothes are needed for all children, from pips through to poppies as accidents happen. Please provide a whole set of clothes that live in your childs bag.

Have you met the girls that live in the back? These girls were hand raised from last years Henny Penny program and provide the children with an endless amount of amusement and investigative experiences.

Room Highlights!!

Our Pips room is full and we have a waiting list, we encourage our families with younger siblings to please see Sandra or Belinda (the lead educator) in the room and we can help with the wait list process. We love that you are engaging with the programming more and please look at the laptops for the days pictures!!

​Sprouts 1, 2 and 3 are very close to being full too, there are so many creative and imaginative experiences happening within this room, I encourage you to spend a little time talking to the little ones and recap the lessons, most delightful!!

​BUDS 1 and 2

We paid respect to Anzac day with some discussion, we are continuing talking with the children about our heritage and cultures, in the room you will see a map of the world and we will talk about where we are all from, it is amazing to see and watch this experience unfold!!

​Blossoms 1 and Two

Rashmi is on grandparent duty for the next 12 weeks or so, Khyati has stepped up and will work along side Rina and Joyce. We love the feelings and support from our families and working together to make a greater family!! 

Poppies- what an amazing time we are having with poppies, we are currently practising numbers, shapes and letter recognition and sounds. You will be surprised on how much they really do know!!



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