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Piptree Eight Mile Plains

This is the final email for 2018, borrowing the words of Winnie the Pooh – how lucky are we to have experienced something that makes saying goodbye so hard. As we come to the final Newsletter of the year, it is a time for many goodbyes and farewells.  We have a sad but fond farewell to our Class of Kindergarten 2018 graduates, as in a few short weeks they will commence their new adventures within Prep. 

We have new families begin and some families move away, we endeavour each and every year to make the legacy of the previous one to inspire change, promote positive intentions and always strive to be better. As some one wise recently I spoke with, said of others- Others have given birth to us, others have given our name, others have given our education, income and later in life others will again bath us, and care for us, after death others will sort our possessions, so let us all simplify our life and love, and live with each other peacefully. 

We are sorting the rolls and rooms for the new year, we still have a few vacancies so if your in need of extra days, change of days please enquire as soon as possible, transitions into older rooms will occur in these weeks as the holidays give flexibility with lower numbers, children will be with their friends and so the connections to the other rooms are already formed, for a smooth transition. 

2019 is already looking like a great year, many of our educators are undertaking further study or being recognised for Teaching qualifications, we see the need to continue to strive for the achievements through life as a wonderful milestone that mustn't stop. Learning is a lifelong journey, one that we enrich with a large range of children's educational toys from brands including Beleduc, Educo and Vivaio.  

We wish all our families and friends the very best Christmas and start to the New Year!! If you get stuck over the holiday period note we are only closed on the three public holidays and are open from 6.15am to 6.15pm on other days during the week. If it isn't your booked day please just ring the service first, but we will have spaces for casual days. 



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