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Piptree Family News

Pips Newsletter: July 2018 Lunar Eclipse Edition

In the month of July, before the imminent event of the earth's shadow came between the moon and the sun, Pips have been very busy and participated in numerous Centre activities including NAIDOC, Grandparents Day, Ocean Life and PhysiKids.

In the Pips room on a daily basis, young Pips enjoy reading books, playing balls, building blocks, painting, paper collage, and problem solving with puzzles. Pips are confident and involved learners. These activities promote and enhance their ability in language, social, creativity and physical skills.

Pips also enjoy outdoor play. They love the new wooden boat under the verandah when they can explore and engage with social and physical environments through relations and play. They demonstrate their emerging autonomy and sense of agency. We expanded this interest with drama play inside wearing hats and putting on shoes.

Recently Pips are enthusiastic about Yoga and movements. They are eager to learn and grow and happy to explore their bodies (hands, fingers, toes etc) in a fun way. Yoga encourages motor skills, flexibility, coordination, a balanced mind and happiness.

In late July we welcome our new Pips Alice and Michael. They are comfortably settled in and confidently exploring Pips room.

We value families input about the program. Please feel free to make suggestions and share ideas about what will help with your child's learning and development.

Much love, Dolly and Eve.



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