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Weekly Family News

The most knowledge that a person acquires is what they gain during the first learning 5 years of their life. This stage is clearly very important and crucial as it leads to the person you will inevitably become. Piptree Early Learning Center is committed to providing the best possible care and learning experiences for the children, so we can help shape them to be the best they can be. I know that this is what happens everyday in Sprouts One, as the children form friendships, learn new things and communicate with each other.

The past month has been an extremely productive month as a stepping stone in the children's learning. We not only welcomed two new pips- Haylan and Paul but we also explored deeper into some new concepts for the children to learn. This newsletter will briefly outline the major points from the past month.

This past month, the children have been engaged in doing art activities. The art activities primarily consisted of painting, playing with playdough and learning about colours through several activities. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves during the activities and they accumulated knowledge about colours. The benefits of art activities have been scientifically proven to improve coordination, increase self-esteem; as there is no right or wrong way to play, it encourages creativity and it also teaches infants how to express themselves.

The children also enjoyed themselves greatly as they have been playing outdoors quite a lot. However, the weather has prevented outdoor play on some occasions. When children play outdoors and engage in activities like ball play, hula hoops, and obstacle course, they are improving their gross motor skills. They also are bonding with their peers and also communicating well while being healthy.

I sincerely thank every family for their continued support, and I implore that if you have any enquires or concerns to contact me. I would like to give a kind remainder that every child's personal belonging needs to be labelled clearly with their name.I am very excited for the next month as the children continue their learning journey. Thank you Faiqa & Carol



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