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Weekly Family News

This week hear from the Pips and Sprouts 3

Creative Art allow children to explore, experiment and create in their own unique way. Fostering creativity helps children develop mentally, socially and emotionally.

When inspired to think in creative ways and exposed to innovative play ideas, Pips create according to their own interests, which makes the experiences more meaningful. Benefits of Creative Art include:

  • Pips can express their feelings and individuality.
  • Engaging in creative activities provides Pips the opportunity to use problem solving skills, such as thinking of alternative ways to use materials, or modifying a design to improve the end product. Using problem solving skills at a young age, in a fun way, allows Pips to develop and strengthen these valuable skills that are required throughout life.
  • Creating original art pieces allows Pips to experiment and learn through trial and error, an important life lesson.
  • It develops lateral thinking as well as being able to 'think outside the box'.
  • Creating is an excellent way to extend vocabulary, as well as communicate their thoughts, ideas and knowledge visually.
  • Creative experiences teach resilience, persistence, patience.
  • As they manipulate a paintbrush, a pencil or a crayon, their fine motor skills improve.
  • By counting pieces and colours, they learn the basics of maths.
  • When experiment with materials, they dabble in science.
  • Pips experience a sense of accomplishment when they are responsible for designing and creating an original masterpiece.

Pips art work maybe on display in the Pips Room after consultation and they will be filed in Pips individual portfolio until the day they leave our room. In the meantime please feel free to browse through your child's portfolio any time or take home to discuss with your child. Remember the portfolio must be returned for regular updates.

In the month of August, we welcome our new friends Darci, Reece, and Ayaan who are settling in well and adjusting to our room. Just a reminder that the Fathers Day Event is here at Piptree on this coming Friday 31st August at 3:30pm. Pips are so inspired and they will be busy this week engaging in creative activities for Daddy. Please provide feedback or make suggestions on our program will be much appreciated.

Until next time, signing off now

Dolly and Eve.



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