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Weekly Family News

​Well the Child Care Subsidy is here, it has been busy few weeks, and the next will be busier with sorting out the most appropriate session times for your family. With the session hours most of our families can have more days with a reduction in their weekly fees, ask me how!!

We have a few special days ahead with the Deputy Principal from Warrigal Road State School detailing what is expected of the Prep children for 2019 and 2020. This isn't school specific information, this is a wonderful opportunity for all children entering Prep in 2019 and 2020 to find out what really is important for the children to have knowledge of and be able to do for the up and coming adventure at Big School.

Another important date is the Grandparents Afternoon Tea from 3.30pm to 5pm, this annual event is with the Ocean Life too, these moments are special and memorable as we share them with baby sharks, turtles, star fish and numerous awesome fish and creatures of our great ocean!!

Pips Newsletter: July 2018

Welcoming our new friends Phoebe and Flynn.

In celebrating winter, our Pips are exploring a range of objects from indoors and outdoors.We engage babies on activities that are natural, flexible and open-ended to enable them to investigate the world through their sensory capabilities.Pips enjoy exploring and experimenting with objects such as boxes, paper and ribbons, using both their sensory and physical senses to extend their thinking.

To inspire creativity and imagination recently we placed leaves, twigs, lavender, flower petals, parsley and basil inside a cardboard box.We then hid small animals for Pips to explore.The hunting game begins. This humble box takes Pips on adventures and helps them explore imaginary places, also supports the development of language as well as mathematical, scientific, creative, personal and social concepts.

It is our role sometimes to initiate and often to respond, to help, and always be sensitive to what the babies are interested in.Most importantly, play that babies initiated themselves provide the best learning experiences.

Pips understand and express their feelings through the re-enactment of certain experiences.Look at Amanda holding a bottle, feeding baby Oliver on the rocker.Oliver holding a bottle feeding his friend Thomas on the mat.Both taking on roles that encourage discipline and empathy.To extend on their interests we set up a baby care corner in the room, providing further opportunities for Pips to identify with the adult world.

We value families input about the program. Please feel free to make suggestions and share ideas about what will help with your child's learning and development. Much love Dolly and Eve

​Sprouts 3 with Karman and Sera

Welcome Harin and Valentino to Sprouts 3.In the month of June, children were busy on sensory experience, cognitive development and focused on practising shapes, sorting objects by colour and counting objects.Building the spiritual well being by singing songs with the children and encouraging them to sing along with educators.

Sensory experience – Miss Karman brought house plants (citronella, lavender and rue) for children to smell and touch.They painted with the plant leaves on a large piece of cardboard as group planting. The advantage of this learning environment is respond to the children's interests and needs.Through this experience, we promote every child's understanding and their responsibility to care for their environments as well as providing a range of opportunities for individual and shared experience.

Children were concentrating on threading the beads. They also practiced using different kitchen utensils to scoop and pick up bottle caps.Both activities required strong fine motor skills whilst increasing their finger strength at the same time. In addition to strengthening cognitive skill, educators let them use spoons or ladles to transfer the caps.

Our children also enjoyed role play, not only expressing their ideas and feelings, because they can also communicate to each other.Winter is finally arrived though most days are quite warm. Please provide some lighter jacket to change during the day time, as the winter clothing is too thick. We can swap the winter clothing back in late afternoon when the temperature drops again.

From Miss Karman and Miss Sera



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