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August 2020

"Keep looking up, that's the secret of life..."  -  Charlie Brown 


A number of limited vacancies will become available as of the 17th of August 2020.  Please see details below and contact me as soon as possible if you're interested in any of the spots before I contact waitlist families.  

Sprouts (15m - 2.5yrs) - Monday

Blossoms (3 - 4 years) - Monday & Friday

Poppies (4 - 5 years) - Monday 

 Screen Doors!

We will be having some work done to all of the room screen doors tomorrow & Friday!

The technicians will be here early in the morning, to ensure they work with our room schedules taking into consideration the children's rest times. 

This means that they will be here throughout drop off times.  Please be mindful of this and supervise your children during this time.  Please also ensure your children are dropped to an educator and not left unattended.  

Thank you for your cooperation with this!


Front Door! 

The code access front door system was installed to ensure the safety and well being of our children, families and staff.  It ensures that we have the most secure environments and that only authorised people are able to enter our centre.

In order for this safety measure to be in place, we require your help and participation.

Please do not allow children to hang or pull on the door as you try to put your code in.  This is to ensure the door stays in place and the magnetic latch does not break.  The magnetic latch is required in order for the door to only open once you have put in a code.  

We aim to have a safe, control environment for our centre community, so it is up to all of us to ensure we treat our environment with respect.

Thank you for your participation!



We continue to follow our COVID safe plan to ensure the safety of our children, staff, and families.  This is reassessed as required.  Limited visitors are allowed at the service, and all excursions continue to be suspended.

Please do your part & follow the precautionary measures.  

- Antibacterial Gel MUST be used upon drop off and pick up.

- Please limit your time within the centre. We ask that you catch up for a chat outside of the centre.  

- Please DO NOT hang around.  This includes to watch your children to play around in the playground or in the rooms.

- Consider having one parent drop off.

- School children to stay with parents at all times.  PLEASE NO PLAYING ON EQUIPMENT OR LEFT IN THE FOYER UNATTENDED.

- If you or your child are unwell please refrain from entering the premises.  

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