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Changes to CCB/CCR

Dear families,

I'm sure all of you are aware by now about the Childcare Benefit (CCB) and Rebate (CCR) that is taking place on the 2nd of July 2018.

I wanted to give you a bit more of an idea about what this means.  

What has changed?

Current CCB & CCR Payments will be scrapped.

The Child Care rebate (which covers 50 percent of child care fees up to an annual cap of $75 000) and the means-tested Child Care Benefit will be replaced by the new subsidy (CCS).

What do you have to do to get the new subsidy?

Both parents have to work to satisfy the activity test for the new subsidy. Both have to work, study or volunteer for at least eight hours a fortnight.

If you don't work for at least 8 hours a fortnight, you will still get 12 hours of Child Care if you earn less than $65 710.  If your family's income is more than $65 710 but you don't meet the activity test, you don't get any Child Care Subsidy (CCS).

How much do I get?

For families earning $65 710 or less, you will have 85 percent of your child care fees covered by the government.  The subsidy gradually tapers down to 50 percent once you are earning $170 710.

For those earning between $170 710 - $250 000, you will get 50 percent of the fees covered.   Anyone earning between $250 000 - $340 000 will have 20 percent covered, and anyone over $340 000 will not be eligible for any CCS.

How is it calculated?

Fee subsidies are based on a set hourly rate ($11.55 centre based day care).  

Is there a cap on how much you can claim?

There is no annual cap on subsidies for families on $185 710 and under.

Those earning more than this will only be bale to claim $10 000 per child.  There will be a bonus subsidy for disadvantaged families, such as those with children at risk of abuse or neglect; those experiencing temporary financial hardship and those with grandparent carers on welfare.

When does it start?

This begins on July 2, 2018.

Click the link below to find out your CCS estimate.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to see me. 



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