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Fire Truck Visit

We had our very much anticipated fire truck visit today! 

As expected, the firemen arrived at the centre just before 9.30 and started the process of reversing the HUGE firetruck in our driveway. 

Fireman Pete introduced himself and the other firemen to the children and had a really important talk with all the boys and girls.

"I know where your fire station and truck is" said Eli B from the Poppies.  "Its very close to my new house".

Max from the Poppies also recognised the firemen and said loudly "I see your fire station all the time".

The wonderful firemen that took time out of their busy schedule today to visit us, were from our local fire station in Wishart.  It was great the children could recognise people from their community!

We talked about fire safety, and what we should do in case of a fire.  We learnt that we should not stay inside, and that its really important we dont go back in.  Fireman Pete explained how we'd need our listening ears in the event of the fire, to make sure we listen to instructions properly and dont get hurt.  

He then picked a volunteer to help him show us how to get out of a building that has caught fire.  Brianna from the Poppies room was the lucky one and stood in front of everyone confidently.  

Brianna showed she had great listening skills as she followed Fireman Pete's instructions, and taught all her friends how to 'get down low, and go go go'.

We talked about the important number we call if we need help, (000) and learnt about all the other things firemen do as well as putting out fires!

Did you know firemen attend car accidents? Or that they help people and animals that are stuck in different situations? Did you know that when they are not rescuing people & putting out fires they are taking part in Professional Development and training back at the fire station? 

Fireman Pete then introduced Fireman Rob and we got to see the special uniform and protective equipment firemen need to wear.  Fireman Rob put on the special pants, boots, jacket and helmet, even the gloves!  We learnt that when firemen are putting out fires they use the shield on their helmets to protect their faces from the fire, and that their pants have special suspenders to help make sure their pants dont come off during a rescue!  

Before long, it was time for what everyone had been waiting for! We split in two groups and lined up to head down to the car park where the firemen were waiting for us.  

The children were so excited, they could hardly contain it.  We were given a tour of the firetruck and all the special things it carries, and learnt that there are 3 different types of hoses on the fire truck! 

After lots of exploration and questions, we noticed the firetruck had a huge ladder on top, and a big tank on the side that carries the water! 

Needless to say, the children had an absolute blast, and loved every minute of this very special visit.  

On their way out, we were also treated by the very anticipated loud siren and bright flashing lights.  The children's faces were priceless!  

Thank you so much to all 4 of the lovely firemen from the Wishart Fire Station, that took time out of their schedule to pay us all a visit!  

Enjoy some of the photos! 



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