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Getting Ready for Our Excursion to Woolies!

Our Woolworths Fresh Food Tour excursion is FINALLY here!! 

The children are super excited, especially Ronin as he gets to show all his friends where his mum works.

Kelly, Ronin's mum was very kind to give us a few sample hair nets for the children to try. 

The children were all eager to get theirs, so Miss Elena helped the children put them on – then they suggested we give one to Ms Nulla so off we went for a little walk to Miss Nulla's office and gave her one.

During group time today we discussed how our day will go, Miss Lyn explained that we will be catching a bus to woollies. 

Thomas mentioned "I caught the bus with my mum and dad when we went to the beach".

Afterwards we took some time to practice how we're going to walk to the bus stop together as well as from the bus stop to the shops. 

Miss Elena got out our extra long rope and asked the children to line up making sure to hold the rope with their right hand – this is to make sure that the rope is closest to the road while we are walking tomorrow.

Together we walked around a few obstacles out in the yard, the children did a fantastic job staying in their straight line and also at not letting go of the rope. While walking around Miss Elena asked the children if they should have any rules during the excursion. 

Together they came up with not running on the road, not letting go of the rope, using listening ears and always stay together.

Now that we have established some rules together, we are all set to go.

We are all looking forward to our adventure! It will definitely be a fun learning experience. 



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