Special Dates for June

​3rd & 4th Australian Childcare Alliance QLD - Conference

9th Coaching & Mentoring with Phoenix Support 

13th Chinese Fan Dance

14th Land on which we walk, live & play

Australian Childcare Alliance Conference - Engage, Learn, Inspire 2017

Miss Debbie, Rosemary, Julie.T, Bwari, Alexandra, and Belinda attended this conference. With two days of exceptional and inspiring speakers to give them their attention and let them know this is a highlight in anyone's professional career, and we couldn't be more pleased to offer it to you. May your hearts blossom with the support from the best in our field and Piptree be your place to flourish.  

Change of weather

When the wet weather comes we have difficult decisions to make. Should children play in a rain shower, puddles, catch drips with containers or feel the splash on one's face? Should children stay out of the rain where ever possible, keep dry & warm, stay indoors - sometimes all day. As early childhood educators we must aim for consideration of individual interests and variety of activity for optimal outcomes for each child. I wonder if we all consider the thousands of neural pathways connecting in little developing brains that are attracted to the sensory experiences nature provides and to learn one's own tolerances and choices. To give a child an opportunity to learn why we make choices and to observe other children's choices is what makes being together so interesting and enlightening. Please bring jackets, rain coats, beanies & gumboots on grey drizzly days and lets enjoy what surrounds us.

Congratulations Julie! 30 years in Early Childhood Education and Care

Julie Cooper will be taking 2 weeks annual leave after finishing her role in the Senior Kindy Blossoms room and before she starts her new role as Lead Educator Float; continuing as Educational Leader. It will be a well-deserved break for Julie considering she has consistently given herself for 30years as an Early Childhood Educator so passionately.  

Special people working wonders 10 + years

We are also blessed to have Miss Lorelle & Miss Leanne on our team whom have given over 12 and 10 wonderful years at this Centre respectively. Their contribution to the number of families they have supported and watched grow up into beautiful young people cannot be underestimated or overly enjoyed. We love and greatly appreciate your commitment in helping all families feel assured their loved ones are also loved by us.  

Limited Vacancies

Thankyou to all families who have informed me of your plans to increase days in the near future, your planning helps us to help you. We understand early education and care is just one of a families highest concerns. At Piptree we have experience in juggling many things at once just like you. Our educators share a collective of life experiences with diverse backgrounds that are willing to share with you. We are compassionate & kind to the needs of our children and families, please remember to show our educators the same in return.

A gentle reminder..

 Although it is a great testimony to our Centre for children to be hurried and excited to get to us in the mornings, children running ahead of parents can be a danger. Please teach children to wait at the door for you. I know this will not happen overnight but I need to have more support on this issue as the child remains under your supervision and care until signed in.

Facebook postings

​We are enjoying putting up our facebook posts. Are you getting them? Please go to Piptree facebook page Like and follow. We are using the publicity authorisation provided in our enrolment forms so please see me if you would like to review or update this.