April 2019

Welcome to April to all of our current & new families!

We have had lots of exciting experiences and changes this year and have tackled them all fabulously as a community. 

The last month saw us taking part in fun events as a centre as we celebrated Culture exploring St Patrick's Day & Harmony day.

We teamed with Showtime stars and Wild rangers to bring fun experiences to the centre for everyone to enjoy, such as the 'Keep fit & healthy' show and the wildlife incursion.  

Lastly was our very successful Hawaiian party day, where the whole centre engaged in hula dancing, lei wearing fun as they explored an interest that had originally emerged from the Blossoms children.  Head over to our Facebook page to see more info and lots of photos of the day!

On behalf of all of the staff, I wanted to take a minute and thank you all, for supporting our ideas, your children's interests, and always being so involved.  Without your support we would not have this loving community within our centre that we have today!

Vacation Care 

​Term one is almost over!

School finishes on the 5th of April (this Friday).

While we do offer Vacation care, please note that spaces are limited due to our high occupancy.

If you would like your schoolie in on any day throughout the holidays please send me an email & we can discuss this further.  

Vacation care activities will vary based on number of children in attendance.  

Centre Photos 

Our centre photo day is Wednesday 10th April.

Our photographer will be here from 7 ready to photograph from 7.45am. 

As we will be doing composite class photos there is no specific time you need to arrive as she will be here all day.  

If your child does not attend on this day we ask that you come in for 5-10 minutes at a time convenient to you.

Photo envelopes will need to be returned to the centre by Tuesday 9th April.  

Drop Offs 

There are a number of children that are currently being dropped off outside (while all the educators are inside) or being left alone unattended in the room while educators are outside.  

Educators are unable to care for your children if they are not aware they have been dropped off.

Please ensure you are handing over your child to an educator during drop off times.  

Door Security 

As you are all aware our front door can only be accessed by entering a 4 digit code.

This was put in place last year to ensure the safety of our children, families and staff at the centre. 

We ask that when entering you do not let anybody else in with you and do not share your code with anyone but your family members.  Anyone that does not attend the centre will need to ring the bell so a staff member can assist them.  

Please note, our very secure, code access door is ineffective if strangers are able to gain access to the centre without educators being aware. 

By ensuring only active families are able to enter we are providing a safe and secure environment for our community.  

If you have any questions please come see me.  

 Woolworths Earn & Learn

 We are excited to be taking part in the 2019 Woolworths Earn & Learn program 

During the previous campaign, we were able to purchase some great resources with the points we earned, thanks to you.

From 1st May until 25th June 2019, you can collect stickers at Woolworths that go towards Earn & Learn points. For every $10 you spend at Woolworths (excluding the purchase of tobacco, liquor and gift cards), you will receive a sticker. These stickers can then be given to your children to collect on a special sticker sheet. Once it is completed, they can simply bring it back here to school or you can drop them into your local Woolworths collection box.

The more points we earn, the more we can redeem from a choice of over 10,000 educational resources including mathematics and English resources, art & crafts materials and much, much more!

We are grateful for your support and look forward to a successful program. If you have any questions, please ask at reception.

 Sign in & out

It is ​a requirement that children are signed in upon drop off and out upon pick up.

If you forget to sign your child in/out an educator will sign your child in/out and you will need to confirm the next time you are in.

Before clicking CONFIRM, please check the DATE and TIMES of drop off/pick up are correct.

CCS Sessions 

 If you are on 9 or 10 hr sessions please ensure you are dropping off and picking up within your allocated time frames.

9 hr session times are 7:30 - 4.30 and 10 hr sessions are 7.30 - 5.30.  

​Centrelink charges extra fees for anyone that is on these sessions that drops off/picks up outside of the allocated time frames as you technically exceed your approved CCS hours.  

If you have any questions relating to the sessions please let me know! 




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