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Hello Families and welcome to March; yes MARCH!

It is almost the end of term 1! 

It has been such an exciting and busy term with lots of new things to learn and new environments to get used to but we have all settled and are eagerly counting down to Easter and the school holidays!


Due to our occupancy reaching about 90% there are limited days available in each room. 

I have recently had a lot of enquiries  from parents requesting more or a change of days. Due to our occupancy, there are limited spots available in each room, with majority of days being at full capacity.  

If you require any more days, or would like to change your current booking please come and see me and I will do my best to try and help.  

Please be prepared to be put on a waitlist for particular days, in which case you will be notified as soon as a spot becomes available.

Im sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding and patience.  

Quality Area Feedback 

 As you may have noticed recently, a 'voting' area was created in the foyer as well as in the rooms. 

This relates to the National Quality Standards, and was designed to get your input in a way that is both efficient and less time consuming for you.

Please take the time to read the question being asked in your child's room and simply contribute with a 'yes or no' note or by placing a rock in the relevant jars in the foyer. 

Your time and input is very much appreciated!  Thank you to all the families that have contributed so far, wish you could see how excited the Educators get by this :)  

Please note - to ensure we are getting an accurate result, please encourage  our children to not play with the rocks/paper.  Thank you!

Medication Policy 

Our Medication policy and procedure has been updated.

Please take a minute to read the PDF attachment below and familiarise yourself with the changes.

Remember - if you are bringing in medication (whether prescribed or over the counter) ensure it meets our requirements by having it labelled by a chemist or sent with a letter from the doctor.  Please do not leave the medication in your child's bag but notify an Educator upon drop off.  

We hope you understand that this policy is not something new, nor something we have created to make things difficult for you but rather one that we have created to ensure your children are administered medication safely and to meet Education and Care services National regulations, in particular Regulation 92(1), 93, Section 5 (a & b) and the National Quality Framework Standard 2.1

If you have any questions relating to this policy, please do not hesitate to come see me.  

What's on this month ... 

Welcome to March, families and Educators!

We would love to officially welcome Kyna, Aria, Maila, Jericho, Kodaah and Arthur to the Pip room. We are excited for this year with you.

So far these last couple of months we have been very busy in our Pip room, as we focused on settling in and getting to know the environment while focusing on the fine motor movements.The children have built up strength in their wrists, hands and fingers that they are demonstrating in the way they hold their spoons, milk and water bottles.

This month of March we have been focusing on our senses. We have been exploring our touch senses and now we are moving on to extend on this further. We have created sensory bottles that the children have contributed to and helped put together. This was a fun activity that the children were very engaged in.

We look forward to exploring further into our sensors, we would love feedback or any ideas and input to this month's experience.

Also please feel free to add to the monthly question that is hung up on the wall where the parent notices are. This will help us understand where we are sitting and what we could improve on.

Any input is wonderful.

We look forward to building bonds with you and your children.

Love Ms Taylah and Ms Julie

Hello everyone!

February had been so fast and so were our Sprouts who had grown fast and had shown adaptability and flexibility as they learn from their experiences; showing great responses to the changed of routines and environment. They started to settle wonderfully and loved exploring the learning spaces we have in the room.

Before we move on to March, let's have a recap for January and February. Fostering a trusting relationship with the children, families and educators had been our focus.We had started with our Being unit- where the Sprout's learned about themselves. We identified our basic body parts, senses, explored feelings and learned about the children's interests, as they are being transitioned at Sprouts. We also had our Belonging unit where the children learned about their families, community and the world around them. We held indoor creative campfires and imaginative plays for the children and our belonging tree for parents to hang their family photos as this is wonderful starting point to develop a curriculum built around children's identities, their relationships with family and community and the interests, skills and knowledge they have as a result of those relationships.

We had immersed into celebrating cultural celebrations like Chinese new year and Valentines day where children explored and engaged into art and messy sensory plays as well as attended incursions to celebrate such.

Our focus this March is Animals and As the children were observed to be enjoying sensory plays and explorations through water play, dough, and natural resources, we plan to continue providing them this mode of learning as we believe that they will learn best when they are deeply engaged into activities that they loved.

We had also observed the children showing caring through our baby dolls and to one another as they started helping each other during mealtimes,simple pat on each other's back and gather around someone that is upset which are all beneficial in their social and emotional development.

Family Involvement wall / Family photos

We encourage our Sprout's parent involvement to pin the gems on our map as to where Dad/Mom came from or which place your family stayed the most.

We also encourage parents to hang your family photos on our belonging tree.

It has been an honour and blessing to work with your wonderful children.

Your active partner in caring,

Ms June, Ms Lyn and Ms Teagan

Hi everyone! Welcome to our new families, and hi to all the families who were with us last year. How amazing to think two months of 2019 has passed already!

Our Buds children have been very motivated to explore numbers, colours and shapes at group time. The learning has been encouraged throughout the daily routine. It has been great to see the children so interested in developing their understanding of numbers, colours and shapes. We have also been following the multicultural calendar, so far we have looked at Waitangi Day, Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year to be followed by St Patrick's Day and Easter. Through planned experiences children may develop a better understanding of the world.

We reflect on how the children engage with all experiences. This ongoing cycle is our way of continually furthering the children's abilities, skills, ideas, and problem solving during their time here. Plus, a big part of our programming is your involvement! We love to regularly get your stories about what your child got up to on the weekend, special memories you want to share, things you hope for your child to achieve, things you know they really love to do etc., all so we get a big picture of what type of person they are. Please come to us with your thoughts and ideas. We look forward to it!

Family Tree: As part of EYLF, children experience BELONGING – is to know where and whom you belong - family, a cultural group, a neighbourhood and the wider community. To gain a feeling of BELONGING in the Buds room at the start of this year, we've worked together as educators and families to build relationships where children feel safe, secure and supported. We have been built our family tree in the room. Could you please provide a family photo? We would like to ensure that all children feel a sense of belonging to our classroom through the addition of their family photo to our tree.


Miss Na, Miss Min & Miss Shahnaz

Hello parents,

And welcome to our March newsletter edition!

We are so excited to play, care and love the ex-buds children as they into being Blossoms.

As it's the start of the year we have focused on settling the children into their new environment and getting everyone used to the room routine. So far the children have adapted really well to the room while positively engaging with Mr Shane and I.

Recently our focus has shifted to personal hygiene as we learn more about correct hand washing.

Hand washing is an important aspect of personal hygiene, so to enhance the children's knowledge on the topic we have been using songs outlining the relevant steps.The children have shown so much interest in this as they sing along so we have implemented this as a transition to help them recognise when it is appropriate to wash their hands.

We have also had quite a few children interested in colours, and talking about these as they point to various objects around the room.So in an attempt to enhance the children's interests we have also been exploring all the different colours.We have been doing this by setting up exciting group games during group times, as well as flash cards, songs and stories.

The children have also been enjoying a number of different crafts that they have helped plan, set up and extend as our interest in colours continues.

If the children's interests allows, we aim to continue and look closely at all the different colours as we strengthen the children's colour recognition skills.

Is there something that you'd like us to look more closely in?Perhaps there is a topic you feel your child could be more confident in and you'd like us to explore this as a group? We'd love your input, please have a chat with either Shane or I next time you are in, as we'd love your contribution!

Until next time, please take a look around the Blossom's art gallery to see the wonderful masterpieces your children have created, or feel free to go through their art portfolios located above the lockers J

Ms Elena & Mr Shane 

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Welcome to the Poppies room. We have had a great start to the year with many of the children transitioning up from Blossoms room, as well as having new children also join the centre. This has allowed all children to make connections and develop friendships within the room. We are so excited to have Miss Julie back from her holidays and say thank you to Miss Chona, Miss Belinda, Miss Micaela and all the other educators who have helped during the last few weeks.

During our first few weeks, we have been becoming familiar with the room routine and establishing our room expectations. The children are now completing their planning books and sharing of their ideas of their learning with their teachers annotating their ideas in their planning books. This is completed in our daily routine and have many of the Poppies spending time focusing on drawing and developing pre-writing skills.

We currently have 'Henny Penny' and the hatching of chickens happening in our room. The children are so excited coming in each day to see what is happening with the chickens and eager to hold them. They are developing knowledge about nature and how to care for animals. We are investigating the life-cycle of the chicken and what else comes from eggs. The children love sharing their ideas with their teachers and each other from the understandings that they learn each day. We look forward to see the direction our learning journey will take as we explore more about eggs.

A number of children have been bringing in toys to the Poppies room. We respectfully refer to parent handbook and advise that this is NOT recommended and "no responsibility can be accepted for loss or, or damage to, any such articles". If your child needs a small comfort toy or blanket for rest time, this is allowable. However, ask that you notify Miss Julie or Miss Renee if your child is bringing an item for this purpose. If you have any queries about the bringing in of toys please feel free to speak to Miss Renee or Miss Julie.

The Poppies look forward to recognising some cultural events that are approaching and would love to hear how your family celebrates and acknowledges culture. Please feel free to provide a photo of your family and sharing what cultural celebrations are special to our family.

Thank you for all your kind support and discussions you share with us.


Miss Renee and Miss Julie. 



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