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March 2020

Notices from the Office 

Hi parents

Welcome to another monthly newsletter!   

There have been a lot of questions recently, understandably, around the Corona Virus and what we as a centre are doing to prevent the spread. 

We are continuing to take advice from the QLD health, and the QLD Department of Education, as we continue to make the health and well being of your children, and our staff, our number one priority. 

We are doing this by -

  • Washing hands regularly with soap and water
  • using alcohol based sanitizer
  • covering coughs and sneezes with a tissue or inside of elbow

We do however require your help by ensuring you keep your child at home if they are unwell regardless of what they are sick with.  

Honesty and open communication between staff and parents relating to illnesses will help us ensure we continue to maintain a clean and healthy environment for all involved.

Thank you for your cooperation.

- Pips - 

Throughout the beginning of the year the Pips (0-2 years) have been exploring different ways to learn the skills and development needed to grow up into strong and healthy little humans. We started their learning journeys by observing how each child learns and responds to different learning activities, from this we can see what their interests are and what style of learning suits them best.

As the months began, the children engaged in different activities that give them opportunities to further extend their fine and gross motor skills, balance and coordination and sensory play engagement. To assist the children in achieving their milestones, the activities range from painting with different resources, such as lego, cars, paint brushes or simply just their hands, to riding bikes, walking with the walker and assisting the children with standing and walking. These activities expose the children to different learning styles and from this the learning is limitless. We welcomed new friends to our Piptree family and we cannot wait to further develop our friendships with everyone. 

Ms Corrine and Ms Chona

- Sprouts - 

In the Sprouts room (15 months to 2.5 years) we started the year by focusing on settling in the children from transitioning from nursery or starting their first days here at Piptree.

We have been focusing on colours these past few weeks and have also started to introduce shapes to the children. The children were exposed to different types of shapes through painting activities. We created shape painting using the colours that children can already identify. We have also been learning about the difference between a square and a rectangle. During our discussions the children also enjoyed exploring the different coloured shapes, this not only continues to build their confidence in shapes but also encourages the children to talk about colours while playing.

We have now started learning about the planets and stars in out of space! Making space collages and learning about the planets using our blow-up solar system that will soon by hanging up in our room. We have also talked about the planet we live on, Earth! We talked about all the countries on Earth too. This helped the children understand more about themselves and diversity.

We are all looking forward to where our exploration of outer space will take us, hang on tight as we blast off into the rest of the year!

Ms Coralie and Ms Kaylee 

- Buds -  

Welcome to our Buds newsletter. We have had a very busy couple of months. As our Buds children are being settled and gaining confidence, we are now seeing some very interesting and funny personalities. The children are developing socially, working on building their friendships with other children in the group, which is great to see.

In the following weeks we will continue to learn colours and shapes. In the morning group time, educators would choose one colour for the day then ask the children to find an object around the room that matches the colour. The children really enjoyed this activity, so it has become part of our morning routine. We also focused on shapes, we used colourful sticks to collage different shapes. Another source of great enjoyment for our Buds children is building with different types of blocks. Our children love to build with blocks and create different objects with their friends and teachers. Blocks are open-ended play materials; there is no right or wrong way to build with them. Sometimes children start with an idea of what they want to make. The creations built in blocks are often reminiscent of things they have seen, and so they will begin to name what they build: a house, road or railway train.

We are also in the process of creating our family tree, so please bring in a photo of your family – you can also email this through to Nulla and we can print them off for you.

Just a reminder, to please bring in your child own sun-smart hat.

Thanks, the Buds

- Blossoms -

Our year began by welcoming our new friends in the Blossom's room. As a group we outlined the room rules and expectations as well. During group time we started discussing the days of the week, the weather along with basic shapes. As the children's interest increased we created a learning wall where the children have a turn during group time to pick out different shapes and colours – this is a great way to extend on the children's colour and shape recognition skills.

We are also encouraging the children to use their manners, this is done by modelling and practising. At their young age, it is important for children to learn how to use their manners. The words 'Please' and 'thank you' are being repeated daily as the children ask for things around the room.

We plan to further develop children's health and physical well-being by teaching them the proper way to wash hands and discuss healthy foods too. Ways of encouraging children to wash their hands properly is through song – the children begin to wash their hands while singing a song, this helps the children wash their hands for a longer amount of time while also helping them understand what parts of their hands need to be washed too.

Lets work together to help children achieve learning goals 

- Poppies - 

Dear Poppies' Families,

A warm welcome to our new and existing families. We acknowledge the unique and important phase of life that is early childhood, and we look forward to sharing the journey with you.

You will have noticed that we have had an active and busy month settling into the year 2020.

Our first three weeks has involved much discussion of Bugs. This followed an interest within the group of noticing the various mini beasts in their environment. The children have embraced this wholeheartedly. They have totally thrown themselves into many craft activities and enjoyed a great sense of pride & achievement in their individual and group works. 

Now that our class has settled into our routines, we have started focusing on room jobs. This shows our poppies what leadership is, and to take turns with our friends. Another thing we have enjoyed doing are our experiments. we have made explosions using coke and mentos, as well as bi-carb soda and vinegar, we have made 'rain' and mixed colours together without touching them with our hands. 

The poppies are very confident in singing our Jolly Phonics songs! We have been doing our Jolly Phonics every day before lunch, so the poppies understand what sounds go with what letters. Our poppies have also started  practising writing their names in the mornings, so they are ready for big school next year. We have a sign-on book at the front door of our room where they trace the letters of their names! Please encourage your children to start practising at home too!   

The children are making friends readily with different play relationships developing. We are finding that the Poppies have settled well into our room. Please come to us with any questions or feedback whenever you need to.

Ms Amor & Ms Ellen

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