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Nice November 2017

From the office

Hello fabulous families. I hope you are all going well with the end of the year approaching so fast. It's hard not to get caught up in the pressures of time running out for 2017 but I hope we remain conscientious of the consequences from rushing. Please be role models for remaining calm under stress & pressure, being thoughtful of the stress others may be experiencing as well as ourselves and pray that we enjoy every moment.

Important dates to remember 

NOW - Get your reduced rate holiday forms in

NOW - Kindergarten kids leaving for Prep must also complete a termination form

Tuesday 5th December - Homestyle bakery orders due in

Wednesday 13th December - Pick up Homestyle Bakery order

The New Child Care Package 2 July 2018

Raising community spirit

NOW - donations for helping kids in crisis (pick up a flyer with list) please bring 1 thing

Tuesday 12th December - End of Year Party at Chipmunks Playland & Cafe Underwood 5.30pm - 7.30pm

Dear Families 

As we approach the end of the year, you might now be considering your child care requirements for 2018.

An important consideration for you will be the Government's  New Child Care Package  which commences on 2 July 2018.

Under the new package, the existing Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate will be replaced by a new Child Care Subsidy.

The amount of subsidy that families will receive will be based on three things:

  • 1.their combined family income
  • 2.the level of 'approved' activity they undertake
  • 3.the type of child care service they use.

The easiest way to work out how much subsidy you may be eligible for is through the Family Child Care Subsidy Estimator which is available here. It's easy to use and only takes a few minutes to fill out.

Update: End of Year Party at Chipmunks Tuesday 12th December 5.30pm - 7.30pm

 I have been advised that a few families with older siblings do not have any other option for care for the older sibling at the time of the end of year party. I have noted this is for centre children only to attend however I would not like our families to miss out either. Could I please appeal to all families to manage other care arrangement for older siblings on the night so we can minimise/prevent our little ones from possibly harder knocks or bumps from big kids. Please see me and I will make allowance for older siblings if there is no other option.

Preparing for child care at Piptree

Our Program is a general guide and flexible. Your child's individual rooms will provide you with more information.

Thank you for being so fabulous throughout the year. Please remember to give me your 2018 bookings, termination forms for kindergarten children and your homestyle bakery orders and enjoy the rest of this year with us. Any questions are most welcome and feedback appreciated.



"Bula"…Hello from the Nursery 'PIPS' room.

Wow! Another year is almost over, and what a wonderful and fun year it was. Over the last couple of months, we welcomed some new little faces to our room.

We have all been busy engaging in meaningful play, using our social skills as we get to know each other. 

To celebrate the end of year, we will be having our centres Xmas party for the children which is happening at Chipmunks on Tuesday the 12th of December at 5.30pm. So we hope to see you there! Please remember to bring your wrapped and named book for your child's friend and place it into our Xmas box which you will find in our room.


 In the Pip's room we're looking forward to using our senses as we explore and get creative making our Xmas craft, and well as having fun creating a special little Xmas keepsake for you made with love from your child. Please remember to make sure you send your child to Day Care with a named hat for outside play, as for the month of December, we will be continuing with and extending our Gross Motor skills as the older babies have shown a growing interest in Climbing, Balancing and Throwing.

Myself (Miss Deb-Deb) and Miss Ro-Ro will be changing rooms next year, but Miss Lorelle and Miss Julie.T are excited to be working with and caring for your little ones in the new year.

Thank you for helping us to create some beautiful memories throughout the year which we will surely cherish.

Happy and Safe Holidays

From, The Nursery Pips

Welcome to another fun month with the sprouts!

Firstly, we would like to send a big warm welcome to our new friends to the group! Hope you are ready for some fun and excitement with us!

What fun we have had over the last few weeks, the children have participated in using their physical abilities through climbing, running, balancing, ball throwing etc while playing outside. As we come into the room we continue our learning exploring our physical experiences through a variety of activities. Over the next few weeks we will continue our physical activities attending to fine and gross motor skills providing children with the foundations for their growing independence and satisfactions in being able to do things themselves.

Currently we are sending home inviting you to share in the joy of gift giving with our friends in our group, selecting your child to buy a book (around $5) to wrap and give to another child, please look out for them in your bag this week. Please place your wrapped book into our Christmas box we have on our bench in the room.

Thank you for sharing your weekend stories with us. Liam showed his interests from home exploring pots and pans with kitchen utensils. We continued his interests providing experiences with pots, pans, kitchen utensils, fruit and vegetables communicating about healthy eating. Educators really enjoy reading about your weekend to the group and sharing your photos for the group to see. Keep them coming in.

Until next time Miss Lorelle and Miss Bwari.

And so here we are, at the end of a year full of excitement, changes, challenges and growth. When we sit back and reflect on 2017, we can say without a doubt that watching over your children has been a humbling and gratifying experience to say the least.

Over the year these children have shown us, with confidence, their character, nature and personality – a glimpse perhaps of the adults they will become. The children are able to participate in more structured and complex group times, and their ability to concentrate, engage, and understand the importance of taking turns.Lots of children are showing strong confidence singing songs to the group.  The children have also been enjoying the music play during the day. They love dancing to the wiggles, Hi-5 etc. We have learnt Baby shark song dance also we will introduce some Christmas songs and music in next few weeks. It's always a blast watching everyone bust a move when the music is playing. Lots of children also show great interests in musical instruments. We will continue promoting children's interests in music.

Water play and construction are always big interests in the room.We will set up these activities regularly.

Christmas Party

The centre will have the children's Christmas Party on 12th December at Chipmunks, please come and join us to have fun.We will also have a book exchange as part of our children Christmas tradition.

I want to extend a genuine and heartfelt thank you to all our families who have been a part of the Buds room this year. From Miss Raisa, Miss Shanhaz and myself we wish you all a safe and happy Christmas and New Year with your loved ones. Some of you we will have the pleasure of seeing  again next year and for those moving on to bigger and brighter things, we send you nothing but our best wishes!

Miss Na, Miss Raisa & Miss Shanhaz

Hello and Welcome to our November newsletter. I would like to take the time to welcome all new families, existing families, and families whose children are moving to the "Blossoms" senior kindy.

As it is an end of the year, Blossoms are busy doing lots of activities for Christmas Decorations. This month Blossoms enjoyed lot of artwork and painting such as making a Christmas tree from the paper plates and decorating them with glitters and pompoms, glittering for Christmas Tree, Painting into Jingle Bells etc providing them a lot of fine motor activities and develop their eye and hand coordination. Also they are being a part of the celebration being unitedly together from different cultures and celebrating one festival.

Moreover, all the children in the centre are enjoying water play in  hot weather; being their  favorite activity. Apart from that, children in the Blossoms room are  amazing with their toilet training. I would like to thank all the parents for making sure their children bring drink bottles and sleeping sheets every day. Miss Nishita and Miss Leanne are very excited to see all the children and parents at the Christmas Party. Excited to welcome Year 2018 with Blossoms.  

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

I would like to say thank you for the wonderful feeling of support I have received since starting at Piptree Mount Gravatt East. The terrific support from Miss Julie, Miss Belinda and the children has made the transition into a new centre smooth and welcoming. The feedback from parents has provided me with much heart-warming joy adding to the passion I have for working with your children and continuing to create more inspiring learning experiences for them.

During the month of October, we have changed part of our learning environment in the room, after having the centre painted. Thus, providing the opportunity to reflect on how the children could be learning and then being able to create a more stimulating environment. This has been seen in many of the children engaged in collaborative play and sharing their ideas, being creative and more settled during their play with each other.


To assist the children become ready for school and be more aware of books, we have discussed and identified parts of a book (as seen on our facebook.) During the next month we would like to look at different types of books and investigate stories from different cultures. Please speak to Miss Renee, as we are looking at stories from the cultures the children come from and would really like to share a story from your family's culture.


The children have shown an interest in sustainability. There interests are being extended by creating their own recycled paper. They have also gained an understanding of the recycle symbol on packages and are eager to learn more about recycle products and how they can also recycle items themselves.

If you have spare and empty packages at home, we would appreciate if you could bring these in, as we can use them in our exploration of recycling and how we can look after our planet.


To encourage the interest of growing more seeds, we are also seeking assistance to obtain plastic cups regularly used for frozen drinks from Hungry Jacks, Seven Eleven and KFC, with their lids. These cups will be washed and reused to create mini terrariums for the children to investigate the growing of plants further.

Parent Participation

Recently we had Mrs Tara Cronin (Alice's mum) come and complete a Music Therapy session with the children. This was a terrific experience, with children dancing, singing, using musical instruments and developing skills, while moving their bodies to the rhythm and beats being played. We explored opposites of high and low, as well as fast and slow. Thank you Tara for giving of your time and talent to be part of our learning in the Poppies room. If you would like to share your talents please see Miss Renee and we would be more than happy to have you in our room (as seen on our facebook.)

Graduation We would like to invite you and your family to attend the Preschool Graduation to be held on the 18th January 2018. The graduation will be held at: Grevillea Park, Mount Gravatt East. This allows for families who may go away on holidays time to return and be able to attend. This date also is a great opportunity for children to become reacquainted just before starting school, as some children are attending the same school. The graduation will be starting at 4.00pm and ending at 5.00pm.

  • Excursion In preparation for our Preschool Graduation we will be holding an excursion to take the children to the park, enabling those attending the centre on the 18th January 2018 to become familiar with walking down to the park.
  • Volunteers Needed:We need parent helpers for this and ask you to speak to Miss Renee or Miss Mel to let us know your availability to help us for this excursion. Available Grandparents, Aunties and Uncles are also encouraged to help too. Our excursion will be on Thursday the 30th November, 2017. Forms providing more details and giving permission for your child to be part of the excursion will be handed out shortly.    Thank you again for your support and feedback, it makes our passion for teaching and being with your wonderful children even more meaningful for myself, Miss B and Miss Julie.             Cheers, Miss Renee, Miss Belinda and Miss Julie Poppies Room


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