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Ocean Life Visit

We were so lucky to have a visit from Ocean Life this week!

The children were so excited coming in to the room they could hardly wait to go off and explore!

The ocean life Discovery Program introduces children to creatures form the ocean, with live marine creatures to touch as well as shells and pictures to look at.

The children explored a range of live creatures such as starfish, sea cucumbers, a sea urchin and a turtle named Chip!

There were a number of other things the children could explore also, such as different sized and shaped seashells, toy animals that live in the ocean and huge felt boards & felt animals that the children could use to create their own stories!

Through all of these interactive experiences the children learnt animal colours, patterns, shapes and textures.

They learned how sea urchins keep the sea clean and why sea stars shoot their stomachs out.

What are the dangers of plastic pollution? Why do sea cucumbers breathe through their bottoms and how does rubbish impact ocean animals such as Chip the turtle?  These are only a couple of the questions that were asked on the day, and the children explored all the answers with so much enthusiasm.



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