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Opulent October 2017

From the office

Hello fabulous families. Welcome to the new look of Piptree Mt Gravatt East. Our rooms are looking bright and blooming with a fresh coat of paint for everyone. Thank you all so much for bearing with us as we manage ourselves around the big job of painting throughout the Centre. I ask you to be especially forgiving for some paint smell that goes along with this job. Also, we cannot put anything up on the new painted walls for 6-8 weeks so you will not see the usual program plans displayed for a short time. We are working on developing new ways to display our focus on the early years learning framework.We assure you we are managing this the best we can. Our educators are here to make sure every child is comfortable and is able to make good use of this environment everyday. If you have any concerns regarding the smell of paint I have placed a Safety Data Sheet detailing the products that have been used on the community information counter in the foyer.  

Welcome our new Poppies - kindergarten teacher

My name is Renee Berichon and I have been teaching using the Queensland Kindergarten Guidelines for nearly 6 years. I studied my double degree of Bachelor of Human Services Family and Child Studies and Bachelor of Education Primary through Griffith University. I graduated mid-2011 and have since taught in schools and early childhood centres.

In my spare time I enjoy budget cooking, taking walks near the waterfront, listening and dancing to country music, as well as reading motivational quotes and books. My most precious things to me in life are family and happiness. I am the proud mother of two children a daughter, Lauren (20) and a son Rohin (18) who have attended University to which I am truly grateful to be living in a country who offers the pathway for lifelong learning.

I look forward to spending time being able to teach as well as learn from your child/ren, as I believe we all can learn from each other. If you have any queries, please feel free to approach me, as I am always willing to listen.

Cheers, Miss Renee

Planning for Kindergarten graduation 2017

  We are planning to hold our kindergarten graduation ceremony in our nearest parkland 'Grevillia park' a 4 minute walk from the Centre from Condong st turning into closest cross st Valentia street and follow to northern end. There will be plenty of on street parking with access to the park also from other surrounding streets. There is a playground and picnic tables but no toilet unfortunately so we will keep this celebration ceremony short to an hour 4pm - 5pm. Please be sure to arrange to bring your fold up chairs or picnic rugs. We hold our graduation ceremony in January before 1st term school starts as this allows for families returning from holidays therefore our graduation ceremony date will be Thursday 18th January 2018. We hope this also helps children reconnect with each other shortly before starting school for additional peer support. We expect poppies children will plan an excursion to the park before graduation to get input from the children in how they would like to celebrate their special day. Please keep an eye out for excursion permission forms for you. Let us know if you or other family member will be able to assist with this excursion and any particular day that would suit best. Further details will be provided as plans these progress.

Whole Centre End of Year Party 2017

In the last two years at Piptree Mount Gravatt East we have held one end of year party off site at Lollipops play centre and one on site at Piptree. This year our educators have requested to hold the party off site again as they had so much fun feeling freer to enjoy themselves with families. It is important for me as Centre Manager to listen to the educators as they have worked so hard all year they too deserve to share a celebration in a non work environment with you. This year we have managed to book a private hire at Chipmunks playland & cafe at Alto Centre 45 Compton Road, Underwood for Tuesday the 12th December at 5.30pm to 7.30pm. Please note, the centre will not close at 5.30pm we will have the required staff necessary to operate the Centre as usual until 6.15pm. We can however have some staff that have been on earlier shifts to meet and greet you all at Chipmunks from 5.30pm. We will ask you to confirm your availability to attend our Centre Party to assist us organising staff shortly. I will send you a separate invitation email shortly that you can R.S.V.P

Children's end of year gift.

After our very successful book exchange last year we would love to see this gift giving spirit once again. Our educators will make a list of children with whom to exchange a book with another child. We believe a $5 or $6 limit is plenty to purchase a book for a child to appreciate. Pips, sprouts, buds, blossoms and Poppies rooms will again have a basket to place your wrapped book in tagged with child's name. More details will be forthcoming in the next room newsletters in November.  

Christmas Bakery Drive

Our christmas bakery run last year was very successful so we would love to offer this wonderful opportunity again. It was very easy ordering our baked goodies and having them conveniently delivered to us just as the pressure starts to build in December for being prepared for kids school holidays and entertaining extra guests over the festive season. I will send your order forms separately by email AND have copies on my front counter for you :)

Dates to Remember for festive homestyle bakery drive:-

Orders Due at Piptree Mt Gravatt East by 10AM – Tuesday 5TH DECEMBER 2017


What to bring

So your child is comfortable and sun-safe at Piptree, please bring along the following items every day (sunscreen labelled and left in room sunscreen basket)

  1. Broad brimmed hat
  2. Water bottle
  3. Set of spare clothes
  4. Set of sheets (or cot sheets)
  5. Blanket in colder months
  6. Sunscreen
  • Note:All clothing must be sun-safe, must be covering shoulders/upper arms, all belongings labelled.

If your child is under 3, please bring these additional items:

  1. Bottles or sippy cups with milk or formula
  2. Bibs if required
  3. Nappy pants and extra underpants if toilet training.

Poppies Diwali Workshop coming up....Wednesday 1st November

Our final part of our cultural enhancement program for the Poppies this year is an Indian Dance Incursion. Children will be shown and encouraged to participate in a variety of different Indian dance styles, from elegant classical dances to the more exuberant Bollywood, bringing to our kindergarten room a day filled with the vibrancy of the subcontinent. Children build on their natural enthusiasm for movement and develop skills of coordination and teamwork.

Bollywood is one of the hottest dance styles around. Taking dance moves from some of the most spectacular Indian cinema, it is a fusion of western choreography and Indian tradition. It's exciting and easy to learn.

Other styles introduced may include the classical Indian dance based on the Kathak style treasured for its intricacy, elegance and charm.

Dance is found in every society in the world and Indian dance is one of the most ancient surviving forms. This incursion encourages children to explore the diverse sounds and dance of a different culture.

All Poppies children are invited to attend even if they are not enrolled on this day as long as they remain under parent/guardian supervision. Please send a quick email to me or let Misss Renee or Miss B know to expect them for this workshop.

I am looking forward to the last months of this year with you all. Until next time........




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