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Our Fire station Visit

 Miss Nulla and Miss Renee took a small group of children to the Wishart Fire Station this morning. 

This trip was to give the Fire fighters the barbeque thank-you hamper we had received donations for. 

The children had also created a poster noting the many things we had learned from their visit and gave the poster as a 'thank you' to the fire fighters.

Sofia, Maximus, Isobel, Karina, Emma and Cristiano were so excited as Miss Renee and Miss Nulla clicked in their seat belts after climbing into the bus

The trip to the station was filled with much chatter about what they could see and where they lived in our community.

When arriving at the fire station, we waited briefly for the fire fighters to arrive and open the door. The fire fighters, Adam and John were very humble to receive our gift of thanks and chatting to the children. 

We were then invited to have a tour around the station, this is when Miss Renee was really excited, as she had never been in a station before. 

The children found out where the fire fighters slept when on a night shift, where they ate, saw their relaxation room and workout room. 

Their workout room is muchly needed, as we soon were shown the equipment used in the rescue truck. 

This truck had different equipment than the fire truck that had visited the centre. We learnt that there were 2 types of fire trucks and were invited to take a look inside the rescue one.  We learnt that this rescue truck was used to attend car crashes or where people were struck in tricky situations, as well as other incidents, where more management was needed.

We also visited where their personal safety equipment was stored, and found out that there was a total of 24 fire fighters who worked from the station, with four different groups of six covering the whole week. They shared information about how they care for themselves and the equipment each time, they return from a job. It was interesting to hear that with their profession they take such great risks to care and keep the public safe.

One of the highlights of the trip was the opportunity we had for Miss Nulla, being invited to put on the safety gear the fire fighters wear. The fire fighter that normally wears the equipment has a very large foot and could easily fit two of Miss Nulla's feet into one of his boots. The children were excited to see Miss Nulla all dressed up as a fire fighter.

We want to thank Adam and John the terrific fire fighters who showed us around their station, it was again very educational and inspiring to be invited to hear about all they do for our community and people in need.

Thank you to Miss Nulla also, for arranging a thank you trip. We had a great time and still learned much about our special community helpers. 



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