Paramedics Visit!

Thank you so much to the wonderful Bronwyn from the Advanced Care Paramedic Team for taking the time to come and visit our centre and give our children an experience they were so eagerly anticipating!

Miss Bronwyn showed the children her electric bed and how it went up and down with a touch of a button. Miss Nulla was her helper and demonstrated the different machines that a paramedic could use.

We also discovered that each time an ambulance is called it costs $1300 but if you lived in Queensland that it's free. 

Miss Bronwyn encouraged the children with pictures to share if the emergency was a small one or a big one, which needed them to ring 000. The many children identified that the number they needed to ring was 000 and ask for the ambulance, We recognised that when there had been a car crash or when they found their grandparent lying on the ground not breathing to ring the ambulance. But if the children were to cut their finger that would not need an ambulance.

We then went downstairs with Miss Nulla leading the way. The children having their listening ears on and following directions by all teachers and then lining up to go inside the ambulance

Through experiences like these, the children are developing their connections to the world around them through the visits from community helpers. It allows them to gain an understanding of what each helper does to assist the community and how they can help the children if needed. The visit allows children to feel more secured if they need to call 000 if needing help.



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