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Super September News 2017

From the office

Welcome new families and Hello to all families reading this news. Thank you for another great month we are having. The sun is back sharing his warmth with us which is nice and yes while it is just warm it is our reminder to start preparing for hot days to come. Sun protection is recommended between 8.40am to 3.00pm at this moment so please get back to applying sunscreen as a part of your daily morning routine and clothing is covering shoulders before leaving home. Piptree open morning staff will be outdoors earlier than they have been over the winter because the hours of outdoor time will get shorter because of the heat. Children can still enjoy their breakfast here on tables outside if they have missed it at home. Consider getting the SunSmart app that will pop up everyday on your mobile phone to show you between which hours sun protection is recommended. and you will see we a making a good choice to enjoy outdoor time safely.

Piptree families contributions and community

Woolworths Earn & Learn finishes on Tuesday 19th September. Thank you so much to all families collecting earn and learn points for Piptree Early Learning Mt Gravatt East stickerfest. We will keep you up to date on how we did with this. We raised $50.85 to donate to the Indigenous literacy and numeracy appeal 'wall of hands' that coincided with children's book week. Families were invited to dress up in favourite book characters and give a gold coin donation to 'wall of hands.' Sadly the amount we raised this year was much lower than last year. If anyone can send me an email with feedback about how this fund raiser did not do as well this year please do so as this charity is very close to our hearts and we wish it to continue successfully.

Increasing enrolments

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For the last term of this year I ask families to think about their early education and care needs for next year. I say this because of one of the other local early years services closing down has affected demand on our service here. I need families to let us know if you are thinking of increasing enrolment days next year. Families wanting nursery placements please make sure I know what you will be waiting for or if you are nearly ready to increase days.

Support for best practices

There are some things that you can help support us with. 

1)  Please take drink bottles home and wash/rinse daily.  This is setting good hygiene practices for travelling and school years.

2) Please bring a set of sheets with child's name on them. It is environmentally friendly for us to not have to wash spare sheets as they are for single use only.

I would like to tell you we love having you here!

Hi  from the Nursery room. Firstly we would like to welcome some new little faces to our Nursery room Leo, Mason & Emily.

Some of our new babies each have a sibling in an older room and they love to come down and spend time with them, staying for a short play. But it is sad that we have to say Goodbye to 'Liam' and 'Xander' as they 'Sprout' and make the move up to the next room to join their Toddler friends. 'Xander' has been with us at Piptree since he was 2 months old, but we look forward to seeing him grow further as he continues his journey at Piptree Mt Gravatt East. 

As a group we have all been busy getting to know all of our new friend's socialization through parallel play, engaging in various activities. 

We celebrated Book week during Monday 21st – Friday25th August, and some of our Pip's loved dressing-up as their favourite Storybook character.Look at 'Liam', 'Arlo' and Hannah.

We hope all our wonderful Dad's had the best Father's Day ever and loved their special gifts made with love from their child xox. 

We are really enjoying outside play now that the weather is warming up. We have been developing and extending our Gross Motor/Large muscle skills by climbing and sliding down the small forte slide and crawling and balancing on the low line beam. Please remember to pack your child a named sun safe hat and that you have provided your child their own sunscreen.

That's the news in the Pips room for now...See you next time

X Miss Deb Deb, Miss Ro Ro, Miss Julie.T and our little Nursery Pips!

Welcome to another fun month with the sprouts!

Firstly, we would like to send a big warm welcome to our new friends in the group! Hope you are ready for some fun and excitement with us!

What fun we have had over the past month, the children have shown so much interest in exploring their sensors through messy play. Their favourite messy experience to participate in is painting! Last week each child participated in a fabric painting experience, creating very colourful artwork on a shirt for their father for Father's Day. We would love for you to send us a photo of your family spending Father's Day wearing your shirt.

During book week, Alex came in with a lion mask and a book to share with the group. We listened to . Polar bear', we extended our interests to involving play using our imagination with zoo animals. We practised using communication skills verbally and non-verbally while choosing animals to play with. Children named some animals and vocalised animal sounds. Children also took turns at looking through Alex's mask saying 'RARH!' Elliott also shared his story with us, continuing his story 'spot goes shopping'. We participated in a variety of learning experiences about healthy eating. Children explored food magazines practising their fine motor skills to turn each page and cut with toddler scissors. Educators communicated about healthy eating and practised our language skills from looking at food pictures, from this experience we extended children interests participating in a food collage. 

We would like to start off by welcoming our new friends Israel, Rachael, Evie, Hannah, Harmony and Charlie to the group!

Over the last few months it has been wonderful to see how well the children learnt about shapes, colours, alphabets and counting skills. We have seen some great improvements in the children's development. They pointed to examples of the shapes and colours they learnt in their surroundings.

In the following months we will be exploring dinosaurs. The study of dinosaurs fosters curiosity and a thirst for learning. We will also explore earth science theme - volcanoes. Exploring the world of dinosaurs and volcanoes opens up the creative minds of our Buds children.

There has also been a lot of interest in engaging with puzzles and construction materials. In the Buds room we put out a range of puzzles some very easy and some very hard and we have a rule that you do not leave an unfinished puzzle on the table and that you ask a peer or a teacher for help if you need it. We also put out a range of puzzles that cater to different levels of experience. Sometimes putting out a puzzle that is difficult can be very useful as it gets the child used to asking for help; or more importantly learning how to work with a peer or small group of children to complete it.

Hello and Welcome to the newsletter for Blossoms September 2017. I, Nishita, would just like to take the time to welcome all new families and existing families whose children are moving from Junior kindy "Buds" room to Blossoms. I would like to acknowledge the success we are having with toilet training. All children are doing  great with toileting.

I, Nishita, and Miss Leanne are enjoying taking care of the children in Blossoms Room. Children in Blossoms room enjoy different activities every day. We try to provide them indoor as well as outdoor play time on alternative days. Indoor they love to do painting, building with blocks, drawing, art and craft activities, puzzles etc which helps them to provide them with fine motor skills and brain development. Outdoor in the playground they love to use their imagination in sandpit making cakes, pizza etc. They also enjoy digging in a sandpit, riding bike, swing, fort etc.

We would like to thank you for providing for your child with a water bottle, hat, sheets and nappies each day. Please do not hesitate to ask  any question to Miss Nishita or Miss Leanne.

Thank You,

Miss Nishita and Miss Leanne

Welcome to all of our wonderful families. It has been quite remarkable reconnecting with the children that I have lbeen with before, and to the new children I am beginning to know.

As the new school year is quickly approaching, I am spending time gauging where the children stand with regard to school readiness. We have the full spectrum of talent available within the room. Some children are able to read simple books, some are beginning to recognise their names, some are learning to self-regulate and identify their feelings and deal with frustration, and so on.

After some research I have ascertained that prep classes will soon develop curriculum using "age appropriate pedagogy". This will align more closely with the QKLG that we follow in the early years. More information can be accessed at . This pilot scheme is being rolled out progressively throughout Queensland. Our children will be feeding into 9 local schools, and I have not as yet ascertained which schools have implemented this program (stay tuned for more information as it comes to hand).

I am introducing some new strategies and learning ideas into the room. We have regular discussions about "filling buckets", a great introduction to understanding how our behaviour affects others. The children are becoming quite adept at mindfulness and meditation practice. We are enjoying stories and books with strong moral themes. The children engage fully with circle time games such as "Postman Pat" which encompasses name recognition (own and others).

Miss Belinda has been attending training in literacy and numeracy, and is very keen to share her new skills with the children.

Thank you to all of the parents and children who participated in our fundraiser during Children's Book Week. The imagination shown, and the wonderful stories we shared were truly entertaining. Monies raised will be used to raise literacy and numeracy outcomes for disadvantaged and remote indigenous children (and families).

Please feel free to approach me with any concerns or questions you may have, about my program, or further input to the curriculum.

Yours in caring,

Miss Julie (interim educator) and Miss Belinda



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