Teddy Bear's Picnic

​On Tuesday, all the children took part in our Teddy Bear's Picnic.

Each child (and Educator) had brought in their own special Teddy Bear from home to bring to the picnic.

The Buds (2-3 yrs old) enjoyed a picnic lunch also, eating under the nice warm winter sun.  They were thrilled to be eating outside, and all ate exceptionally well with huge smiles on their faces!

In the afternoon, the whole centre, had delicious warm Pikelets and veggie sticks that Ms Nulla had prepared, together outside with their adorable furry friends.

Everyone had a great time eating together, and loved being able to socialise and have conversations with their teddies and Educators.  

Thank you to everyone that brought in their Teddy Bears, the Educators, children and teddies had an absolute blast!

Through this experience, the children strengthened their sense of belonging, connectedness and wellbeing as they shared humour, happiness and satisfaction. Eating together as a centre also promoted good nutrition and fuelling our bodies with healthy foods! (Learning Outcome 3 - Children become strong in their social and emotional wellbeing.)



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