Wild Life Show

 Today Miss Jasmine visited us with an assortment of creatures to meet, pat, hold and feed. There were 4 reptiles, a marsupial and a bird.

Our first marsupial friend was BUBBLEGUM the Blue Tongue lizard. The colour blue in nature depicts poison, so having a blue tongue warns off other animals. The tongue is used to smell. The patterns on the lizards skin help it to hide in the garden or bush. Bubblegum has tiny legs and a big body, so he can't move very fast. The blue tongue can drop off it's tail if in danger as there are no bones in his tail. All of the children patted Bubblegum.

Our next reptilian friend was PINEAPPLE the frilled neck lizard. Pineapple climbs, so has very sharp claws. He has a beard (like Talezay's dad) that flares up when he is in danger to scare off predators. The spiky skin was not really spiky when we patted him. He comes from Central Australia in the desert country. He has bones in his tail, so it does not drop off.

Before we met our next creature, we learned how to treat a snake bite. Talezay bravely volunteered to be our snake bite victim.
We did not clean the wound, but applied a bandage with pressure over, below and above the wound site. We must remain very still and stay calm until we get medical assistance.

Next we met SCOOBY DOO the coastal carpet python. the children were able to hold Scooby Doo by themselves. Very brave indeed, for a creature that has up to 200 backward facing teeth. It was ok though, because he only eats things like small possums and mice, and has no fangs or venom.

We next met our last 2 reptiles- SHELLY the long necked turtle and SNAPPY the salt water crocodile. He was 3 years old, and has bones on the outside of his as armour. Crocs have the strongest closing jaws on the planet - lucky his mouth was tied as he was pretty cranky.

MATILDA the ring tail possum (a marsupial - with a pouch) ate carrots the entire time she was being patted by the children.

Hamish, Abigail and Poppy fed our nocturnal friend, STANLEY the Tawny Frogmouth, which concluded the show. All of the children and Educators were enthralled, entertained and mesmerized by this very informative show!



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