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Piptree takes over Woolworths!

Our Woolworths Fresh Food tour was a HUGEEEEE success!

The children were beautifully behaved and had their listening ears on throughout the whole experience.

Through sight, sound, touch and smell, the children had a wonderful sensory experience as they explored a range of familiar and unfamiliar produce.

The wonderful staff took us around the different departments, before ending up in the back where we got to try a number of fresh fruit and veggies.  We learnt how and where veggies and fruit grow, the benefits of each and the importance of eating a good variety of fresh fruit and veggies every day.

Some children even tried fruit and veggies they weren't keen on trying before! 

The content covered was created in conjunction with nutritionists, former educators, editors and Woolworths' Food Academy Team that specialise in training team members across the Woolworths Food Group.

We all had an absolute blast on our first excursion!

Thank you to Kelly (Mason & Ronin's mum) for taking extra care of us, and going in to work on her day off just to share the experience with us.  We really appreciate the effort you went to, and it was great watching you in your element!

Thank you to the parents that helped out on the day also, that were so involved and just as excited as the children & staff were.

Sheree, Diane, Shelby, Leona and Renata, we really appreciate having you share the experience with us and the extra help you provided on the day!

Hope you enjoy the photos :) 

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