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October 2017

Dear parents,

During the coming weekends between 21 of October, and 11 of November, our centre will be reviving a much needed face-lift! Painters are getting ready their brushes, but fear not! Our opening hours will stay the same. The painters will be using safe paints, which are very commonly used among public buildings. If you would like a copy of the Material Data Sheet for the paint, I am more than happy to provide a copy to anyone, at the front desk!

As we come closer to the end of the year, we need to confirm bookings for next year 2018. You have been emailed Booking for Next Year forms, please complete both sides and return them to me at your earliest suitable time. Children who are moving up to the next group will do so in the week commencing on the 22.01.2018

We would like to congratulate the Connell family on arrival of their baby boy Archer on the 3.10.2017. Isla is a beautiful big sister, who loves cuddling him.

Diwali Festival of Lights Show - Dress Up Day Friday, 20.10.2017
A beautiful extension of our Multi-Cultural range.
Come with us to India where we celebrate the Hindu "Diwali" festival and it literally means "row of lights". The children will parade a row of lights with beautifully specially made lanterns and t-lights ( not the real ones ). We will celebrate the Triumph of Light over Darkness, which symbolises" Goodness over Evil".
Drumming will get everyone up and doing some Fabulous Belly-dancing for sure!!

Keep smiling, J

Hello all!

Wow what a great month we've had, so many new faces in the room. We welcome Leo, Lachlan, Nate, Eljay (who was here when he was younger and now is back again) Austin and Jude. We would also like to congratulate Isla on becoming a big sister this month! Such exciting news and we wish you all the best.

This month we have been focusing on mirror play and animal noises.

With the weather heating up we had some water play, in a relaxed group-time experience we put all different animals inside a box and as each baby pulled them out of the box we would make the matching animal sound. We then added each animal to the water boxes, the babies then decided they wanted to splash around and have some fun. It was very good to see them use their fine and gross motor skills in this activity, we even ended up having some babies totally inside the tubs!

We also decided to add some mirrors in our room, the children really loved this and it's a good way for them to begin to use their self-awareness skills. Although babies don't begin to develop self-awareness until 15 months theirs no harm in having a little fun, it was great to see the babies lean down to the mirror and kiss their reflections and make funny faces.

In the upcoming months, we look forward to celebrating Halloween, Christmas and the new year. Parent input and involvement is very important in the babies' room so if you have any suggestions please feel free to share them.

See you next time!

Lots of love: Miss Melissa, Miss Annie and Pips xoxo

Hello all Sprouts 1 parents, 

For the past few weeks, we had been developing our self-help skills, such as washing our hands, taking off our socks and shoes, and putting our blankets back after bed time to name a few. Some of the children were even helping out in handing water bottles to their peers during lunch time. We all had a month full of fun and learning!

This month, we will be focusing on developing our language skills. Many of the children are already starting to copy simple words from room educators. We will be doing lots of activities to help encourage the children to start  using simple words. As usual, we will be doing lots of arts and crafts, as well as singing and dancing. It will be another great month of learning!

Just a reminder to all parents to remember to bring your children's hat, water bottles and sunscreen, as the weather is starting to become hot. Please also remember to bring spare clothes for your child.

Thank you and till next time :)

Miss Nikki

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Sprouts 2 Room 

Hello to all our families in Sprouts 2 Room. We have had a very fun and busy time lately in the Sprouts 2 Room. We have been exploring the alphabet through songs and art activities as well as beginning counting and discovering numbers. All the children have thoroughly enjoyed these activities.

Our main focus now is on language and we will promote this through picture cards, books, songs and role playing.

Please feel free to contact us about any of your ideas or concerns and we can work together as a team to promote your child's learning to the best it can be.

Until next time,

Miss Sharon

I would like to give a big welcome to lovely new additions to our room. 

This term we learnt about animals, shapes and the alphabets . We sang songs and did a lot of dancing along music daily. Our children have been engaging in a lot of dramatic and imaginative play to develop their language skills. So over the coming weeks we will be improving our vocabulary by learning simple words using pictures and flash cards and of course we will be doing lots of art activities, and what the children love best singing and dancing.

Thank you

Miss Isha and all Buds staff and children xox

Hi everyone, 

It's again time for another newsletter. This month children learnt about human body parts and the human skeleton in Blossom 1 room. It all started from the children's interest when a small group of children were solving body shape puzzles and asking questions about body parts. Then we planned to extend their interest and knowledge through different activities based with skeleton and body parts. It was amazing to see how children could use their imagination to draw themselves and their family members. Creating an awareness of their body is also an important part of the children's development.

They also experienced a shopping involvement when we set up the 'Kindy Shop' in our home corner area. It was beneficial for building the children's social and language skills. Recently we also noticed most of the children are having an extensive attention span and interest while we are reading during story time. Even during busy hours, Miss Zeljka spends some quality time reading books to individual children. The importance of reading to the children is enormous; it enhances concentration and strong self-discipline, lengthens their attention span and helps memory retention for children. I know we all are very busy but if you get any spare time please read with your children.

Another gentle reminder to bring your child's hat back on Monday if you take it to wash during the weekend.

Until next time,

Sanchita and Zeljka

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Kindergarten News

Dear Blossom 2 families and caregivers, 

Firstly, a warm welcome to Olivia and her family to our blossom 2 room. The past two months have been full of achievements and reaching milestones for the class. Children have continued to learn about many topics around the alphabet letter of the week. We have covered the letters from A to Q. Some of the highlights from the past two months include beanbag toss relay, building bridges with Lego blocks, making lemon soda, looking at volcanic rocks with magnifying glasses and making our own erupting volcanoes. Each of these activities focussed on different elements in the curriculum. Overall, we have observed that children have become more confident in the classroom by asking more questions and engaging in group discussions about books and topics we learn about. Alongside our learning, our blossom 2's have been practising transition activities that will support them in their daily routines and into their learning journey. Transition activities are self-help tasks that we implement in the classroom, which include, mealtime etiquette, wearing our shoes and jumpers, oral hygiene and clean up time. Parents have been giving great feedback about their child, using these life skills at home. We are very proud of all the children and what they demonstrate in the classroom. Another milestone for children is their pencil grip. We practice this during each art session and engaging in a variety of fine motor movements that strengthens the muscles needed for writing.

Next month, we will continue with the remaining alphabet letters and more science activities as requested by the children. Recently, these cause and effect science experiments have caught children's attention and since the volcano eruption, they have been exploring the outdoor area to see what they could use for an experiment.

Until next time,

Miss Yu-mei and Miss Lydia

Greetings from the kindergarten room!  

A warm welcome to Yantong and her family who joined the kindergarten team. 

Spring is here! How wonderful to notice the change in nature and temperature. The kindy children realise this as well when they mentioned that the birds are back in the trees (overlooking the playground). They are asking to play bare feet, taking of their jumpers in the morning, drinking more water and asking for a water day. All these observations and requests led to our topic of Spring. We discussed nature elements about to change, baby animals being born in the spring season and other significant occurrences related to spring. Supportive activities were integrated into the kindergarten program with arts and crafts, rhymes and songs, science, planting, maths and numeracy.

The children are always experimenting and exploring in the sandpit with baking being a very popular activity on a daily basis. We decided in providing continuity and bringing the outside indoors as well. During our group times we discussed and decided to start our own cookbook with recipe requests from the children. We made chef hats and every other day we would have baking in the room with one of the chosen recipes. This provided great exposure to mathematical language, health and hygiene.

In conclusion: Please ensure your child have sunscreen. There is a list next to the water bottles container with children's names who requires sunscreen. Please pack extra clothing in as water play will be starting again to withstand the hot weather.


Ms Tertia & Briohny



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