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EKKA or lazing in? Either way, it's a day to enjoy with your family any way you choose. Our centre will be closed on Wednesday, 15/8/2018 for this public holiday.

Natasa will be on holidays from 14th to the 17/8/2018 and if you require an urgent attention, please see Nikki.

We are looking forward to celebrating Book Week from 20-24.8.2018. Please encourage your child to bring a favourite book to share with their friends. We are going to have Dress Up Day on Friday, 24.8.2018. We ask that your child comes in dressed as a favourite character from a book. Please do not go and buy dress up costume for the occasion, as we have some in our dress up trolleys they can use for the day. We are spreading the love for reading and having fun! 

Review us on Face Book

Have you checked our Facebook page lately? Take a look at the amazing work and learning that's happening! Both staff and children are actively involved and engaged in inspiring, motivating and encouraging our Pips, Blossoms, Buds, Sprouts and Poppies into competent learners. Pictures of children in action are popping out daily on the newsfeed. Also, it would be great to see a few reviews on our Facebook page!

Please continue to follow our Piptree Sunnybank hills Facebook pages and leave us reviews when you get a chance. 

Keep smiling, Natasa

Room Reports

 Pips (6 weeks to 2 years)


It's time for another edition of Pips room news! Recently, we welcomed our new babies Finley, Abigail and Armeerah. They are all settling well into the room's routine.

In the baby room, we regularly read books with our babies. Most of them want to sit on the caregiver's lap. Babies often treat books like toys and we allow them to play with books (thick cardboard books and cloth books). This way the babies will develop a future and deeper interest in these books and other forms of literature.

Occasionally, the babies also engage in art activities. This month, they did footprint artwork, which is displayed on our wall. The babies' hand and foot prints were taken and Miss Annie made flowers and caterpillars with them.

Most of our babies are now confident crawlers. They have started getting more mobile recently. Archer, Jesse, Finley, Kye and Ricky are enjoying walking through the push bikes. Some of them are confident standing alone holding furniture. It is exciting to see babies build confidence in their newly discovered skills.

We share important information about the babies' food intake, toileting and rest time in our communication book. We welcome parent input in this book. Also, please feel free to communicate with us about your baby, our program or our room any time.

Until next time,

Sanchita and Annie

Sprouts 1 (15 months to 2 years)

Hello, wow we are just over half way through the year already! How time flies when you are having fun. To start off, we would like to welcome Hunter and Olivia into our room. As well as Piper and Ryan from the Pips room, everyone is settling into the room nicely and making lots of new friends.

A main focus over the past few months has been recognising and saying basic colours, it is great when the sprouts start to use these words outside in the yard pointing to the playground and matching the correct colours and words. We have been collecting family photos to make Family Trees to put on the walls, the sprouts are responding to this wonderfully. Often they are going up to it and pointing towards their photos and smiling. This is a great way for the children to have a sense of belonging throughout the room.

Another main focus has been firefighters! The sprouts have recently been dressing up and engaged in make-believe firefighter play. To extend this interest, we have borrowed some big fire engines from the Poppies room and more costumes. We even made and painted our very own fire Engine, big enough for all of us to sit in.

We had a month-long show and tell experience with the children, they were able to bring in something they felt passionate and proud about to share and show their friends. We had many things bought in such as cars, balls, books, photos and much more. This gave the children an opportunity to build self-confidence and practice their communication skills.

Our tooth brushing experience is going great. The children are often coming up to us and making a brushing gesture on their teeth. It's great to see the children looking after their own oral health, something they will use for all their lifetime.

A lot of birthdays are coming up in the next couple of months and we strongly encourage parents to be involved in this. The children love to see their parents in the centre and joining in on the fun as well. Some children are beginning to transition into the Buds room as they are growing and needing to move up to the next stage, please don't hesitate to ask myself or Miss Zeljka any questions or voice any concerns you may have.

With the weather being very unpredictable lately, sometimes cold in the morning and warm in the afternoon so please pack a warm change of clothes as well as a winter set in their bags in case we need to change them.

Over the upcoming months we will be continuing to follow the children's interest on fire fighters and whatever else they engage in. If any parents would like to suggest any topics, please feel free to write them in our Sprouts communication book.

See you next time, love Miss Melissa and Miss Zeljka xoxo

Sprouts 2 (15 months to 2 years)

Hello and welcome our new friends, Natalie , Anya and their families to the sprout 2 room. They have settled very well and establishing relationships with their peer and exploring the environments with eagerness and curiosity.

The toddlers energy and enthusiasm knowledge us to facilitate and provide endless opportunities for them. We have huge amount of new resources that covers all areas of their learning .

What is happening in the sprouts 2 room?

Currently the children are demonstrating interest in art and painting, activities like brush painting , collage , stamp painting , art with paint rollers help them to develop range of skills such as curiosity, cooperation, creativity and learn about different patterns and explore their sensory motor skills. They also build strong interest in enjoying home corner and tea set toys. As they begin to develop a sense of belonging to groups and understanding of reciprocal rights and responsibilities necessary for active participation. And by this they are able to use their fine motor skills, sharing skills and communication through out the play.

We also have a group discussion and story time. These group discussions help them to learn together and cooperate with each other and express an opinion. This month we also celebrate " jeans for genes"to raise awareness for children's genetic diseases.

Discussion and activities like this help children to build awareness as well as support belonging in the world around them.

See you next time


Buds (2-3years)

Welcome to another exciting month with the Buds! A huge welcome to Claire, Olivia and Jasmine and your families, hope you enjoy your time with us.

We have been continuing our interests with The Very Hungry Caterpillar story focusing on healthy eating and party foods and colours. Children have been experiencing about different colours as they involve themselves in play throughout the day, communicating verbally and naming each colour. As children have been participating in learning experiences, they have extended their own interest moving into home corner area and showing their imaginations, openly expressing their feelings and ideas with others and being part of a group. We will be continuing our learning their interests in The Very Hungry Caterpillar (life cycle of a caterpillar/butterfly). Please feel free to speak to us if you would like to add any experiences into our program.

Just a reminder to please provide a scrapbook to place your child's artwork into to create a portfolio and please provide more spare clothes as the weather is changing.

Until next time, Sharon, Lorelle and all the Buds.

Blossom 1 (3-4years)

It has been a busy month in our room learning about animals and sea creatures. The children have been very interested in the matching games and art activities about animals. In the coming weeks, we will be learning about road safety and personal safety, the children will be doing many activities about road safety (traffic lights collage) so they will be prepared when they are not in the centre.

We are pleased to welcome Zoey and Heer to our classroom, we believe they will enjoy their time here and make lots of friends.

Please remember to bring a spare change of clothes for the children as well as water and bedsheets for their bed time, we do need you to provide the children with the right equipment to ensure that they are clean, well hydrated and warm during rest times.

Until next time, Ms Nikki and Ms Briohny

Blossom 2 (3.5-5years)

We wish to welcome our new friend, Muyao, to the Blossom 2 room. She has settled in very well onto the Blossom 2 environment, establishing relationships with her peers and exploring the environments with eagerness and curiosity.

The kindergarten children's energy and enthusiasm for knowledge have us dig deep to facilitate and provide endless opportunities for the active participation and ongoing learning. We had a huge amount of new resources (educational tools) that covers all areas of fundamental learning i.e. physical, science and technology, numeracy and literacy, environmental and sustainability, cultural diversity. These resources are awesome initiatives for all children's learning and development. It is available at all the times and children can use them either individually or with their peers.

What is happening in the Blossom 2 room?

We had the pleasure of having our community helpers such as "The Dream Bird Show" visit the children. They engaged the children through active participation with some activities and open-ended questions, at the end children also made the dream catchers for them. It was a great fun and good learning experience for the children's. We also had our very own fashion show along with our kindy friends where children walk in front of their friends on music and disco lights in beautiful dresses. We all enjoyed the dancing afterwards. We also celebrate the NAIDOC week and Jeans for Genes where children participated in various activities to raise awareness. We are celebrating the Pyjamas day on the 13th of August 2018.

We have also started learning our alphabets and the things start with them. We are on the letter M now. All the children start recognising them which is great. This month, we also started learning our shapes and trying to find the same shape things around us. Children showed big interest in the sandpit baking. They all love to play pretended play as a group in the home corner. Children learnt to count 1 to 20. We also encouraged children to learn about healthy food and how to keep our environment clean and safe. We are also focusing on recycled which we can reuse. We made lights with the recycle bowls where we paint them with different colours.

We added some new areas in our room where children can see their daily work and learn all the time. We made the Art and Craft area where we put all children art work so parents can see at all  times. We also made the little dresses with our easel painting and put them in the dressing area. Children also draw some of the foods and colour in. we also have a new innovation area where we put some coloured paper rolls and made a tracking shapes to explore children fine motor, imagination, hand eye coordination and tracking skills.

Puzzles has kicked off with a bang in Blossom 2 room. Children loved to solve them individually or with their peers at all the time. They all encouraged each other to join in and building positive relationships with each other as they are improving the problem-solving skills.

Winter is going but the weather is  terrible these days and everyone is getting sick. We already had children sick with cold and temperatures. In the interest of other's health and safety, we kindly ask to keep your child at home when they affected. Thank you so much.

We respect our open-door policy. Please feel free to have a chat at any time about your child.

Stay warm and safe!


Ms Aman and Ms Cindy

Poppies (4-5 years)

Greetings from the kindergarten room!

A warm welcome to Reem and her family who have joined the team in the Poppies room. We look forward getting to know you and your family. We also loved having Sasha, who is visiting from China in the room for four weeks who is heading back shortly.

Goodness! The children are keeping us busy with their continuous curiosity, inquiry as they take responsibility of their learning. With planned and unplanned activities, the children still demand added resources to facilitate their play which we gladly provide as this leads into their emerging interests. This demonstrates their sense of autonomy and wellbeing which is essential for continuous holistic growth. Good on them!

What's been happening at Piptree Sunnybank Hills?

On Thursday, 5th of July the kindergarten children 3.5-5 years enjoyed a superhero dress-up day where they immersed themselves in their roles of action heroes while some children dressed in character costumes inspired by their favourite program on television.

On Thursday, 26th July the kindergarten children, 4-5years entertained us with a spectacular fashion show. This was so much fun with families and children very excited we might make this an annual event?

On Friday, the 3rd of August the children dressed in jeans to acknowledge children with any sort of disability. Supportive reading materials were read to them to understand this cause.

More to come:

On Monday, the 13th August is pyjama day! What a great way to start our week in warm, fuzzy pj's. This day is also to acknowledge children in foster care homes, so let's show them our support.

On Wednesday, the 22nd August children aged 3-5years will actively participate in a fun-filled workshop by Revolution Learning where children are enchanted through their senses. The staff will also partake in this workshop later in the evening to equip themselves with ongoing learning development.

Ms Tertia and Miss Nari



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