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August 2020 News


 Welcome to the August edition, the weather is getting warmer and we approach Father's Day! Let's make fathers VIP!

The importance of fathers cannot be overstated. Fathers make their children feel safe, supported, and loved. So, this Father's Day, let's all show some love and gratitude for the dads and everything they do for our children! So, thank you!

At the centre, we will spend the whole week talking about and preparing for Father's Day. We'll be reading books about dads and engaging children in conversation about how dad's are important and special in our lives.

We wish all fathers, grandfathers, and father-figures an incredibly special day filled with lots of love and joy.

Reading books 

 Reading to your children might just be one the of most essential things in raising a child. Research conducted by the University of Queensland has shown clearly that reading to your child is an incredibly important factor in determining later success, especially in school. Generally, they found that the younger you start reading to them, the earlier they are exposed, the better off they are! Even if your child seems disinterested, I would strongly suggest reading to them! Make it fun and engaging. Pick books covering topics that they are interested in!

Reading helps cognitive development. In the first 5 years a child's brain develops rapidly, faster than any other time in your life! Reading strengthens the connections that are constantly forming in your brain. Connections which will last a lifetime!

Reading develops a child's oral language skills! By exposing a child to pictures, words, shapes, and sounds, you build up a vocabulary. This obviously goes hand in hand with the cognitive development. Children with stronger oral skills, tend to perform significantly better in school, and later in life!

Reading can also help a child in its emotional development. Reading time is bonding time between a parent and a child. Snuggling close together, it's crucial one-on-one time. It turns reading from a chore into a nurturing activity. These small moments build up and support a child's emotional development. The early years of parent-child bonding are the building blocks upon which all future relationships, social skills, communication, and interpersonal skills are built.

So, if you haven't started reading with your child regularly yet, I implore you to begin as soon as possible. It might seem like a time commitment you can't afford now, but the time you spend now will pay back dividends for years and years to come!

Last week we celebrated book week. Our intent was to inspire children to love reading and develop effective communication skills.

We took many photos last week, and the gallery is included in this newsletter for your enjoyment!

Keep smiling, Natasa!

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