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From us to you

Welcome families, children are settling down and we are nearly over the hard times and tears are slowing turning into smiles at arrival times. Tomorrow we will celebrate Valentines Day, and children will bring home heart shaped themed craft made with love. We will also speak about feelings of love, being kind and empathetic to others. Our educators will tie up the Valentine's day with introduction to Sweetheart Day and raise an awareness of childhood heart diseases. According to the HeartKids website, eight babies are born in Australia with a heart condition every day and each week four lives are lost due to childhood heart disease. You can learn more about Sweetheart Day by visiting their website. In addition to the craft activities, we will also concentrate on our children's well-being and focus on importance of healthy food and exercise to keep our hearts healthy. This is an opportunity to invite all of you to read your child's room program and support it by adding suggestions and ideas to it. Your contribution is very valuable as your know your child the best. 

This month we are also covering Chinese new year topic and children in every room are participating in traditional Chinese activities such as making fans, lanterns, making dumplings and introduction to calligraphy. We would like to wish all of the families who are celebrating year of the dog to have a Happy New Year and the whole year good luck! Xin Nian Kuai Le!

Educational Resources

As our commitment to your child is to provide the best environments to assist their learning, we have recently received hundreds of new toys for our service. Those resources have been carefully selected to reflect our objective for the development of brighter future. Educational tools supplied are all high quality, safe and ecological. Our educators together with children are excited, inspired and motivated with the fundamental learning taking place while exploring and experimenting with amazing these resources.

Security System

We are pleased to announce that our service has been upgraded with Security and Access Control System including 24hr monitoring indoor and outdoor cameras and door codes entry system.

We understand that the child safety is important to ensure peace of mind for all parents. We are ensuring that all our little Pips are learning in the most secure environment. There will be an individual code for each family (one per family)and only authorised people will be able to enter the centre. Please come and see Natasa to hand you, your family security code. We will start using it by the end of this month.

From Pips to Poppies

Welcome everyone,

Miss Sanchita and Miss Annie will run our Pips room (6 weeks – 2y) this year. Both of us have been teaching in this centre for a long time. This year I have an opportunity to take care of the babies after teaching older children for a while.

Now, we have had many new children settling and starting as well as children moving from the Pips room to Sprouts room. Our new babies Ryan, Myra and Ricky are settling well.

There are communication books for each child where you can leave a message about the child's requirements, which will assist us for smoother transition.

We look forward watching your babies grow and develop in our care.A friendly reminder to pack a water bottle with a lid, spare clothes, a bed sheet, a hat and sunscreen each day.

If you have any queries about your babies please feel free to talk to Annie or myself.

Until next time, Miss Sanchita and Miss Annie

Welcome to a new year, a year full of possibilities and new beginnings!

At the beginning of the year, it can be rather quiet so Sprouts 1 and 2 have combined for the past month and will continue to do so until more children come. Miss Isha and myself Miss Melissa are the teachers at the moment and Miss Zeljka is helping other rooms.

Getting to know the children has been a big focus for us, knowing what they like to do, who their friends are and what makes them happy, so we have provided the children with lots of different activities such as; sponge painting, toothbrush painting, playdough, a number of sensory bottles, home corner and simple puzzles.

One thing we have noticed is that at this age they love to play pretend and cook us up some food in home corner, they are feeling the different textures of the paints between their fingers and learning every step of the way.

We would like to personally thank our parents for the patience they have had the past month and continue to have as we settle in the children. This can be a hard time for both parents and children but we are sure it will be worth it in the end.

Our focus for the upcoming months will be becoming familiar with numbers, letter and colors. Some children are already showing a great interest in the colors, this will be used alongside sensory items and hands on play as that is how children learn the best.

See you next time!

Lots of love: Miss Melissa, Miss Isha and Sprouts 1&2 children.


We would like to welcome all of our new friends and their families to our lovely Buds Room. We are looking forward to having wonderful experiences together.

Miss Lydia and I enjoyed setting up a book corner to encourage the children to read. Over the past few weeks, the children really enjoyed the free reading.

We have decided that from February we will be working on our colours, numbers and letters to help develop our cognitive skills as we feel they need a little more help with this area. As well as this, we have also noticed other areas such as pencil grips and speech, which also require exploring in the near future. We will expand on this area once we have explored colours, numbers and letters.

A big thank you to all the parents who have been labelling all of your child's belongings and preparing an extra change of clothes in their bags.

Looking forward to your input, feedback and suggestions.

Miss Sharon and Miss Lydia

To all Blossoms I parents,

This is our first newsletter of 2018! Firstly, I would like to introduce myself; my name is Nikki, and I will be working together with Miss Briohny, who was previously at Kindergarten. Please do not hesitate to approach both of us if you have any questions.

We would like to welcome our new friend Peta, who is joining all of us that has moved up from Buds' room. We hope you all enjoy your stay here with us in Blossoms I.

This month we will be focusing on letting the children get used to room routines, and to learn new room rule. As usual, we will be doing lots of group activities, and to encourage children to start talking to others. I'm sure everyone will have a smooth transition. We have many fun activities planned out for this month.

Finally, I would like to kindly ask all parents to bring new sunscreen for your child, as many are running out, and to remember to bring hats, water bottles and spare clothes.

Thank you and till next time,

Ms Nikki and Miss Briohny

A big welcome to blossom 2 classroom to all our children and Miss Cindy!

This month we will focus on developing our routine and settling into the classroom. Children are becoming more familiar with our daily routines and our classroom expectations. In blossom 2, we encourage children to be confident and independent by being active learners to seek out information. We are starting to build on social skills in small groups and during group time to support children in developing new friendships. Some activities we have been doing involve a lot of small group play, team games such as big eagle, little chicken and Chinese whispers.

In our kindergarten room, we have a different curriculum that follows the Queensland kindergarten learning guideline that is based on the EYLF embracing 'all children experience learning that is engaging and builds success for life'. This guideline identifies broad learning outcomes:

-building a strong sense of identity

-connected with and contribute to their world

-strong sense of wellbeing, being confident

-involved learners

These outcomes are embedded within the activities planned in the classroom using a holistic perspective where children take a active role in constructing their knowledge. Similar to last year, our program will be based on children's interests. We also welcome parents to join in if they are available and be part of the blossom 2 family. Parent's play an important role to sustain children's long-term development. This year we will have several opportunities for parents/family can participate in classroom activities.

A kind reminder for parents to bring sunscreen and spare sheets in case.

Hope to see you all around, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Until next time,

Miss Yu-mei (Sophie) and Miss Cindy

Greetings from Poppies room!

A very warm welcome to all our new and existing families and children who have started in kindergarten. Most of the children have transitioned well into the room with only a few still requiring that extra hug and kiss from mum or dad. Relationships are starting to be established between the children, families and staff as we strive to provide the children, as well as their families with security, trust and comfort.

To strengthen these outcomes the kindergarten rooms will hold a Meet-and-Greet evening on Wednesday, 23thrd February 2018 at 5h15pm until 6pm.

Our agenda for the evening will focus on:

  • Your child's wellbeing
  • Your aspirations for your child
  • How your child's wellbeing and your aspirations are met through the Early Learning Years Framework in conjunction with the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Outcomes
  • How we, as a team can work together to establish the best outcomes for your child's holistic growth by forming a strong connection between home and your child's learning environment
  • ELLA

We are looking forward getting to know you!

Ms Tertia (teacher) Ms Hamda (assistant)



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