Second Edition 2019

From the office 

January certainly flew passed, but the action is only just beginning by welcoming February. Currently, we are cruising through our second week with children in new rooms. Transitions are the part of the curriculum, which facilitates a change or a movement, which indicates the end of one and beginning of another experience. We are ready and excited as this reflects another milestone in your child's growth.

We have higher numbers some days in some rooms, but I can assure you that we are still maintaining quality of care across our service. In particular Buds (2-3) room have two group leaders (Miss Sharon and Miss Lorelle) and 3 assistants, a total of five experienced educators, as we strive to nurture and care for your child's well-being. Buds have maximum of 25 children at the time with 5 educators and older ones, who will turn 3 soon will go to Miss Nikki and Miss Briohny as their numbers are lower at present. The ratio will be maintained and this situation will resolve itself as a group of children will celebrate their birthdays soon and move up during next couple of months. We would like to assure you that this transition will be stress free as the educators would have started establishing positive relationships with your child while being in Buds room due to our flexibility and open communication between two rooms. A happy and supported child is our focus, and not just children but their families too.

Just a friendly reminder if you wish to change booking days, please complete the Enrolment Alternation form or simply email me the days and commencement date of your new booking. Please understand that we can not take new bookings over the phone.

Upcoming events 

February has a number of events and celebrations which we will be observing at Piptree Sunnybank Hills.

Chinese New Year will be celebrated on the 7th of February with a show. We are travelling to China to celebrate Chinese New Year. The Show will start with a Dragon dance with many children in costume and parade.

As per long-standing Chinese customs, each year is assigned an animal according to the Chinese Zodiac with 2019 being the year of the pig.

Other Chinese dances include the Fan Dance, which is very beautiful and calm and the Drum Dance with lots of children using the Tic Toc drums to beat to the traditional music. We invite all children and parents to immerse themselves in the culture of China.

In addition, on Thursday the 14th of February, we will be celebrating Valentine's Day, a celebration of love, friendship, and admiration; the relationships we have with each other. The activities will vary in each room.

On Wednesday, 27.2.19, our Kindergarten group will be visited by local dentist and Jana Twinkles, their certified Tooth Fairy for a Childcare Dental Education Program.

 At the service we provide 3 meals, and our menus are designed according to Australian Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents. However, we noticed that some children still bring lunch boxes. If you wish to add some snacks for your child, please be selective in your choices.

Yogurt, milk, fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese, dry crackers, …

Having variety of food provides your child's body with the best chance of being able to make the most of nutrients into actions. As this is also important for their physical growth and strengthening their teeth, bones and muscles. Supporting your child's well-being in establishing healthy food habits with as little as possible exposure to toxins like

Keep smiling, Natasa

Room Reports 


And so, our newbies have finished their first week of kindergarten. They transitioned with lots of curiosity, eagerness as they explored their new environments with relentless energy. One teary friend on day one, and that was it.

During our group time sessions, we learnt about each other as we shared our likes and dislikes, favourite colour, food, any pets etc. We will continue in the following few weeks as we discover and learn what makes each child unique. This is exciting as we plan on catering to each child's well-being in a holistic manner. Room expectations were also introduced as we establish why we need to have these safety measures in place and how to respect our resources and tools.

Already we can see strong personalities coming through which is great for their confidence. What is very impressive, is that quite a large number of children are demonstrating resilience, determination in conquering certain activities such as puzzles, manipulative resources, more challenging obstacle courses. Remember, this is all new to them at a different level while we also cater for each child's developmental stage and growth. In February the kindergarten rooms will have a meet-and-greet evening with the parents as we share information in how we implement the kindergarten curriculum as we strive for a smooth transition into prep next year. A notice will be sent out later with the date and time.

So, we are very excited for what this year holds in store. The children are amazing, funny and very, very inquisitive as to their learning environments.

To our parents; please feel free to have a chat with me at any given time whether by phone or correspondence in the book on the back shelve in the room. Let's work together in providing your child with the best care and holistic growth that will enable him/her to grow into a competent learner who will transition into prep next year with confidence and pride.

Ps: Does your child have a hat and sunscreen?


Ms Tertia & Amanpreet 

 Hi everyone,

Welcome to our Pips room for 2019. We are looking forward to the new year and working with your children to help them develop and grow through our care. Recently, we have had a lot of new babies settling and starting as well as older babies moving from the Pips room to the Sprouts room. Our new babies Valentino, Riku, Ellis and Hannah are settling in well and we have more new babies joining us soon.

In our pips room, at the start of every year, we use a communication book where we usually write down each baby's daily routines. Parents are welcome to leave a message about their child's requirements in the book and we will happily meet their needs.

A friendly reminder to pack some spare clothes, a bed sheet, a hat and sunscreen for your child each week. If you have any queries about your babies please feel free to talk to Annie or myself.

Until next time,

Miss Sanchita and Miss Annie

 Hello everyone.

First of all, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Shai Buckell and I'm the new Sprout 1 group leader. I've been in childcare industry for 6 years and last year I went on maternity leave and now has a 5.5 months old daughter. I also have a 10 year old son studying at Runcorn State School in year 6. I'm excited to be a part of Piptree family and looking forward to a year of collaborative partnership with you all and set goals and achieve developmental milestones for your lovely children.

In the last week I've had a privileged in getting to know your children. They all have done a wonderful job of settling in their new room. We have been exploring and getting use to the new routines of the classroom. The children have already shown us what great skills they have and we look forward to extending these skills throughout the year.

In our outdoor setting, the children had been playing in the slide, sandpit, climbing frames, bikes and pushing big trucks. In our indoor setting, they have been exploring cars, car tracks, stacking cube blocks, playing with musical instruments, dressing up in our home corner and playing with the colourful mobile toys. The songs that we love to sing this week were Baby Shark, If you're happy and you know it, The Wheels on the bus, ABCD and Row, row, row your boat.

In the next few weeks, our main focus is still to get to know each other and getting the children to feel safe, secure and comfortable. We look forward to a lovely year helping all children to progress to their full potential.

Please feel free to talk to Ms.Htee or myself regarding your child's day or if you have any questions about the room, routines and the program. Thank you all and again I'm looking forward to a year of positive collaboration with you all in regards to your child's development.

Have a great day.

Kind regards,

Ms. Shai and Ms.Htee and the Sprout Team :) 

 Hello everyone,

We wish to extend a warm welcome to all our children and families. This is the beginning of the year so few of our toddlers are moving to the bud's room. We are trying to make them comfortable in the New environment.Not only they can walk but they are now running, jumping and throwing balls. Our toddlers will enjoy playing with blocks and will begin to build towers and begin to dress and undress themselves.This is also very social time with the toddlers beginning to play with each other and use imaginative and role play. This will also show an interest in how things work and enjoy puzzles.During these weeks we will conduct visits to new classrooms to ensure that children are familiar with the New space and educators. To make this transition as smooth as possible, we ask that you start discussing the room change with the children.Please make sure you write down child's name on his/her belongings (drink bottles /coat sheet /hat/sunscreen etc.). You are always welcome to write any comments especially if there is something that may affect your child's behaviour during the day. If you would like to discuss your child's progress, we love to have conversations with you.

With Regard

Miss Maninder

 Buds Room

Hello and welcome to our first newsletter for the year. We would like to welcome all of our new families and existing families whose children has transitioned from the sprouts room. It has been a fantastic start to the New Year; the children have really embraced the room and have begun forming little friendships.

The routine in the room is coming together nicely, children are showing interests in using their self-help skills and learning new skills, helping pack their bed sheets away and put their shoes on when they wake up.

Over the past few weeks, we have celebrated 'Australia Day', we participated in some craft activities, developing our fine motor skills and using our imaginations creating beautiful artworks. We joined with the other groups and showed a lot of interests in engaging in enjoyable interaction with the Australian outback puppet show. To extend children's interests we will be participating in a variety of Australian animal learning experiences.

We would like to thank you for ensuring you provide your child with a water bottle, hat, sheets each day.Just a reminder to please name all of your child's belongings to prevent them front getting lost. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions or come to either Ms Sharon or Ms Lorelle with any requests or like to add anything to our program.

Buds Room staff

 Hi all Blossoms 1 parents,

A warm welcome to our new friends, Jayden and Nathaniel (and their families), who joined our Blossoms 1 room. We look forward to getting to know all our families, and to have opportunities to include our families into our programming and planning process.

This year we are starting off by helping the children feel a sense of belonging and comfort within the room. To help us get started, we will be sending home an 'All about me' sheet, which we would really love and appreciate if parents can help us fill out your child's interests, likes and fears.

To further help us connect with all our families, we will be sending home a weekly buddy for the children. He is a teddy bear named Scooter. Throughout the year, each child will be able to take Scooter home for the week starting from 4th of March. We are hoping that as he visits each family, he can come back to us with some photos, drawings, or writings about his time spent with each family. We look forward to seeing Scooter's adventures throughout the year. We will be looking to develop our alphabet, numbers and colour recognition this month by learning the interests/things our friend's like (e.g. the colour blue).

Finally, just a friendly reminder for all parents to name your child's belongings, bring water bottles, hats and sunscreen for your child. Please do not hesitate to speak to myself or Miss Briohny if you have any questions.

Thank you and till next time!

Miss Nikki and Miss Briohny. 

 Welcome to another year of learning!

For the past few months we've been celebrating, learning and saying goodbye to all the children moving into Prep this year. During this time, we have also worked on self-regulation skills such as conflict resolution and emotion regulation. Emotional and behavioral regulation contributes to young children's growing independence. During these early years, children's self-regulation skills are still developing and can often go up and down. Being able to consistently regulate their own feelings and behaviour is a major task for young children. These were skills that we implemented into our daily group time to generate some discussions around this topic with the support of emotion charts and books.

This month, we will be focusing on getting back into routine, building children's confidence and identity in the classroom as well as social skills to make new friends. In our classroom, we arrange lots of small group activities and quiet time areas to give children opportunities to share, play and communicate. Children are also becoming more familiar with how each day runs and with classroom rules and expectations.

We also welcome parents to join in if they are available and be part of the Blossom 2 family. Parents play an important role to sustain children's long term development.

Hope to see you all around, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Until next time,

Miss Yu-mei (Sophie) and Miss Cindy



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