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Our News

Winter is approaching us and we would like to extend our warm and cosy welcome to all our new families who joined us recently. We have also some very happy news from our existing families.

It's a boy! Congratulations to Brodman family on the safe arrival of your baby boy, who was born on the 3/6/18

It's a girl! Congratulations to Leutele family on the new arrival of your sweet baby girl, who was born on the 6/6/18 

Fee Increase

 To ensure we continue to deliver high quality services and our operations remain viable, we must increase fees in line with the increased cost of service provision. The ongoing rise in operating costs, the upcoming increase in staff wages and the increase of everyday expenses has been taken into account in creating the new fee structure.

The following fee structure will apply as of Monday 2nd July 2018 …

0-2 years

2-3 years

3-5 years

4-5 years (K)





















The staff and management would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents and families for your ongoing support. We believe that the strong relationships we share with you are an important aspect of our service and that this enables us to provide the best possible experiences for the children in our care.

CCS (Child Care Subsidy)

If you have not signed up for CCS by now please do so as soon as possible through myGov using your Centrelink online account or through the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app

I just would like to remind you to not underestimate how much activity you do each week/fortnight (Travel and weekends can be included)

Recognised activities

A broad range of activities will meet the activity test requirements, including:

  • paid work, including leave
  • being self employed
  • doing unpaid work in the family business
  • training courses for improving the individual's work skills

or employment prospects

  • an approved course of education or study
  • volunteering
  • actively looking for work.
  • paid parental leave, including maternity leave

Recognised activities can be combined to determine the maximum number of hours of subsidy. Time taken to travel between the child care service and the parents/carers place of work, training, study, or other approved activity will also be included. Activity hours do not need to coincide with child care hours. For example, an individual undertaking work on the weekends will be eligible for child care subsidy during the week.


Low income families on $66,958 or less a year who do not meet the activity test will be able to access 24 hours of subsided care per child per fortnight without having to meet the activity test, as part of the Child Care Safety Net. 

Environment matters 

  As a part of our inside training, our educators were challenged to create meaningful and purposeful learning environment for our children. They enthusiastically embraced the idea, and some of them created a great, engaging learning space. We brain stormed ideas about what we would teach children and what are children's values. We believe that creating an engaging environment is a powerful tool, that all of our educators should employ. Please have a look at our photo gallery and offer your feedback to your room staff.


 Please check our community board, where you can see all special and upcoming events here at the centre, but also in our local area, such as shows or School Open Days.

Keep smiling, Natasa 

Room Reports

 Welcome to our Pips room Arjun, Kye, and Paige! Our new babies are settling in well. We are very happy to have them. Leo and Malachi have out-grown our room and have moved up with to the Sprout's room. We're sure they're enjoying their new freedom and friends!

The babies absolutely love going to the playground and running (or crawling) around. Recently, we have seen lots of our nursery friends getting more mobile; lots of standing and walking. It's so exciting to see the children move through this transition as they build their confidence in their newly discovered skills.

This month we did some sensory motor activities. We played with natural materials (e.g. leaves and flowers). First, we played with leaves on the floor, where babies touched and felt the textures of those materials. Then babies did leaf painting. Babies also developed their social skills by playing games with each other inside the cubby house.

We would like to alert all parents to please provide a blanket for naptime and make sure you start to pack some warmer clothes in their bag for the winter time.

Thank you!

Miss Sanchita and Miss Annie

 Sprouts 1

Hello all!

We can't believe we are half way through this year already! We would first like to start off by congratulation Aria and Aurora for becoming big sisters!

We would also like to welcome Ryan, Olivia and Hunter into our room, they started with us in May and have already adjusted to the room well.

We have learnt so much in the past 6 months, things like colours, each other's names, learning to brush our teeth, and doing a lot of baking. But, our focus has been anything with wheels! Our room is mostly made up of boys and we all know how boys love their trucks! Our interest first started when Oakley bought in some cars and books in to share with his friends and then slowly everyone became more and more interested and engaged with cars. We have done art activities based around this, you can see a lot of our work in the hall way and around the rooms. The sprouts children very proudly point to their art work and say, "mine mine."

We have also taken an interest in Show and Tell because it helps to build confidence and self-esteem as well as teaching the sprouts children about turn taking, communication skills and social skills. We cannot wait for everyone to have a turn, you will be able to follow our journey near the parent's board in the room. Our tooth brushing adventure has been going fantastically, the children are becoming more confident and are wanting to brush their teeth all the time. Often, they pretend with their fingers while looking into the mirrors. They're doing a great job adapting what you have learnt from one context to the next! As the weather has been cooling down we have had the opportunity to extend our playtime in the morning and have the chance to eat outside. Also, a reminder to all parents to please put a jumper and a pair of warm shoes on your children before heading to childcare in the morning, as well as packing a spare change of warmer clothes in their bags.

Each week we have Fantastic Friday, this is a day the children have a chance to engage in some baking activities and lots of dancing, music and FUN!

Over the next few months we would like to focus on family and community input, so we would like to offer to all parents if you have a spare afternoon/ morning to please come in and join us in the room. Whether it be cooking or reading some stories to the children, it helps them to gain a stronger sense of belonging within the classroom and connect childcare to their house as well.

Thank you for reading!

Lots of love, Miss Melissa, Miss Zeljka and Sprouts 1 children

Sprouts 2

Hello and welcome everyone!

Thank you to all parents and new families into the room and we are pleased with how they integrated into the environment. Children in Sprouts 2 are incredibly accelerated in different areas of their play and learning.

Currently the children are demonstrating interest in art and painting, activities like Easel painting, stamp painting, and art with paint rollers which help them develop a range of skills such as curiosity, cooperation, creativity, and learning about different patterns that explore their sensory motor skills. They also build strong interest in learning about animals and they enjoy playing with animal toys. They are beginning to understand the different sounds of animals.

We also have a group discussion and story time. These group discussions help them to learn together and cooperate with each other and express an opinion. This month we also celebrate National Reconciliation week and we have been talking about aboriginal people and their culture and following that up with dot art. Discussion and activities like this help children to build awareness of their heritage as well as support belonging in the world around them.

See you next time, Isha


We would like to welcome all our families and new member Max to our group. In the room, children have shown a lot of interest in sensory exploration participating in a variety of learning experiences exploring different textures of items. As children participate in art/craft (painting/collage), we will be continuing children sensory exploration extending on their learning, experiencing experiences outside, with sand, adding different textures to rough sand, learning rough and smooth. Over the past few weeks children have involved themselves using their imaginations/role play and joining in play with their friends in home corner area, choosing a variety of foods (fruit/ vegetables) and pretending to eat on a wooden boat. We will be continuing children's interests, discussing healthy eating, and group times.

Can parents please provide an A3 display folder or scrap book for your child's artwork and photos to be placed into. Thank you!

 Blossom 1

Hi all Blossom I Parents!

We have had another busy month! We celebrated Mother's Day and National Reconciliation week, where we did lots of activities that the children all enjoyed. For our Mother's Day party, we made strawberry jelly. Everyone enjoyed eating the jelly and are asking to make jelly again – specifically pink jelly! For National Reconciliation week, we made Rainbow Serpents, finger painted on Didgeridoo's (made from cardboard), and leaf painting.

This month, we will be learning names of sea animals, and continuing with our gardening, which we started last month. We will also be continuing with pre-writing, writing letters of the alphabet. As usual, we will be doing lots of fun activities.

Just a reminder to all parents that the weather is getting chilly, so please bring warmer clothes for your child, as well as their water bottles and hat.

Thank you and until next time,

Miss Nikki and Miss Briohny

Blossom 2

We wish to welcome our new kindy friends Katie, Ivy, Divjot, and their families to the Blossom 2 room. They have settled in very well into the Blossom 2 environment, establishing relationships with their peers and exploring their environments with eagerness and curiosity.

The kindergarten children's energy and enthusiasm for knowledge have us dig deep to facilitate and provide endless opportunities for the active participation and ongoing learning. We had a huge influx of new resources (educational tools) that cover all areas of fundamental learning i.e physical, science and technology, numeracy and literacy, environmental and sustainability, and cultural diversity. These resources are awesome initiatives for all children's learning and development. It is available at all the times and children can use them either individually or with their peers.

What is happening in the Blossom 2 room? We had the pleasure of having our community helpers, a librarian and the dentist, visit the children. They engaged the children through active participation and at the end of each session the children were handed an information pack with little gifts and relevant information for the families. The children were encouraged to join the library. We also started learning the alphabet and the things start with them. The children showed a huge interest in the sandpit baking. They all love to play pretend as a group in the home corner. Children learnt to count from 1 to 20. We also encouraged the children to learn about healthy food and keeping our environment clean and safe. We are also focussing on recycling. We made caterpillars out of the egg cartons. The kids were also encouraged to make spiders for their next activity.

Puzzle Season has kicked off with the bang in Blossom 2 room! Children loved to solve them individually but some also working through them as a group. They all encouraged each other to join in and build positive relationships with one another.

Winter is well and truly here! We've already had sick children with colds and high temperatures. In the interest of other's health and safety we kindly ask to keep your child at home when they are ill.

We would also like to remind parents of our open-door policy! Please feel free to come in and have a chat about your child at any time.

Stay warm and safe! Thank you!


We wish to welcome our new kindy friends Suhaijla, Max, Ahmad and their families to the Poppies room. They have settled in very well into the kindergarten environment, establishing relationships with their peers and exploring the environments with eagerness and curiosity.

The kindergartener's energy and enthusiasm for knowledge make us dig deep to facilitate and provide endless opportunities for active participation and ongoing learning. We had a huge influx of new resources that covers all areas of fundamental learning: physical, science, technology, numeracy, literacy, environmental sustainability, and cultural diversity. These resources are awesome initiatives for all children's stages of learning and development.

What is happening in the kindergarten room?

We had the pleasure of a few mums spending time in the kindergarten room baking with the children. The baker, a community helper, interested them with everyday baking in the sandpit. Other interests in community helpers offered were: firemen, police officers, and builders. Fire-trucks and helmets, police cars and hats, hi-vis, hard hats, and tools were some of the supportive resources catered for the children. This was also a fun way to incorporate maths, literacy science, music and movement.

Show and tell has kicked off with a bang. It is great to see how the children have grown in confidence to be able to stand and face their peers while proudly talking about their item. Books are a favourite which is fantastic as they read it to their peers themselves with supportive guidance.

After I taught the children a song in a different language, they have been requesting greetings in different languages. A few brought in books in their cultural language. So, with this interest we are starting with languages that reflects the cultural diversity within our room. Please take time to read our parent/community input on the curriculum board in how you can contribute. We will appreciate it. Winter is well and truly here! We already had children sick with colds and temperatures. In the interest of other's health and safety we kindly ask to keep your child at home when affected. Thank you so much.

We adhere to our open- door policy. Please feel free to have a chat or make an appointment if you have any concerns regarding your child.

Stay warm!


Ms Tertia 



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