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June News

 Welcome to the first winter edition of our Newsletter. With the cooler months approaching, it's important to take care of the health and well-being of the children and the educators. I placed the Illness and Infectious Disease policy and procedure on our Family and Community Wall in the foyer. Please take some time to familiarise yourself and check if your child's immunisation is up to date.

If your child requires medication during the day please complete a medication form. This must be completed each day medication is to be administered. Please remember that we are unable to administer medication without a doctor's/chemist's label fixed to the medication stating the child's name, date and dosage requirements. We cannot give unlabelled medication; this includes medications such as eye drops, nappy rash creams ... 

Annual Cap 

 We are approaching a new financial year and there are a few accounts reaching their CCS annual cap, and this is the month that it will affect more families.

If your family income is $186,958 or less, you won't have an annual cap on your subsidy.

If your family earns between $186,958 and $351,248 Centrelink will cap your subsidy. This means they'll subsidise your fees up to the annual cap of $10,190 per child each financial year.

Below is some info that you could have a look for more details


Our little Kye is a big brother now! Congratulations to Hoad family who welcomed a new baby boy Asher on 29.5.2019. 

A big thank you to all our families, who took some time to write a review for our service. Congratulation to Zoe, who won the prize for her children. 

Keep smiling, Natasa 😊 

Room reports 


 Hello everyone,

At the moment, we are taking advantage of our Autumn weather. We are taking our babies to play outside more frequently. They love to play in the outdoor environment.

We would love to welcome our new babies in the Pips room: Sama, Samuel and Bianca. Kavijot has out-grown our room and moved up with the toddlers (Sprout's room).

In the Pips room, we tried to include more sensory motor activities.This month children played with moon sand. Moon sand is given its name because of its crumbly texture and how similar it looks to the surface of the moon. Babies explored the soft, crumbly texture of the moon sand with their little fingers. It is wonderful for children's sensory learning. They have done lots of finger painting recently.

Children also showed interest on the tissue discovery box which is a perfect recycled toy for curious babies. They hid the toy inside the box and then spent time looking for the toy. It helped to develop babies' understanding of object permanence. The object hasn't actually disappeared but is hidden behind something.

It is nice to see Amos and Arthur are walking by themselves without any support.

As weather is getting colder, please pack some long sleeve clothes and jumper in your child's bag.

Until next time,

Miss Sanchita and Miss Annie


We would like to welcome our new friends Ting Ting and Anson into the Buds room. We have lots to celebrate the past months, like to thank all our wonderful mothers for coming into the centre, to celebrate you by decorating cupcakes with the children. Such a lovely afternoon. Was great to see the children dressed up for superhero day. Like to celebrate the children in Buds for their wonderful engagement during mat times.

The children in buds are developing their respect, care and empathy. We like to encourage the children to be mindful, respectful towards others and the environment, become involved and independent learners. The children have been exploring these concepts through their investigations such as sensory play with natural and processed materials, baking, transferring and adapting with utensils, learning about measurements through making playdough and learning to play alongside others.

Where to next?

Extending our learning journey further, the children will be exploring their sensory skills further. This could be by tasting, smelling and feeling new veggies, fruits, baking goods and exploring natural and processed materials. They will also be reflecting their experience and expressing their ideas through a range of different medias and mediums such as painting with dye or acrylic paints, colleaguing, processed and natural materials. In the Buds room we are working to support the children in becoming independent people. Through transferring one context and adapting it into their daily routine. The learning process is supporting the children to development their interest and encouraging them to be involved learners. 

Ms Sharon, Maia and Sawraj


What has been happening in the kindergarten room? As with young, eager, curious learners, here is just a few…

The children love science experiments. Some of them would request an experiment and so we thought; why not have our very own science week? The children were very excited with the variety of science experiments we initiated and although the week is finished, we continue facilitating their interest. Lots of questions of inquiry as they observed, analysed and reflected while exploring and experimenting with hands-on experiences. Some of the experiments we did were; skittles, spotty playdough, magnetic sculptures, making a see-saw with a can and lid of a shoe box using light weight bottles tops (recycled items) and oil and water experiment.

Literacy and numeracy are essential in the kindergarten program and is incorporated through a variety of activities and games. We have now started with more structured learning in these areas as each week we are focussing on a letter of the alphabet where the children learn to pronounce and to sound the letter phonetically. Upper and lower case is introduced too with the sign letter of the letter of the week, making children aware of our wider community and inclusiveness. The children each have a big laminated card with their names on to practise and a small one to attempt writing their name on their activity sheets. Numeracy/maths are incorporated with literacy as well. Ongoing support and encouragement are constant as the children face challenges while building on their resilience.

Thank you to one of our families, Julia's mum who spend time with the kindergarten children sharing her heritage from Brazil in making flags which forms a huge part in their festivities starting June. The bright and colourful flags looks beautiful in the room! Please, if anyone would like to participate in the kindergarten program by baking, reading, arts and craft, playing a music instrument or anything you are most welcome to join the organized chaotic fun in the room!

EDUCA: Have you accepted your invitation to Educa? By now, you should have received a pop-up inviting you to this link. It is where you can see and read all about your child's amazing learning and experiences in the kindergarten room. You can also comment and contribute which we always value from our families.

Winter is here! the cold has really settled in now with winter just starting as evident by the warmer clothes, runny noses and coughs. We kindly ask all parents to keep their child at home when sick as we wish to adhere to our duty of care in keeping all children healthy and safe. Thank you.

Do you have a concern about your child or would like to know how she/he is doing in the kindergarten room? Please come and have a chat with us. We have an open-door policy, so you are very welcome. Or, if you don't have time write a message in the parent/teacher communication book located on the back locker shelve and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Button up, stay warm!

Cheers, Ms Tertia and Amanpreet


Hello everyone. Welcome to another June Newsletter in Sprouts room. Over the last few weeks, we've seen and meet new friends and seen other friends moved up to our Buds room. They've been doing lots of growing up over the last few weeks specially on the language, physical, emotional, and cognitive areas of development. If you have any concerns or suggestions or any goals for your child that we can incorporate to our program, you are all welcome to come and see me and talk to me about it. But for now, let's just look back on some of the highlights for the month of May and what are we looking forward into the month of June.

May highlights:

  • ØMother's Day afternoon tea celebration (10.5.19)
  • ØTransport week where the children enjoyed playing with cars and trucks in our indoor and outdoor environment (13.05.19-17.05.19)
  • ØWe welcome Ryan Li and his family to our Sprout family (16.5.19)
  • ØWe explored different kinds of sensory activities incorporating the children's interest in insects, bugs and creepy crawlies. We made lava lamp and did sand, playdough and shaving cream sensory experience (20.05.19-24.5.19)
  • ØWe welcome Cloris and her family to our Sprout family (21.05.19)
  • ØWe explored the 5 senses and had taste test of lemons and coffee (a tiny bit just for tasting) and smell test of different scents (essential oil – vanilla, eucalyptus, mint)

June activities:

  • 1.We will talk all about the season of winter (activities, clothing, food, etc)
  • 2.Pyjama dress up day on June 14, 2019 (Friday)
  • 3.We are inviting any parents if you have time to come and show the children how you cook your family's favourite soup during winter will be greatly appreciated. If there's none, Ms. Shai will show us her traditional and cultural ginger base chicken soup or "tinola" in her Tagalog language (L.O# 2.1)

That's all for now! If you have any questions, please feel free to talk to me or leave a note in our communication book. Thank you!

Kind regards, Ms Shai and Maninder

Blossom 1

We have had another busy month! We celebrated Mother's Day where we did lots of activities that the children all enjoyed. For our Mother's Day party, we made chocolate cupcakes with purple icing. Everyone all enjoyed eating the icing, and the children are still asking to make cupcakes again! Most of the children loves cooking food like mummy at home. Getting the children involved in simple cooking helps them to develop life experiences and to discover new interests.

We have been spending a few weeks teaching the children about table manners during group time. We always wash up before a meal, and have been waiting until everyone is served before eating, pushing our chairs in when we finished. We encourage our children to learn to order food for themselves and say thank you. This is an important habit for children to develop.

We also did sensory skill and science activities in the class, such as soapy water play and seeing capillary action with food dyes and celery sticks. Ms Briohny encouraged children to use their imagination and explore more ideas through group activities.

This month, we will be learning names of sea animals and will continue to develop our table manners. We will be starting pre-writing this month with our children, writing letters of the alphabet. As usual, we will be doing lots of fun activities.

Just a reminder to all parents that the weather is getting chilly, so please bring warmer clothes for your child. Remember our class friend Scooter is always eager to spend the weekend with one of our lovely children each week. Finally, please do not hesitate to contact myself or Ms Briohny if you have any questions.

Thank you and till next time,

Ms Nikki and Ms Briohny

Blossom 2 

Hi to all our families in the Blossoms 2 and we welcome those who are new to our room and we hope you enjoy your time with us. Our children have been engaged in various activities, they have shown great interest in various writing activities such as alphabets tracing and numbers tracing. The writing process covers a variety of skills such as fine motor skills, problem solving and mathematics. We understand and appreciate the different levels of competency that each child bring with them, we remind the children by giving them the choice of what activities they wish to do once they have completed their writing activities.
Furthermore, we have also been busy developing our listening and language skills. Children are encouraged to speak in front of class at group time to extend their language skills, such as 'Show and Tell' and 'Story telling' . Children speak in front of other people also getting the opportunity to further develop their social skills. We are also amazed at children's ability to learn and accept from one another, they share interests, learning new things about each other and building friendships.
Thanks to all parent for your support of our programs.

We would like to finish with great news, Ms Yu mei is back at work after being 5 weeks away and Ms Cindy was fabulous during Yu mei's absence.

Ms Yu mei and Ms Cindy :)



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