March 2019

News from our office 

 This month has absolutely been a wild ride! We have been preparing for our Assessment and Rating, the visit taking place on Monday, 25th of March and Tuesday, 26.3.2019. The centre visit was our opportunity to highlight what our service and educators do well, celebrate our strengths and achievements, have open conversations about the quality of our learning programs and practices, and also gain valuable feedback.

Our service will be given its rating for each of the seven quality areas in the National Quality Standards. Hopefully we will be able to share some great news with you next month when we receive the report.


  During this month, acknowledging the first month of autumn, we have been engaged in gardening activities with children, families and community. Some plants were bought at the local Bunnings. It is amazing to see the children's proud little faces, as they are bringing in their plants. Gardening is a wonderful opportunity for children to have fun and enjoy the outdoors, while gaining knowledge and hands-on skills. Offering the children opportunities to be involved in outdoor activities and to stay in touch with nature which benefits them for life. It develops confidence, independence, resilience, problem solving, and critical thinking, cognitive development overall.

Upcoming Events 

  •  On Thursday, 29/3/2019 our Kindergarten children will be visited by the local library. We will share a love for books together.
  •  Continuing with community involvement with our kindergarten groups, we invited a police officer from the local police station, who will visit us on Thursday, 4/4/19 at 10.00am. They will speak to the children about staying safe.
  •  On Tuesday, 16th and Wednesday, 17th of March one of our parents from the kindergarten group will assist the children in making Easter cards and crafts, incorporating her Indigenous Aboriginal heritage into this experience.
  •  On Thursday, 18/4/2019 at 9.30am we will have a Bushtucker Dreaming Show presented by Rainbow Eagle. We will learn about growing food, exploring and understanding nature together.
  •  On the same day, Thursday, 18th of April, at 3pm we will organise an Easter Egg Hunt where parents as well as family members are invited to join in the fun.

 Also, coming up soon is school holidays as well as a few public holidays. Our service will be closed on Friday, 19/4/2019 and Monday, 22/4/2019 for Easter break. We will be closed on Thursday, 25/4/2019 for ANZAC Day too!

Keep smiling, Natasa



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