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May News

From our office  

Even though we're nearly halfway through the year, it doesn't mean that our effort and hard work is even close to being done! As you all know, the impact of the pandemic has been hard felt in our industry. The effect of the sudden number of enrolment terminations and the lack of new families during what used to be the busiest time for new families has been really tough. The last couple of months has been very dramatic for all of us. Thankfully though, we're starting to see the first signs getting to the other side, safely. Families returning to school and work need to contact us before returning to the centre, especially those who have been away for a long period of time. Looking forward to welcoming you all back!

We still need to keep in mind, however, that under the current circumstances we are trying to limit the amount of social contact between people entering the centre.

We ask that when dropping off your children that you please only stay for a reasonable amount of time to complete the drop-off and say Goodbye.

Please remember that social distancing, although difficult between children does need to be respected by adults all the time. At this time, we are not encouraging parents to stay in the centre for long periods of time or to interact with other children in the centre.

All of the above conditions ensure the safe operation of our service and will be reviewed and adjusted if needed in July. We will certainly keep everyone in the loop!

I would like to acknowledge again the professionalism of our team at Piptree Sunnybank Hills during the peak of this health crisis. All of our staff have found the strength to maintain a safe learning environment, full of fun experiences. They keep the children calm, safe, and informed according to their level of understanding. Your hard work has been recognized and appreciated by many.

Keep smiling, Natasa 

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