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Begin to blossom

Welcome back to our first spring edition for this year. We are starting a new month with a long weekend. Our centre will be closed on Monday, 01.10.2018 due to Queens Birthday Public Holiday. We hope all our families enjoy the extra time off. 


Community Awareness

During the first week of September we raised awareness for National Child Protection. We were talking to our children about lots of different types of Safety-from Personal Safety to Road Safety, Water Safety & Fire Safety.

The children participated in a very interactive and educational show, with some fun, singing and dancing, simultaneously bringing awareness to our safety!

Swim Safe

As the weather is starting to warm up, we have invited the local ladies from Rackley`s Swimming Parkinson team to work with our Kindergarten and deliver important safety messages to our children. This program involved reading a fun, interactive water safety book designed for young children, also children enjoyed exciting activities about water safety. Each child received an informative gift bag complete with colouring in activities after the morning sessions on Tuesday, 18.9.2018.

Australia is surrounded by some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. And despite this, research has suggested that 3 out of 5 children leave primary school without the ability to swim at a safe level, and that 60% of children under the age of 12, can't swim 50 metres without assistance (Schetzer, 2014). These numbers should be very concerning to all parents.

It is critically important that children are able to participate in swimming and water activities safely. On average, 38 children between the ages of 0- and 9-years old die in Australian waterways every year (Royal Life Saving Society, 2016). This may seem like a very small number, but drowning related deaths are entirely preventable.

On a more positive note, learning how to swim can be a very fun and safe activity for your children while being properly supervised. It improves general fitness, it can develop your child's social skills if they learn within a group and, most importantly, they'll be able to take care of themselves if they find themselves in a situation that requires it (Australia Swims, 2018).

What can we take from this? Drowning in early life is easily prevented by learning this activity. Swimming not only equips children with skills to be safer around water, but has many cognitive, developmental and social benefits for children.

It's also a fun activity that is sure to provide a lot of enjoyment to your child. Swimming is effective for getting fit and it also helps with developing social skills. To see safe swimming centres near you, try checking out this website and stay safe!

Support our farmers

Our community plays integral part in the co-existence of our daily lives. In support of the current situation, the children were involved in baking strawberry cupcakes yesterday. Children's suggestions for further support is to use juicy strawberries to make smoothies and add them to pancakes. 

Keep smiling, Natasa



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