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August Blossoming News

News from Kylie

  Hi everyone, Well I don't know about all of you but I am over winter and the cold and flu season.Hopefully we will start to see some warmer weather soon and these nasty bugs will hopefully go away.I have included in this newsletter  information on "Encouraging Independence" gives you some ideas on how you can encourage independence in your child.

Encouraging Independence

By refusing to step in

When your child reaches an age to take on an age-appropriate activity, show your child how to do it, then let go and let your child struggle.It can be hard to watch children fight with their shoelaces, or stumble over their words in a new friendship, but it is in these moments that children are learning.

The joy they feel when they gain a little more independence can be very rewarding, and a strong motivator to try new tasks in the future.

Believe in your Child

Children need to know you believe in them.Encourage your children with positive words such as, "You are a smart girl.You can figure this out."Teach your children to think positively about themselves by modelling this behaviour in yourself.The little Blue Engine didn't give up and the reward was confidence.Confidence builds on itself, and your child will gain greater self-esteem when you encourage independence and responsibility.

Build in Life Skills through Routines

Routines give your child practice and repetition.If, for instance, the after school routine includes putting away the lunch box and coat, having a snack, and doing homework, your child learns responsibility as a way of life.If you want your child to have good personal grooming skills, build brushing hair and teeth, and washing face into a morning and bedtime routine.When a child does the same thing over and over, he learns independence without even thinking about it.


We have a special Fathers Day store coming up soon and asking for all parents to make a donation gift to the value of $5 to make the store more inviting for the children to shop in.Also $2 for each child attending to allow them to purchase something from the store.All money will be going into our fundraising account which we are building up on for our special Christmas party this year.

I would like to thank everyone for their support in the Cadbury Chocolate fundraiser. We raised $650 this will go towards the exciting Christmas party at the end of the year.

Upcoming is the Tupperware fundraiser we get 10 percent of all sales and $20 per party booking please keep an eye out on facebook and around the centre for more information.

Vacation Care

Vacation care is becoming very popular.I now have in place an availability form for you to book your children in.It is located over on the schoolies sign in and out bench and have limited spaces due to the high occupancy level during the day here at the center. So please get in quick as first in best dressed. September holidays are only a few weeks away and we are almost full.

Just a little reminder 

to please remember to close the pool gates securely behind you when you leave or enter the centre.

Also the speed limit in our car park is 5kms please ensure that we are following this as we have little children in the car park and they can come from anywhere.

I must ask that all parents please ensure there contact details are correct and updated and that all fees are kept up to date as per our zero debt policy.

Please don't hesitate to come to me if you have any ideas suggestions issues or just need to have a chat.

Calendar of Events for September

Fathers day Stall 26/8/19-30/8/19

Fathers day Sausage sizzle 30/8/19 

Reptile show Poppies and Blossoms 30/8/19

Educators Day - dress as your favourite educator 4.9.19

Footy colour Day – dress in your favourite footy colours 17.9.19

Talk and dress like a pirate or a princess day 19.9.19

Hi every one!

Firstly I would like to say a big warm welcome to Alaska, Addylin and Malakai and their families. We hope you all enjoy your time here at Piptree in the Pip's room.

Next is a see you later to Hendrix and Mikayla who have made the big jump up into the Sprouts room. We will all miss you but will still see you in the playground.

The past few months in the Pips room has been very fun and educational. We have been working super hard on so many of our milestones and have hit a lot of them!

Last week Jordan took his first 5 steps. Lucy and Harlow are close behind and are walking with the push walker. Bodhi, Mikayla and Naseem are gaining confidence in the small climbing equipment on the veranda. Keenan and Hamish are pulling them self up on chair and toys so it wont be long until they are also beginning to take the next step. We are all doing so well. Miss Kerrie and Miss Jennifer are very proud of their Pip's children!

We have recently celebrated the 1st Birthday of Hamish, Bodhi, Jordan, Harlow and Keenan. We are all growing up so fast

Our focus recently has been sensory awareness and learning through play and art activities.

We enjoyed playing with blue glittery playdough, hand and finger painting and also cling wrap artwork that involved using the hands and fingers but with out the mess 😊

Over the coming weeks we will be focusing on our language skills by attempting to repeat small words and use them correctly E.g Hello, goodbye, ta, yes and no.

We will also be working towards gaining more sharing skills. This is some thing that we do work on every day but some times we struggle with.

Thank you to all the parents who have been reading and signing the children's daily communication charts and letting us know any information that may help with your child's day while in care with us.

Please remember that Miss Jennifer and myself are always available to help with any concerns or questions you may have regarding your child or our room. Please feel free to talk to us face to face or call us at the centre at any time. One of us is usually here and if not we will call you back.

Thank you

Miss Kerrie and Miss Jennifer xx

 We sadly had to say goodbye to Miss Suki in July as she had to go back to India. We have missed her, and the children ask about her. We have welcomed Miss Raman to the Sprouts room, the children already know her as she was relief beforehand. The children are now forming their bonds with Miss Raman daily; we are enjoying getting to know you. 

  The children have been obsessed with the 5 little ducks song and want Sarah to sing it every group time and since Sarah bought some pretend ducks some of the children have started showing interest in numbers, they are using visual aids such as ducks and beginning to count them. We will continue assisting the children in their development of numbers and counting

The sprouts children are continuing to learn to take turn and share their toys, during play time Sarah and Raman have been working with the children to assist them in developing this skill. We then are taking this turn taking skill outside on the playground. The children are patiently waiting for the fellow peers to cross over the 'a' frame before climbing over themselves.

We have started to do shapes at group times, the children knew some of the shapes already such as 'star, diamond and heart', we will continue their developing knowledge of the others shapes each day during group times or spontaneously. We have also begun to bring shapes into the children's art works, using 3D shapes the children used them to paint with each one they used Miss Sarah would tell them the shape and they would repeat it.

Sarah and Raman will continue to work with the children in developing their self-help skills. Through learning how to ride the small scooters, climb the ladder on the fort and starting to put their own socks on.

 Hi everyone!!

Another exciting month this month in the Buds room!

Firstly we would like to welcome our new friend Jessie to the Buds room! The Buds children have done a fantastic job in making her feel comfortable and welcome and include her in their learning and play! 😊

We would also like to welcome Sienna who has moved up from the Sprouts room to join us in the Buds room! 😊

We have been extremely impressed with the Buds children and the use of their manners and sharing/turn taking skills this month! They sure have come a long way and are understanding the meaning of fair play, empathy and respect. We have been practicing using our words, instead of retaliating using our hands or yelling. We have learnt that when we use kind words and our manners, conflict is easily resolved! 😊

The children continue to make us proud by achieving goals that are set out for them! Our group times have proven to be a success as the children are familiar with the routine and are remembering the order of what takes place, such as learning our numbers by counting to 10 whilst using flashcards, discussing the life cycle of a plant, and also have incorporated show and share time for the children who have exciting stories/pictures/items from home, over the weekend or a holiday that they would like to share with the class. This has helped the children develop their confidence, social and language skills. As you all know, talking in front of a group can be daunting, but the Buds children have excelled at this aspect and are able to express themselves freely and confidently, whilst having a sense of belonging! 😊

Earlier in the month Miss Teagan and I (Miss Tiahn) initiated gardening with the children, by buying soil and some seeds and seedlings. We got the children involved by getting them to help fill the pots up with soil, plant the seeds/seedlings and water them all. The children have shown an exceeding interest in these activities and have persisted and requested to continue on with this topic, So Miss Heidi and I extend on their interests by planning activities in relation to this topic of interest. Each day when we have our combined outside play, we give each of the children a watering can and they all take turns at watering all of the plants. The children have been so excited as each day the seedlings are starting to sprout and grow! Not only have we been engaging in outdoor gardening activities, but have also incorporated it into our everyday learning and art in the classroom! Each day, we have a different activity/artwork planned for the children to experiment in/with, such as nature collages, leaf print painting, leaf branch painting, handprint flower painting, life cycle of a plant collage and painting rocks!!

All of these activities have been an excellent form of learning as they are having fun along the way as well as broadening their knowledge about our world and learning to care for the environment! 😊

We also celebrated Book Week this month and it was so great to see all of the families and children get involved by dressing up in different costumes each day! 😊 We had Batman, Ironman, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, a Builder, Marshal from Paw Patrol, Mr/s Happy, Minnie Mouse, Emma Wiggle and more!! The children thoroughly enjoyed coming to Piptree as their favourite characters! 😊

As the end of this month approaches, we are preparing for Father's Day! The Buds children are excited to pick out/make their gifts for their Dads! 😊

Lastly, we would just like to say a big congratulations to all of our children for excelling in their toilet training! Majority of the children no longer need nappies throughout the day, not even for sleep time!

We would also like to thank the families' involvement and persistence with supplying pull-ups, undies and spare clothes, as this has been a major contribution in helping us to continue each day with the toilet training process! It's thanks to your involvement that the children have achieved this goal so easily! 😊

We continue to look forward to the oncoming weeks and can't wait to see what awaits us! 😊


Miss Tiahn and Miss Heidi 😊

Hi all! Building on our communication has been key to the past month. We have shown interest in writing and saying the letters of our own names. With most of us now able to say the first letter of our peers' names too! Through our morning group time routine each morning, we have embedded learning letters verbally through our letter naming songs, flash cards and pictures. We have begun to extend on this to writing letters. We began tracing at the beginning of the year, to now moving on to writing without guides. Children are beginning to be aware of the relationship between oral, written and visual representations of letters while developing an understanding that symbols (letters) are a means for communication and ideas, thought and concepts can be expressed through them (or name).

We have begun to get more parent stories on educa which is great to see! The children really respond well to seeing the photos of their activities and can extend on their stories they like to share for show and share. Experience of relationships and participation in communities contribute to children's belonging, being and becoming. From birth children experience living and learning with others in a range of communities. These might include families, local communities or early childhood settings. Having a positive sense of identity and experiencing respectful, responsive relationships strengthens children's interest and skills in being and becoming active contributors to their world. As children move into early childhood settings, they broaden their experiences as participants in different relationships and communities. We have introduced some extra class rules over this past month too – "no means no" and "if your friends don't listen, ask a teacher for help". Children have really been responding well to this throughout the days too!

Experiencing belonging – knowing where and with whom you belong – is integral to human existence. Belonging acknowledges children's interdependence with others and the basis of relationships in defining identities. In early childhood, and throughout life, relationships are crucial to a sense of belonging. Children are given the opportunity to choose an action from our 'good morning' poster before doing said action with Miss Teagan or Miss Elle. When children are given opportunities to make choices, they are developing their sense of belonging. When they feel accepted, they develop attachments and trust those that care for them. We have continued implementing our morning transition to inside, with the children even role playing being miss Teagan or miss Elle during play.

After showing big interest in the outdoor gated garden, we decided it was time to explore it! Once we opened up the gates, almost the whole class were inside. We felt the rocks, different dirt, trees and even garden mulch. We were using the mulch and rocks to role play and use in different activities while engaging in play! It was so such fun, that we did it again the next day!

Over the next couple of months we will be continuing with letter recognition and learning to write letters.

We are still trying to start up a "my family" wall. We were asking if we could get you to email through a family photo to put on our family photos wall in our classroom.

Any photos are fine, its just so the children can see familiar faces while they're here at Piptree. Photos could be with mum, dad, siblings, favourite aunty or uncle or even with their pets! Whoever you think that your children would like to see throughout the day

Until next time Miss Teagan and Miss Elle


This term Poppies welcome a new educator Miss Caity. Miss Caity is taking over as the Educator in our Poppies room. The children and I have spent some time getting to know Caity better and helping her learn all about us in Poppies!

Term 3 is here! This term has started off with a bang! Children are really interested in construction so to extend this interest we have created a group project. Poppies have been busily working on their designs for 3D model playground. Children discuss, plan, resource and build an item to place in the model. Poppies have shown lots of imagination and skill in their designs and execution of the project!

Looking toward the end of Term 3 Poppies will be preparing for Graduation! Hasn't the year gone quick.

Miss Brie and Miss Caity 😊


The aim of the ELLA Program is for children to have early experience in another language and culture to encourage language learning in the later years.

What's new with The Polyglots? App 5 and 6 has been released, The Polyglots at the Circus deals with naming parts of the body and The Polyglots at the Park mimics an outdoor Australian park or playground. This term we are hearing more children experimenting with speaking in Italian. It truly is great to see Poppies taking their learning and incorporating it into their play

​Learning environment-

Poppies children have been practising their hand writing skills, developing the correct pencils grips and how to spell and write their own names!

Poppies have also been exploring numeracy in personally meaningful ways. Engaged in activities that encourage them to match, measure and count!


Reptile Education Safety Visit 30th August

 Hello Parents and Carers,

The school age children have been doing many planned activities along with a lot of Spontaneous activities.If you would like to view the program it is located directly on the right side of the door entering the large yard. Around this area is some of the artwork the children have done.If you have any unusable items they would like to donate to us that would be appreciated, some things we could use are; small cardboard boxes, travel brochures, small decorative bits for collage (beads, stickers)and even Lego would be a big help.

A lot of the after school children are not bringing a hat for outdoor play.We go outside every afternoon at around 3.30pm and they require to wear a hat or they will need to spend the afternoon on the veranda doing activities supplied.The centre has hats for sale at a cost of $20 and these could be left here at the centre. Please see Kylie if you would like to purchase one.

I am now implementing a plan for the children to do homework tasks while in afternoon care.I will supply the pencils and will listen to the children read, help them with writing tasks, maths work or anything specific you would like your child to work on, so please let me know.

Until next time

Miss Pali



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