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August Blossoming News

Note from Kylie

 Welcome to this month's edition of our monthly newsletter and a big hello to all our new families! We are sure that your child/ren will enjoy the time they spend here at our centre and will have many happy learning moments to add to their already creative and imaginative minds. As we head towards the second half of 2018 it promises to be an exciting time for the centre. It is very important to remember that this is your child's centre so please feel free to offer ideas and suggestions throughout the year. If you have any concerns also, please talk to us so we are aware and can address these immediately. Please remember to sign your child in and out each day. This is very important for two main reasons. The first is so that Educators are aware of the number of children at the centre at any given time and who have left for the day. This becomes very important in the event of an emergency evacuation so that everyone is accounted for and for the end of the day safety checks. 

It is only 5 months until many of our pre-school children are off to big school. It is important that families start talking about this transition now so children are comfortable with this exciting change. If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to speak to the educators in the room.

 IS YOUR CHILD ABSENT? If your child is absent for any reason, a telephone call is much appreciated.

 It's that time of the year when there are lots of coughs and colds. We encourage the children to cover their mouths, use tissues to blow their noses and wash their hands. Sometimes thanks to the lovely germs sometimes the children require further medications. Staff at the Centre are able to administer prescribed medication under strict guidelines, such as witnessing measured doses, careful recording of quantity and time of doses, and storing medication appropriately. Alternative, non-pharmacy, and non-prescription medication cannot be administered by educators, though parents may come into the Centre and administer the medication themselves. Prescription medication must be in an original container, clearly labelled with the child's name, dosage and date of prescription: doses must not be drawn up e.g. in a syringe or removed from its packaging when sent in with the child. 

Social Media

As many of you may already know we have a Facebook page where our special events and any important information is posted. We also have a website which is and, through this website you can also view posts and important centre events coming up.

Immunisation changes 2018

In July 2018, the childhood immunisation schedule was updated. Your child's due date for their next immunisations has not changed. Immunisations are still given at 2,4,6,12,18 months and 4 years of age.

Contact details

I am finding that some of your contact details are not up to date and or when I try to reach you then your phone is turned off.Please remember that you need to be contactable when you drop your child at the centre just in case something happens and we need to contact you, especially if it is an emergency.This is extremely important – please leave your mobiles turned ON.

Car park

We are continuing to have some problems in the car park.Please ensure that when you are backing out that you check to make sure that no one else is backing out from the opposite side.We appreciate that it is a narrow car park, unfortunately we are stuck with its design so it is all our responsibilities to take due care at all times.

Calendar of Events for August

Upcoming Events

Centre closed - 13th August Logan Ekka holiday

Book Week - come dressed as your favourite character 17th-24th August

Reptile Encounter - Blossoms and Poppies only 22nd August

Family Portraits - August 25th please see Kylie as bookings are essential

Fathers Day AT - 31st August please bring a plate to share.

Educators Day - dress as your favourite educator 5th September

 Atricle for Parents

 Never Leave Children Alone in a Vehicle

Busy adults can sometimes be tempted to leave children alone in their vehicle – just for a few minutes. However, a tragedy can occur in 'just a few minutes' or when 'just a few minutes' extends because of unexpected delays – a long check-out line, going back for a forgotten item, meeting a friend from long ago, etc. Heat stress The temperature in parked vehicles rises sharply within minutes – and continues to rise. Even opening windows a little fails to stop the sharp temperature rise. This can cause rapid fluid loss in children and other vulnerable passengers. Serious harm can then occur – heat exhaustion, heat stroke – even death. The sharp build-up of heat can also cause children to be burnt by hot synthetic upholstery and fittings, including seatbelt buckles. Emotional distress As well as the likely effects of heat build-up on young children's health, leaving them alone in a vehicle can make them upset or distressed – making their ordeal even worse. Other dangers Young children are curious and keen to explore their surroundings. This can lead them into danger if left alone in a vehicle. They can turn on ignition switches, cigarette lighters, power windows and dashboard and steering wheel controls. They can also disengage gear sticks and brake levers. While most new vehicles now have safety devices to prevent the accidental use of controls, these cannot guarantee the safety of young investigators. • Children can also unknowingly trap themselves inside a vehicle and not be able to get out. 

• Sometimes vehicles containing children left alone have been stolen without the offender realising that there is a passenger! 

• We can never be sure we'll only be away for a few minutes. Always take your children with you or ask another trusted adult to wait with them until you return. Never leave children alone in vehicles What puts young children at risk? Leaving young children alone in vehicles is dangerous. It is also an offence and can incur a penalty. 

Written By Kids and Traffic Early Childhood Road Safety Education Program



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