February Blossoming News

News from Kylie 

 Welcome to all our families for 2019.

We have been through Assessment and rating and we have received our final report and we are Meeting in all quality areas. Our team of professional Educators have been and  are always working hard to ensure we are all well and truly on track to meet all Quality Areas and push to exceeding. This year we will be all about consolidating and continuing to improve in all areas.

Our staff photos and qualifications are displayed on all room doors and in the foyer  for your perusal at any time So if you have some spare time please feel free to stay a little longer and have a little look.

The kiosk station is well and truly under way and I hope you are all enjoying the new technology. If you are still unsure on how this is to be used, please see myself or any staff.If the kiosk is down, please sign your children in on the clipboard between the two tablets

This is a fantastic time of the year for us all, with the children commencing and recommencing their next stages of development and education. Our Educators and Teachers are including many stimulating experiences to our learning environment for children to gain knowledge from our interesting topics.

We are also trailing an app called Educa! this will be an online app, you can check in on your child and there room.  Please keep an eye out for your invitation through your email.

Art Folders are something we ask for every year and we use them for your children's art portfolio.This year we already have them and all we ask of you is $2 paid to staff and you will no longer have to search for one.

Sunscreen please remember to donate a bottle of sunscreen to the service or if you would prefer to donate
$6 I can buy one for you.

Parents Corner

Prepare your little one by attending the centre for an hour or two a week to familiarise themselves with this new environment. This is also a great opportunity for you to spend time with the educators and centre manager.

We are here to help and support

1.Settling in is tailored to meet the individual needs of each child and their family.

2.Our educators play an active role in gathering information from you and your family so we can then determine what is best for your child.

3.We do this as our aim is to make the transition between home and the centre as smooth as possible.

4.Our educators are always available to regularly discuss your child's day.

5.We encourage you to spend time with your child to settle them in and you are more than welcome to phone us during the day to check on your Child's progress.

6.We assign a primary educator to assist in settling your child in each day and help them to overcome any anxiety they may be feeling.

7.We aim to ensure that all educators know your needs and work together as a team to provide routine and consistency of care.

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is normal in the early weeks, so don't worry if your child seems upset at first. While there's no magic formula to make separation anxiety miraculously disappear, there are a few tips that can certainly help:

•Take your child to visit their new centre for orientation and to meet the educators before their first day.

•Talk to your child about what will happen at the centre and reassure them that you'll be coming back.

•Work together with your child's teachers and educators – they have plenty of good ideas and reassuring advice.

•Try to keep goodbyes short. It's important to be strong, leave when you need to go and don't linger at drop-off time.

•Be calm, respond to your child's distress and comfort them, but remain firm about leaving.

•Spend extra time with them to reconnect when you come back and ask them about their day. Ask your educator for some useful questions that can help encourage your child to open up about their day's experience

We aim to ensure that you and your child settle in and enjoy the Tanah Merah experience.

Introducing your child to care can be an emotional time. It is fair to expect some tearful goodbyes in the early days however; there are many ways to assist your child with this transition.


To start this year fundraising off . will be Easter hamper raffles so start thinking about what you could donate. The shops are full of fantastic Easter items at the moment. (yes I cant believe it myself.)

Centre fundraising enables us to purchase those extra things for our children to extend on our already well-resourced centre.Whilst the centre is resourced in accordance to and beyond the licensing requirements there are times where we feel as educators that something extra will make our programs even more creative and interesting for the children.It also helps make the children's end of year celebration something to remember.

Upcoming events

 Happy New Year and welcome to all the families in the Pips room. A big warm welcome to our new families who have just started. We now have Noah and Hendrix who have just joined us here at Piptree. We hope you are enjoying your time with us so far. Maysen, Joshua and Jordan are looking forward to spending more time playing with you both.

It has been a very quiet start to the year with most of the children moving up to the toddler room along with Miss Suki. For the first few weeks our main focus especially for our new babies is settling in and forming close attachments with them as it is very important that the children feel safe and confident with their new environment and build a close and loving bond with us.

Please, if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child feel free to come and see me and I will always make time to have a chat with you.

I ask that if there is any change to your child's routine, foods or other important information, please let me know so that I can maintain the same routine as home in order for consistency for your child. Please remember to clearly label all children's items including hats, sheets and bottles to help prevent items being misplaced.

Iam looking forward to a fun year and hope you are too.

Miss Kerrie


Welcome to Sprouts 2019 this year's educators are Miss Sarah and Miss Suki, we are looking forward to the year ahead with all your lovely children. This past month we have been working on getting to know each of the families in our room and gaining their children's trust and building a secure connection with them. We have been doing lots of dancing, physical development and building on the children communication skills. The children have been getting use to sitting with Miss Sarah and Miss Suki for group times in the mornings engaging in learning to build their knowledge, ideas, imagination and skills.


In February Miss Sarah and Miss Suki will be continuing with the communication development of the children through group times, reading story's, singing songs, exploring home corner and playing music. We will also work with the children to build on their confidence in being physical doing such activities as running, climbing, jumping, throwing, kicking and sliding. 

Happy February everyone,

This month has been full of changes and adjustments in our buds room.

As the official transition from sprouts to buds takes place, we make sure everyone is settled in comfortably. Our room this month has new additions, Oliver and Chloe have made the big move to buds from the sprouts room and we have Bruce and Adisyn join us new to our room but also Pip Tree.

We've had a makeover of the rooms as new educators settle in and our centre provides us with brand new shelving. The rooms are clean, fresh and a blank canvas waiting to filled with all our fun new artwork.

Our topics for the month include colour recognition and numeracy, these topics are not new to us but are explored in new ways to help us engage more familiarly with them.

Our lead educator Miss Tiahn has been on holidays for the past few weeks and Miss Havane and Miss Lucy have taken over the care for your beautiful children.

Unfortunately, Miss Havane will be leaving us and beginning her journey across the world in Turkey, exploring and feasting on the delicacies the country has to offer. Fortunately, we have Miss Heidi who will be taking her place as the assistant educator next to Miss Tiahn as lead educator.  Miss Heidi will be replacing Miss Havane and has a wonderful time the room settling in.

Miss Havane is certain all her children from the past two years will be in good hands and will enjoy the most their new educators have to offer. She would like to thank all her families who have trusted her with the care and love of their amazing children and will miss being part of their lives, she believes that they will grow to be amazing humans and have a positive impact on the world that awaits.

Till next time, have a happy month!

 Welcome to the new year one and all! I am looking forward to getting to know all the new children in blossoms class! We welcome Ava and Emily L to our centre and we welcome Liara, Holly and Asha who have moved up from the buds room. We look forward to getting to know you all!

As it is the beginning of the year, we will be focusing on getting a set routine in place. transitions, including from home to Piptree, Piptree to home all offer opportunities and challenges. Different places and spaces have their own purposes, expectations and ways of doing things. Building on children's prior and current experiences helps them to feel secure, confident and connect to familiar people, places, events and understandings. children, families and educators all contribute to successful transitions between settings. Working together, we can help children adjust to our new class routine. I have recently sent home a copy of our class routine in the 'parent pockets' - so you all know what is step of our routine we are up to at any given time of day. You'll notice in the new routine that we have begun a morning routine of group time. During this group time we go through 'class rules' together as a class. we talk about the expectations for the day and discuss the possible outcomes. After class rules, we have begun singing -

  • days of the week
  • months of the year
  • counting 1-50
  • colours
  • shapes
  • alphabet songs (phonics)

We are hoping to learn via routines the basics to prepare us for kindergarten next year!

Educators can encourage children and families to contribute ideas, interests and questions to the learning environment. they can support engagement by allowing time for meaningful interactions, by providing a range of opportunities for individual and shared experiences, and by finding opportunities for the children to go into and contribute to their local community. Apart of our routine is to read a story before lunch. Miss Teagan read "we're going on a bear hunt" story. This has sparked a big interest in the story. As you have probable noticed around the room that we have begun doing lots of activities around this story. We have done water painting to make the 'deep cold river', collage on a cup to make the 'long narrow cave', we made the 'thick oozy mud' using dirt from the garden and even cut green paper to make the long wavy grass. Lots of conversations have begun about what snow is, what a bear is and why a bear was in the cave to begin with. With all these activities, it has sparked the children's interest in the story - even outside of kindy. I just love hearing all the stories of the children going on bear hunts at home too!

Over the next couple of months we will be continuing with our interest, and any others that arise. we will work together to embed our routine and learning those alphabet and new numbers we are learning.

just a little reminder, please make sure that you are naming all of your childs belongings!




The Kindergarten Program is about preparing your child for Prep, here at Piptree we are offering your children lots of opportunities to play, learn and grow.

Children are encouraged to use language to communicate ideas, feelings and needs. Make friends and cooperate with other children. We encourage our Poppies to be more independent and confident in their abilities. Educators assist children in developing self-discipline. We support children to creatively express their ideas and feelings through art, dance and dramatic play. The Kindergarten program is also about developing early reading, writing and numeracy skills.

The Kindergarten approved Program is running from Tuesday to Friday 8.00am to 4.30pm. Please take some time to read our daily routine displayed in the room. I strongly encourage you have an active role in your child's education and development, be sure to check with us on how you can become involved. It is of great importance that we work together on creating a stable routine for your child as they prepare for school.

Jamie-Lee and myself are available to share information with you about how your child is progressing. There is time for quick chats informally with you on drop off and pick up times, but please contact me to arrange a time to have a more formal chat about your child's progress.

Miss Brie and Miss Jamie-Lee 😊


Henny Penny Hatching will be visiting on 1.4.19 -12.4.19 that is 11 days!

They will be bringing 3 chicks and 12 fertile eggs which will hatch over the first week. Poppies Children will be experiencing in real life the Life cycle of a chicken! 


Yoga has stared up again for the year with Miss Tam and Miss Lisa!

As part of the Kindergarten program we offer a half hour class of Yoga to the children who wish to participate on Wednesday afternoons.

This Yoga program includes;

Stretches to improve flexibility and body awareness.

Exercises that build strength, co-ordination and good posture.

Fun games to promote teamwork, social skills and communication.

Relaxation and breathing techniques to create calm mindset.

Activities that increase self-awareness and boost confidence


A quick update on 'Show and Tell' expectations. Poppies children really love their show and tell time in the afternoons. Miss Jamie-Lee and I do however strongly encourage the children to bring in a book or an item of significance to show the class.

Our suggestions include; a photo, a favourite book, a holiday souvenir, or something special they have made at home.

There is a green box under the white board, this is where we store all show and tell items until after they have been presented then children placed the item back into their bag. We also ask at this stage if you can encourage your child to bring one item a week. We appreciate your support with helping your child to choose an item for show and share.

Show and share is an opportunity for children to express themselves. Sharing something important to them that they know a lot about allows them to become an "expert" and share with their peers their knowledge. Providing children with a platform to develop skills in effective communication, through promoting the use of language to explain and discuss people, places and objects. 

Learning environment- CURRENT INTEREST what you would see in room right now

During January and February our focus has been on settling in to a new routine and learning about each other and the classroom environment. We have been exploring identity, to build a sense of feeling safe, accepted and supported. Children are very proud of their self- portraits and houses they have made so far, which are on display within the room. Building this sense of belonging has also achieved through group games and experiences.

Children have had a lot of fun engaging with numeracy and literacy in personally meaningful ways, through listening to stories, singing songs and show and tell.

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