Note from Kylie

Hello and welcome to a brand new year full of excitement and new things. Firstly I would like to welcome all of our new families to our centre and look forward to working with you closer. I would also like to welcome back all of our 2017 families and hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year break.

As we have a lot of vacancies throughout the centre due to our lovely schoolies moving on to primary school. I would like to put to you that if you would like extra days or know of anyone who is looking for care to recommend our centre.In return, you can receive up to 2 week's free childcare when the new enrolment mentions your name. Please see me for any further information as conditions apply.

Our staff photos and qualifications are displayed on all room doors and in the foyer behind my desk for your perusal at any time.

I would encourage all parents to read the newsletters that will be emailed as it may also contain important information in relation to policy changes, fees, children's curriculum, family participation, and most importantly regulation and legislation changes in the children services industry.


Please ensure that you have provided us with a copy of your child's updated immunisation records.

Contact Details

Please ensure we have current contact numbers and email for us to contact you in regards to your child.

National Quality Standard Parent feedback form

These forms have been sent home prior to this newsletter, please fill out and return to the centre ASAP as this information will be used to improve our service to you. Be sure to check your pocket as these forms will be located in there or if you preferred them emailed please let me know. I will send home a new feed back form every couple of months to ensure our service to you is high quality.

Labelling your child's belongings

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of labelling your child's belongings.As children these days have a lot of similar clothing, shoes, and even back packs.It is hard enough keep the belonging together during the day so as you can imagine the difficulty when the belongings are not labelled.

Throughout the year, we will be holding some fund raisers for the centre. We ask if parents have any ideas or
suggestions, please come and see one of the staff members! We would love some fresh ideas for fund raising!

Hi everyone, I am Lucy Stevens a Lead Educator in pip room. WELCOME to all new families and babies that joined us at pip tree, we are grateful to know each one of you.

My goals at pip was to build self- confidence and achieve the mini milestones, encouraging every opportunity that they learn every day for example- crawling, standing, walking, sitting up themselves, feeding themselves, expressing words and having a stable routine etc.

I provide an educational learning such as facial and body parts by pointing, touching, patting, blinking and moving our hands up and down. In each of these activities our goals are for younger bubs/ pips to be stimulated by visual experiences, sounds, touch and movement.

In the next few weeks we will be allowing the babies to experience some different textures including "painting" with mashed banana, picking up peas and corn from a bowl and trying some grated carrot. Of course, these activities will have full supervision and very young babies will not be given the opportunity to choke!

Just a little reminder to all to please make sure you are completing your child daily communication sheet upon arrival each morning and your child's belongings are named. This help us all to make sure items don't go missing including all creams and medication are chemist labelled.

If there is anything you would like to know regarding to your child, please do not hesitate to see us in the pip room.

Kind regards,

Miss Lucy

Hi all,

Miss Havane and I are so excited to get to work with and get to know all your children over the next year. A little about me, I have done childcare for about 10-11 years, and this is the first year I have worked with the "toddler" age group!  Miss Havane has only worked with the younger age group and her journey here at piptree had her start in the pips room. Havane has made some wonderful relationship with the children and has helped made the transition into the sprouts room so much easier for them. Both of us hope to further our experience in this age group and make a pathway to allow these children to blossom and learn in the most supportive and inclusive environment we can provide.  Please be patient with us over the next couple of weeks while we're still getting to know the children and trying to figure out a room routine that works well with not only us, but with the children too.

As you've probably noticed, the room is a little different this year. This year we have individual box's in the kitchen for you to put your children's bottles, dummy and snacks in everyday. These boxes are all labelled with your child's name on them.

Also, if you have any messages for Havane or myself, you can write them in the parent communication book which is located on top of the lockers.


Miss Teagan & Havane.

It been a great start to the year in the Blossom room already.

Miss Tiahn and I are so excited to be your child's educators this year and we have so many ideas to support each of our Blossom children on their learning journeys.

Your child's learning journal has been started thanks to miss Tiahn's hard work and learning is occurring every minute of the day.

Miss Kirstin and Miss Tiahn will be engaging with children during play over the couple of weeks to understand their strength, abilities and interests and create learning experiences for our curriculum to support children's learning.

Our learning environments will be introducing your child to new mathematical and literacy skills, where we extend from learning our colours and shapes to counting and symbol patterns.

We will be extending from two and 3 word sentences to full constructed sentences,

which Miss Tiahn and I will be role modeling. Our toilet training children are at the final stages of this milestone but for the next 2 weeks could all our toilet trainers please have 5 changes of spare clothes and pull up for those who still require them for sleep time.

We are looking forward to our 1st month in the room and appreciate all your support and understanding as we are settling in.

Children are creating their own locker labels which should be completed by this Friday and placed in lockers early next week. The children, Miss Tiahn and I are super excited to show these off as a lot of hard work, concentration and self -agency was put into them.

A post will go up on Facebook for a sneak preview.

Thank You

The Blossom children, Miss Kirstin and Miss Tiahn.

Welcome to Kindergarten Poppies 2018!

Sabine and I are looking forward to fantastic year!

The Kindergarten Approved Program is running from Tuesday to Friday 8.00am to 4.30pm. Please take some time to read our daily routine displayed in the room. I strongly encourage you have an active role in your child's education and development, be sure to ask us about how you can become more involved. It's of great importance that we work together on creating a stable routine for your child as they prepare for school.

The kindergarten Program is designed to help your child make friends, develop a love of learning and be better prepared to start school.

In our Kindergarten program your child will participate in play-based learning. Each child will be supported to; use language to communicate ideas and feelings, make friends, develop understandings of sharing, become more independent and confident, develop self-discipline, explore ways to express themselves through art, dance and dramatic play and engage in problem solving activities. The expectation is that children participate at their developmental level.

I am available to share information with you about how your child is progressing. There is always time for quick chats informally with you at drop off and pick up times, but please do contact me to arrange a time to have a more formal chat about your child's progress. I have times available on Monday's and during rest periods through the week.

During January and February our focus will be on settling in and learning the new routine. Sabine and I are most excited to be spending some time getting to know each child and their families, and building a sense of belonging to the classroom environment.

You can expect a lot of group experiences and games, listening to stories and learning and singing a variety of songs.

Until next time ?

Miss Brie & Miss Sabine

Welcome to a new year. My name is Kamani and I pick the children up every afternoon and I am the schoolies educator.  Miss kylie will continue to drop the children off in the mornings. If you would like to view the program it is located directly on the left side of the door entering Early Education.Around this area is some of the artwork the children have done.If you have any unusable items they would like to donate to us that would be appreciated, some things we could use are; small cardboard boxes, travel brochures, small decorative bits for collage (beads, stickers)and even Lego would be a big help.

Although we do not encourage the children to bring such expensive items to use here at after school care, such as, iPhones and iPods etc, we will allow it but will remain the child's responsibility to look after it.We do our best to keep the item safe but ultimately it is at their "own risk".I do appreciate your understanding in this matter.

We found last year a lot of the after school children were not bringing a hat for outdoor play.We go outside every afternoon at around 4-4.30pm and they require to wear a hat or they will need to spend the afternoon on the veranda doing activities supplied.

I am now implementing a plan for the children to do homework tasks while in afternoon care.I will supply the pencils and will listen to the children read, help them with writing tasks, maths work or anything specific you would like your child to work on, so please let me know.

Until next time

Miss Kamani

Welcome to Buds 2018

The teachers for this year are Miss Sarah and Miss Jamie-lee; we are both super excited to see what this year brings. The first month we will be focusing on bonding with the children, forming that secure relationship with each child.

Once we have formed that bond we will begin to assist the children in their physical, emotional, communication, learning development. By programming interesting age appropriate activities for the children to learn and grow.

The children will have self-selection throughout the day of what they would like to play with. We will encourage the children to become more independent by having them assist with making and unmaking their beds, assisting with packing away the room, begin toileting when they are ready, assisting putting away their bowls, drink bottles and food scraps when done.

Each day we will have 30-45 min outside play so the children can continue to take increasing responsibility for their own health and physical well-being.

Both Miss Sarah and Miss Jamie-lee are pumped and ready for Buds 2018.

Family Input into Programming
We love and encourage all members of our families to provide new and interesting ideas to the
Centre's programming. This can take the form of sharing photos and anecdotes of family trips away, birthday
and family celebrations, visits to attractions or general information about a topic your child/ren are
particularly interested in. If you have any books, pictures, skills, etc. you would like to share with
us, please email or send them in or write your name down on the Parent/Carer roster and spend some time
with us.

Upcoming Centre Events

Room changes 22nd January

Australia day Thursday 25th come dressed in your Aussie colours.

Valentines Day 14th Feb - Come dressed in red white and pink.

Centre closed

Please note we will be closed for the Easter Public holidays Friday 30th March and Monday 2nd April inclusive.