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February News

 First of all I would like to welcome back all our families to Piptree Early Learning -Tanah Merah! An extended welcome is also due to all our new families who have just joined the Piptree family. We understand that it's also a settling in time for parents, adjusting to childcare, separation struggles and in many cases returning back to work too. If you or your child are having difficulties settling in or if you are uncertain about or have any issues during the year, don't hesitate to approach me, Kirstin or your child's carers, we will be more than happy to have a chat.

It feels like just yesterday that we were all off on holidays and enjoying the break over Christmas and New Year! This is one of the many newsletters that will be emailed to parents on a monthly basis. The newsletters will contain information on what each class are learning and creating throughout the year. The newsletter will also be used to assist families in keeping up with all of the upcoming events throughout the year. We hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Days and your day was spent sending and receiving lots of love.   Our vacancies are slowly filling up; I would still like to put to you that if you would like extra days or know of anyone who is looking for care to recommend our centre.  In return, you can receive up to 2 week's free childcare when the new enrolment mentions your name. Please see me for any further information as conditions apply.

.Due to the lower numbers on a Monday and Friday in our centre I have decided to combine the rooms for lunch and rest period.This is allowing the children to interact with more children over the lunch period and to have new friendships forming. I ensure your children have all settled nicely into your new rooms. Your children have done a fantastic job on decorating their rooms so far and hopefully this level of art flare will continue throughout the year.

Our staff photos and qualifications are displayed on all room doors and in the foyer behind my desk for your perusal at any time So if you have some spare time please feel free to stay a little longer and have a little look.


We are still trying to 'formalise' enrolments for a number of new children that have commenced care. All children and families are required to have a Child Reference Number (CRN) and Family Reference Number. These numbers link you and your child to our centre through the Family Assistance Office (FAO). So, if you are intending to claim Child Care Benefit (CCB) to reduce your daily fee or claim CCB as a lump sum at the end of the financial year you must register and complete paperwork form the FAO. If you have completed all the necessary paperwork with the FAO and your child is still an 'informal' enrolment, contact the FAO on 13 61 50 and ask that you and your child are made 'active'. If you are unsure on what to do, please see Kylie in the office.


To start this year fundraising off will be Easter hamper raffles so start thinking about what you could donate. The shops are full of fantastic Easter items at the moment. Raffle tickets will be sent home in a couple of weeks.

Centre fundraising enables us to purchase those extra things for our children to extend on our already well-resourced centre.Whilst the centre is resourced in accordance to and beyond the licensing requirements there are times where we feel as educators that something extra will make our programs even more creative and interesting for the children.It also helps make the children's end of year celebration something to remember.


  • Please remember to name all items.We are still having problems identifying each child's belongings and it is not fair to expect the children to know which is theirs when there are so many of the same type of article e.g. drink bottles etc.
  • When taking holidays it is a requirement as per your enrolment agreement to give two weeks notice to request reduced rate holiday fees.Forms for Enrolment alterations are available at the front desk.
  • Your parent pockets are located in your child's room.Please remember to empty them daily.Important information regarding the centre is contained therein.


We practice sustainability within the service and believe the removal of plastic bags to be a step in the right direction for our Environment.

Many germs spread easily to other people – to try and stop the spread of infection wet/soiled items will not be washed at the centre. It is important to minimise the risk of contact with urine and faeces when dealing with soiled items.

Points to consider:

  • Qld will be banning the use of plastic shopping bags in 2018
  • Staying Healthy in Child Care recommend that wet and soiled clothing be placed in an appropriate bag and stored in an area for parent collection at the end of each day
  • Spread of infection can occur through wet and soiled items – so it is important that we emphasise the importance of a water proof bag.

Water Proof Bag

You can purchase a waterproof bag from the centre. Our first order will be placed in April, so payment would need to be made no later than 29 March.

Payment must be made prior to the order being placed. The centre will not have spare bags available to purchase unless you place your order.

You can purchase them online yourself through for $18.50 or you can place your order at the office and pay only $10.

 What do they look like?

What are the features of this bag?

  • Waterproof lining with sealed seams – No leaks throughbottom or sides
  • Machine washable & dryable
  • PVC Free
  • Durable lead free zipper
  • Carry strap
  • Name tag – For easy identification
  • Eco Friendly

How many items of clothing will the wet bag store?

The wet bag will hold 3 sets of wet/soiled clothing

 Parents Corner

Prepare your little one by attending the centre for an hour or two a week to familiarise themselves with this new environment. This is also a great opportunity for you to spend time with the educators and centre manager.
We are here to help and support
1.Settling in is tailored to meet the individual needs of each child and their family.
2.Our educators play an active role in gathering information from you and your family so we can then determine what is best for your child.
3.We do this as our aim is to make the transition between home and the centre as smooth as possible.
4.Our educators are always available to regularly discuss your child's day.
5.We encourage you to spend time with your child to settle them in and you are more than welcome to phone us during the day to check on your Child's progress.
6.We assign a primary educator to assist in settling your child in each day and help them to overcome any anxiety they may be feeling.
7.We aim to ensure that all educators know your needs and work together as a team to provide routine and consistency of care.

Separation Anxiety
Separation anxiety is normal in the early weeks, so don't worry if your child seems upset at first. While there's no magic formula to make separation anxiety miraculously disappear, there are a few tips that can certainly help:
•Take your child to visit their new centre for orientation and to meet the educators before their first day.
•Talk to your child about what will happen at the centre and reassure them that you'll be coming back.
•Work together with your child's teachers and educators – they have plenty of good ideas and reassuring advice.
•Try to keep goodbyes short. It's important to be strong, leave when you need to go and don't linger at drop-off time.
•Be calm, respond to your child's distress and comfort them, but remain firm about leaving.
•Spend extra time with them to reconnect when you come back and ask them about their day. Ask your educator for some useful questions that can help encourage your child to open up about their day's experience
We aim to ensure that you and your child settle in and enjoy the Tanah Merah experience.
Introducing your child to care can be an emotional time. It is fair to expect some tearful goodbyes in the early days however; there are many ways to assist your child with this transition.

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