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JULY Newsletter 2020

 Piptree Early Learning Tanah Merah , July Newsletter 2020

Welcome to July,

It has been a buy time here at Piptree with our photo day and Disco a great Hit with all the children, All photos are back now if you would like to see your room educators for them. 

We would like to welcome all our new families, it has been so lovely to have new little people in the centre, watching the interaction as they settle into their rooms as well as meeting all the educators. 

Just a reminder that all fees need to be one week in advance at all times, if you are having any issues regarding fees, statement please see me at the office Thank you 

The children have been furthering their knowledge of Health and safety, learning about their bodies and what  good foods are to eat, our cook Miss Jo has been adding a little extra goodness to the meals which the children are enjoying, teaching the children about their bodies and how they grow with lots of vegetables and fruit. We do ask that if you are bringing your child breakfast to please look at a healthier option for them as we are all trying to promote healthy eating within the centre.

A Big Happy  Birthday to 

Laela turning 1 

Hamish Turning 2 

Harlow turning 2 

Onyx Turning 3 

Ayla turning 3 

Bodhi turning 3 

Elise turning 3 

Harris turning 3 

Sophia turning 3 

Geoffrey Turning 4

Zali Turning 4 

Tyson turning 5 

Awanui turning 5 

Emily turning 5 

Syeisha turning 9 

We have some exciting days planned for August, so don`t forget to look at the events calender.

Thursday 16th August - Pyjamas/ movie/ popcorn Day, come dressed in your PJ`s

Monday 17th August - Crazy Hair day 

Wednesday - 26th Rainbow Clothes Day - come dressed in your favourite colours.

I would also like to welcome some new educators who we will see in the centre helping with the children, please see our new staff photo.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the centre and continue to support the centre, A big thank you to all the educators for all their continued work in making Piptree Tanah Merah what is, A place where children can blossom

Thank you 


Miss Katrina  

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