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July's Blossoming News

News from Kylie 

A very big welcome to all our new children and their families I would like to extend a warm welcome, we hope that your children will learn many new skills whilst attending the centre and that their families will enjoy the support and encouragement of our friendly team of professionals working here.

We have had a few changes within the centre as you have probably noticed but we are doing our best to ensure the children's stability is our first priority.  In Blossoms, Miss Kirstin has left us due to health reasons and hopefully returns in early 2019.  In the mean time Miss Tiahn is stepping up.  Once a replacement is found I will let you know as soon as i can.


Well hasn't this change over been fun!  Thank you to everyone who has persevered through all the calls and app changes but once you are sorted all should be great.  For those small minorities that are still not sorted i urge you to please keep in regular contact with centre link until this has been sorted.  If you do have any question about the change over please feel free to come and have a chat and we can make new discoveries. 

Some information/troubleshooting tips.

 Check your child's CRN, enrolment status using your Centrelink online account through myGov or the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app.  Subsidy is paid for up to 42 absences for each child per financial year. You can use these absent days for any reason, including if the child is overseas. We don't require evidence.

We only count absent days if you would have otherwise received Child Care Subsidy on that day. This includes public holidays.

You need to tell centerlink

  • your care arrangements change
  • your or your partner's income changes
  • your or your partner's work or study load changes
  • your personal circumstances change
  • you change your address, or
  • you leave Australia

If you don't tell them about the changes within 14 days, your subsidy may be affected. We may overpay you and you'll have to pay the money back.

You don't need to tell centerlink if:

  • the hours your child attend child care changes
  • your child stops attending child care, if you plan on sending them to child care again in the future, or
  • you change child care providers, as long as you're still using an approved child care service

We'll only pay Child Care Subsidy to your provider when they send us your attendance information. If you change child care providers, we'll receive attendance information from your new service which means we'll pay the subsidy to them.

Car Park

The car park or lack of car parks at certain times continues to be an issue and we would ask again that families remain patient during these peak times.Please be courteous and only take up one car park, some families continuously park across two and this is causing many problems.Please do not park in the staff car parks during the morning drop offs as staff are scheduled to begin their shifts and if they are not able to park then child staff ratios in the rooms are affected.Please ensure your children are properly restrained before leaving the car park.

Please also refrain from leaving other children in the car.This is illegal and unsafe.

Calendar of Events 

NAIDOC Week - 9-13 July - celebrate a variety of art stories and cooking

Safety Week 23-27 July - Visits from safety teams e.g police fire and ambulance

PJ Day August 1stCome dressed in your warm winter Pjs and enjoy a relaxing day of stories.

Public holiday 13th  August – Centre is closed due to the Exhibition Logan Show day

 Firstly a Big Welcome to our new little friends MAYSEN, ONYX, OZ and families. Everyone is settling in very well as we work on building trust and relationship. Some of our long term friends Alexandra and Archer have recently moved- up and have reached that time when it is appropriate for them to move onto the Sprouts( toddler) room and have transitioned very smoothly. There is  quite a difference in routine and play habits as well as a bigger yard to play in and more children to get used to. If your child is around the age of fifteen months old we will consider their development needs and possibly allow some visits to the Sprouts (toddlers) room. Lately we have had a few children reaching new milestones whether it is grasping/ pulling themselves up, crawling or walking. We have been encouraging this by using the push walker and allowing children to practise walking around while holding on to the toys. Some of our friends are clever enough to stand up and walk without any assistance. This is a very exciting time with lots of cheers and encouragement from myself and Suki.

What fun are we going to have with our lovely Pips? The following months will see us involved in activities such as:

- Listening to different kinds of musical instrument sounds (transport, bells, pots and pans etc,)

- Kitchen play with real fruits and vegetables

- Learning about facial expressions and body parts by pointing, patting, blinking and moving our hands up and down

In each of these activities our goals are for younger bubs to be stimulated by visual experience, sounds, touch and movement. Our goals for the older children is to let them learn by encouragement to repeat sounds and words vocally, imitate movements and different gestures in relation to there activities.

I will take photos and show them to you or display on wall where everyone can see around music area.

Just a little REMINDER what to bring for the pips:

- spare clothes

- water bottle named

- nappy cream (chemist label)

- $3 for art folder

Some parents can we please have an updated routine for your child so we can keep it on the kitchen wall for staff/ relief stall to see?

Check your parent pocket in your child room each week for notices and statements.

Until next time,

Miss Lucy and Miss Suki

 Hi all, what a busy couple of months we've had in sprouts!

We have farewelled Asha, Arlo & Liara to the buds room, and welcomed up Grace & Alexandra from the pips room. We have all been working hard to ensure they have all felt confident and supported during this transition time. Different places and spaces have their own purposes, expectations and ways of doing things. Building on children's prior and current experiences helps them to feel secure, confident and connected to familiar people, places, events and understandings.

Over the past couple of weeks we have been helping children to become confident communicators. Focusing on using words, or extending on our existing vocabulary. We've done a lot with colours, animals and shapes. Responding to what we see and hear, we have done lots of story time, using books, puppets and even using the ipad to engage with and introduce novelty to provoke interest and more complex and increasingly abstract thinking.

over the next couple of months we will continue on with larning outcome 5, children are strong communicators. Working collaboratively with families to ensure the learning is followed through from home to kindy.

until next time,

Teagan & Havane

Hello to all Parents & caregivers, Another month has passed & its time for our News Letter. 

We like to welcome Mathais and Rose to our room.  We cant wait to have lots of fun

During the Month of May and June Miss Sarah went on a holiday to Scotland to visit her family.  Miss Sarah visited Paris and went to the top of the Eifle Tower.  She also went to Disney land.  We have been talking about it and looking at lots of photos.

The children have been developing their knowledge of shapes with their educators. One game that their educators have introduced is matching the shape pairs. 

The children have been engaging in their development of their identity. Playing with the pretend babies patting them to sleep and putting nappies on them; they are even pretending to cook meals for their fellow peers and educators.

At group times the Buds children have continued to develop their communication skills. Their educator are doing this by reading stories and singing songs.The children have been interested in singing songs, at a spontaneous group time. They each had a duckling and began to sing '5 little ducks'.

During Naidoc week the children listened to the Aboriginal story 'How the birds got their colours', the children then did their own painting interpretation of the bird.

Until next time

Miss Sarah and Miss Jamie

 Hello to all Parents & caregivers,

Hello once again, it's been a crazy month, but so far we are doing well with the saying Goodbye to Miss Kirstin and the small changes in the room.

Miss Tiahn is stepping up in the room as the Lead Educator and to help give the children stability.  As an educator I will provide  an educational learning process for the children and to help them blossom in  learning

We would like to welcome to our class our new friends, Nicholas, Finn, Amelia and Remy.  We look forward to the rest of the year with you and the growing together. 

This month we have been working hard on our literacy  skills. Children have made great improvements in both areas since January and it is fantastic to see!  They are learning what letters are associated to their name.  They are even learning their peers letters too.  Very Clever!

We do a lot of reading, counting, making our own beds to develop confidence and helping each other.

Everyday we have a lot of interaction, spontaneous group learning activities,the  children enjoy this play and engaging play experience.

And we always have a reminder to use our gentle hands, manners to everyone and simple words to understand each other.

Until next time

Miss Tiahn


The Kindergarten Program is about preparing your child for Prep, here at Piptree we are offering your children lots of opportunities to play, learn and grow.

Welcome to Poppies Miss Kerrie, it has been wonderful getting to know you over the last few months!

Poppies children spent some time during second term learning about maps, Australia and places around the world. We discussed places we have visited in our local area, looking at these on a map. Children are beginning to understand how symbols and pattern systems work. Extending on the children's interest in maps we went on a treasure hunt, developing their understanding that symbols are a powerful means of communication and that ideas, thoughts and concepts can be represented through them.

Over the month of June Poppies have also been exploring, and extending an interest of colours into emotions, music and cultural celebrations! We had an African Drumming Workshop at the service. This workshop offered us a positive, engaging experience drumming, dancing and singing. Our facilitator came dressed in traditional clothing, excited to share stories that brought the West African culture to life.

I am available to share information with you about how your child is progressing.There is time for quick chats informally with you on drop off and pick up times, but please contact me to arrange a time to have a more formal chat about your child's progress.

Miss Brie and Miss Kerrie 😊


The aim of the ELLA Program is for children to have early experience in another language and culture this year children are learning Italian

In the Picnic learning experience from App 4, children are encouraged to reproduce language modelled by Bim. While having a picnic, Bim says 'I'm hungry' and 'I'm thirsty'. Fruit and drinks are concealed in the picnic basket and provided by a monkey when Bim says he is hungry or thirsty. They also appear when children speak into the microphone.

This month on the 16th Apps 5 and 6 released! App 5: The Polyglots at the Circus and App 6: The Polyglots at the Park.


Show and Tell has numerous benefits for young children. These early language experiences help to build effective communication and listening skills that are essential for a young child's learning. Poppies children really love their show and tell time. Miss Kerrie and I do however strongly encourage the children to bring in a book or an item of significance to show the class.

Our suggestions include; a photo, a favourite book, a holiday souvenir, or something special they have made at home.

We appreciate your support with helping your child to choose an item for show and share.

During Second term we have seen many great and exciting items for show and tell! Keep up the great work 😊 Miss Kerrie and I are looking forward to see what new and exciting items you find this term! 

Learning environment- CURRENT INTEREST

Poppies children have been practising their hand writing skills, developing the correct pencils grips and how to spell and write their own names!

Poppies children have also been extending their interest in hand writing to recognising basic words! Children love engaging with the easy word puzzle, where they need to match the pictures to the words!

We also really working our abilities to connect and relate with one another through fun group games that encourage turn taking and listening to each other.


PJ day - 1.8.18

Ekka show day! August 

Wild life show

Father's Day

Every Wednesday Yoga's class 2.30pm 

 Hello to all families,

Afterschool care children has shown alot of excitment coming to day care along with the other children & getting to know each other & participating in afterschool care activities.

We had to say our sad goodbye's to Elise TK and Storm as they moved to another school.

The afterschool care has vacation care doing school holidays & we would love to accomodate your children and make it a wonderful day for them.

Until next time

Miss Kamani


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