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July's Blossoming News

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News From Kylie

Well I don't know about all of you but I am over winter and the cold and flu season. Hopefully we will start to see some warmer weather soon and these nasty bugs will hopefully go away. I have included in this newsletter a lot of Centre Housekeeping matters.

We are continuing to welcome new children to our Centre and over the next couple of weeks have many more children starting. We are looking forward to getting to know you all.

I would like to thank everyone for their support in the Park lane Jewellery Fundraiser. We raised $160.00 this will go towards the exciting Christmas party at the end of the year.

Our current fundraiser is five cent coins. It is the first room to fill the money tin on the lockers and the winning room will share a delicious Freddo Frog Ice Cream cake. Then every room from that point will get a freddo frog once their room tin is full. So please save all the unwanted five cent pieces and help your room. Thank you for all the families who once again help the centre raise some money for the children and go towards their end of year party.

 Upcoming events August

Logan Show day 14/8/17 - Centre closed

Book week 21/8/17-25/8/17 - come dressed in your favourite character

Daffodil Day 25/8/17 - come dressed in Yellow

Father day stall 29/8/17-2/9/17 - $5 gift donated $2 to shop

Parent Feed back

We always welcome parent input in relation to your child's interests, developmental

progress and suggestions for our educational program and how families would like to

be involved. Please feel free to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to offer your suggestions.

I have also emailed out Quality Areas for your feed back and when you have some spare time please complete and return to centre.

 House keeping

Sick children....and Parents: Thank you to all of you who have been vigilant in keeping your children home when they are sick. Please remember that if you are sick it is not a good idea to be coming into the centre as you are passing your germs on to other children and staff. Consider having someone else drop off and pick up the children. If they are not on your pick up or drop off list then you can ring the centre and arrange this and your stand in will just need to bring ID with them. Our staff will assist them in the routine to follow.

Contact details: I am finding that some of your contact details are not up to date and or when I try to reach you then your phone is turned off. Please remember that you need to be contactable when you drop your child at the centre just in case something happens and we need to contact you, especially if it is an emergency. This is extremely important – please leave your mobiles turned ON.

Car park: We are continuing to have some problems in the car park. Please ensure that when you are backing out that you check to make sure that no one else is backing out from the opposite side. We appreciate that it is a narrow car park, unfortunately we are stuck with its design so it is all our responsibilities to take due care at all times.

Naming Clothing and Belongings Please put your child's name or initials on every item which they bring or wear to the Centre. We cannot stress enough how difficult it is to continue to track down items or to find owners for items which are not named. Your children do not always know what belongs to them, believe me we ask and often receive blank stares and then of course there are the children who just want it to be theirs and put their hand up for everything.

Breakfast The centre does not supply breakfast. If you are bringing breakfast for your child it needs to be a healthy cereal – no sugar cereals e.g. fruit loops/coco pops etc. Other healthy alternatives would be yoghurt and/or fresh fruit. No McDonald's or fast food choices please.

Breakfast will only be served up to 7.30am – no later – if you are bringing your child in after this time they will need to have had breakfast prior to coming to the centre. At 7.30 staff are preparing children to go outside and the breakfast clean up has already been done. 

Photos of July Activities



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