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June Blossoming News

News from the office

 Hi everyone,

We are quickly approaching the middle of the year which means we are all preparing for Winter, the filing of our taxes, and if the second half of 2018 is as busy as the first has been we are certainly in for an exciting time.

A very big welcome to all our new children and their families I would like to extend a warm welcome, we hope that your children will learn many new skills whilst attending the centre and that their families will enjoy the support and encouragement of our friendly team of professionals working here.

I would like to reassure you all that we are committed to providing you and your children with a quality child care and education service and should you have any questions please do not hesitate to talk to me (Miss Kylie, Manager).

Please take time to read the notes in this Newsletter and don't forget to check rooms information areas to keep up to date with what is coming up and happening in the centre.

We would like to say a big Thank you and Good bye to Miss Sabine .Her time here has been spent in the Sprouts and Poppies room and has been  full of wonderful memories. We wish her all the best in the future. How ever, we are happy to say and  welcome Miss Kerrie who will be replacing her and I know you will all help with welcoming her by saying hello and with big smiles.

Parent involvement

Parents and family are always welcome at the centre at any time. If you would like to come in and do an activity with the children, speak to the staff in your room. You may like to participate in activities including: Reading a story to the children – perhaps one from home? Doing some gardening Doing some culturally significant cooking Teaching them a new song Bringing in photos or souvenirs from a trip (overseas or interstate) or visit (zoo or aquarium) with your kids

Cold and Flu Weather

Yes it is that time again and we can't stress enough that if your child has cold or flu symptoms and is not well enough to attend child care i.e. has a green runny nose; has a temperature; is lethargic or obviously not their normal self; has vomited during the night; is complaining of aches and pains; then please keep them at home until they are well.It is extremely important that we get all parents on board with this as viruses spread very quickly in the childcare environment.

Hand Sanitiser

We are a Hand Sanitiser centre.Please ensure you wash your hands upon arrival and departure to the centre.The Hand Sanitiser Anti-bacterial solution is situated in the foyer for your convenience.

Phoning in ill or late:

Please help us by phoning in if you are arriving late to the centre.Our inside curriculum take place from 9.15am and we encourage all children to be here by this time to ensure they are receiving the highest quality of learning possible.If you are arriving after this time please phone the centre to let us know as we will be deeming children absent after 10am with no phone call. Please also phone if you are not attending the centre due to absence or illness.This will help us out a lot 


Jelly bean guessing competition will be heading your way soon. Please keep an eye out for it. All funds raised will go towards the end of year party for the children.The more we raise the better the day for them.

State Of Origin

Please come dressed in your origin colours - Go Marroons!!!!!!

Game 1 is on 6th June 2018 – 

Game 2 is on  24 June 2018 –

Game 3 is on  7 July 2018 – 

Important Reminders

  • Now that the weather has turned colder can we ask that all children have shoes, socks and jumpers
  • Please ensure that a piece of fruit is sent each day your child attends.We do not provide morning tea.
  • Check your child's pocket on the wall each day as important info is placed there.
  • Please send a hat for your child and a drink bottle we do not provide spares.
  • Also please make sure your child's bag only contains spare clothes, hat and show and tell (3-5 only). Please refrain from sending plastic bags, creams, money, toys or medicines. These all pose dangers to young children.
  • Please ensure all belongings are clearly named.

Advice for Parents

 For Parents Coping with Separation Anxiety 

Recognise your own feelings - Your child is sensitive to your emotional state and attitudes. If you are apprehensive about the childcare program or how your child will adjust, you may unwillingly convey this to your child. If is important that you have taken great care in choosing a childcare alternative that you are personally comfortable with. Also, be sure to always talk to the child about day-care as a positive and exciting thing. Avoid apologising to the child about enrolling them in a day-care program.

Recognise your child's temperament - You know your child better than anyone else. Let your knowledge about your child's personality and temperament guide how you approach this new transition. If your child is naturally somewhat shy and slow to warm up, then you will know that you may need to take extra time in introducing your child to a new environment and new people. 

Prepare your child in advance - Your child will have less anxiety if they know what to expect and are familiar with the program and educators. Try to visit at least once where you can remain with the child as they explore the new surroundings. There are some super children's books about starting day-care that address what day-care is like. Often these books show another child overcoming separation anxiety in a positive way. 

Make the first day a first week - One of the most successful strategies for alleviating separation anxiety is to make the break slowly. If at possible, start your child's day-care experience slowly. Maybe only an hour the first day, two hours the next, until the child is comfortable remaining in care the full day. 

Reinforce a sense of trust with your child - Young children's separation anxiety is often closely tied to fears of abandonment. It is important that they will know that you will be returning for them at a designated time. With an older child, you can even point out on the clock when you will return or give them a concrete milestone such as, "I will be back for you right after lunch time". It may also be helpful to discuss with your child where you will be and what you will be doing during the time of separation. In any case remind your child that you will indeed return.

Leave something behind - Sometimes called transitional objects; blankets, teddys and other objects of comfort can help a child feel secure. Many parents find that an object that helps the child remember the parent is of great benefit. These "remembrance" objects may include photos or an object of the parents clothing. 

Communicate with the educator - They are your greatest ally in making the separation a smooth and calm experience. Be sure to let them know if you have any specific concerns and needs. Don't be afraid to specifically request their assistance or guidance. Some educators will stand back until you directly say, "I am leaving now and I need you to hold Todd." 

Say Good-bye - You may wish to warn that child that you will be leaving in five minutes, or that after the story you will be going to work. When it is time to go, say good-bye and go. Continued extensions to the separation seem to only add to anxiety and make the separation more difficult. It is never suggested to "sneak" out. Regardless of how upset the child is, sneaking out only adds to their anxiety, increases fear of abandonment, and breaks down the child's sense of trust.



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