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March Blossoming News

 News from Kylie

Hello and welcome to another newsletter. Firstly I would like to welcome all of our new families to our centre and look forward to working with you closer. we are offering a referral incentive to our current families of two weeks free to anyone who refers a new family to the centre. (Conditions apply)   Please see Kylie for any further information.  We are trying to utilise all natural items with the children we are asking for families to keep an eye out for heavy duty cane baskets, coloured glass stones, large logs that can be cut up and used as stepping stones.Also curtains for the rooms to make little corners and anything that you think maybe able to help us.

We would like to welcome to our Piptree team Miss Sukirti who is the educator in the Pips room and welcome back Miss Elle who is now the educator float.  Please say hi and help us make them feel welcomed.

Labelling your child's belongings

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of labelling your child's belongings.As children these days have a lot of similar clothing, shoes, and even back packs.It is hard enough keep the belonging together during the day so as you can imagine the difficulty when the belongings are not labelled.

Signing in and out

We have been finding that many parents are still not signing their children in on arrival and out on departure each day.It is a legal requirement that you sign your child in and out every day of attendance. A staff member is more than happy to assist you if you are having difficulty using the Kiosk.


Our first fundraiser of the year is our Easter raffle.  There is a basket in the foyer ready for some wonderful donated items for the Easter hampers.  I have already sent home the tickets and if you could please bring them back before Wednesday 28/3/18 for the the winner to be announced Thursday 29/3/18 afternoon at the Easter Afternoon. 

Smelly Bags

In order to reduce the use of plastic bags used for keeping soiled & wet clothes, we would like to encourage the use of a reusable alternative, which we now have available for families to purchase.  The 'Smelly Bag' will be used to place any soiled, wet or dirty clothes where plastic bags would normally be used. You then simply wash it in the same load as the clothes and bring it back in your child's bag on their next day of kindy.

The bag is also great outside of kindy, such as swimming lessons or even for adults to put their yoga or gym clothes into!

Upcoming Events

  • March 12th - Henny Penny Hatching arriving
  • March 16th – St Patrick Days please come dressed in green
  • March 21st – Harmony Day.Please come dressed in orange.
  • March 29th - Easter celebration 
  •                    Easter egg hunt visit from Easter Bunny
  •                    Afternoon tea
  •                    Easter raffle drawn
  •                    Please bring a plate to share
  • March 30th - Good Friday Centre Closed
  • April 2nd - Easter Monday Centre Closed

 Hello and welcome to the Pip Room

Firstly, I would like to welcome Miss Suki to the pip room as my co-educator and our new amazing families, babies; Chloe, Sophia H, Sophia Eve, Eden, Sienna and Harris.

We have had a wonderful start to the year, getting to know our new babies and settling them in. We have been doing a lot of group interactions, tummy time, encouraging the children to crawl and walk, and we have also been doing activities that enhance their fine motor skills. This has been coming along well.

Lately we have had a few older children reaching new milestones whether it be crawling, walking or communicating (non-verbally). We have been encouraging this by assisting and supporting children to build their own self-esteem and self-confidence.

Just a little reminder please make sure all your children's belongings are named. This helps us to make sure items don't go missing this includes all creams and medication are chemist labelled, so we can apply it to your child's needs.

Check your parent pocket in your child's room each week for notices.

Coming events will be displayed in the main door and on your child Parent Information Shelf.

That's it from the Pip Staff. If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to ask, we are always available.

Keep smiling, Miss Lucy & Miss Suki 😊 

Hello everyone, over the past month the children in the Buds room have been working on their communication development, physical wellbeing, their imagination, recognition of colours and their self-help skills.

The children have noticed when Miss Jamie-lee and Miss Sarah clean the tables and chairs after meal times, they were provided with some clothes of their own and began to wipe over the tables and chairs.

Some of the children have a great understanding of their colour recognition. Miss Brie lent us her fruit market colour sorting game for the children to sort into the different colours. 

Each day the children continue to develop their imagination and identity through role play. The children really enjoy baby play either patting them to sleep, dressing them or giving them a bath. The children even pretend to put them on the toilet as they themselves are beginning toileting.

The children are communicating lots and each day they like to select a book and sit with their educator or other peers and look through the pages. Miss Sarah and Miss Jamie-lee are encouraging them to communicate what they see on the page so they can tell their own story of the book. 

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The Kindergarten Program is about preparing your child for Prep, here at Piptree we are offering your children lots of opportunities to play, learn and grow.

Children are encouraged to use language to communicate ideas, feelings and needs. Make friends and cooperate with other children. We encourage our Poppies to be more independent and confident in their abilities. Educators assist children in developing self-discipline. We support children to creatively express their ideas and feelings through art, dance and dramatic play. The Kindergarten program is also about developing early reading, writing and numeracy skills.

The Kindergarten approved Program is running from Tuesday to Friday 8.00am to 4.30pm. Please take some time to read our daily routine displayed in the room. I strongly encourage you have an active role in your child's education and development, be sure to check with us on how you can become involved. It is of great importance that we work together on creating a stable routine for your child as they prepare for school.

I am available to share information with you about how your child is progressing.There is time for quick chats informally with you on drop off and pick up times, but please contact me to arrange a time to have a more formal chat about your child's progress.

Miss Brie and Miss Sabine 😊


The aim of the ELLA Program is for children to have early experience in another language and culture to encourage language learning in the later years.

What's new with The Polyglots?

App 1; The Polyglots in the Playroom includes a play area called the 'Play space', which offers both an entry into the language activities and a playful area for children to explore. Children can tap and discover touch points, play music (including the 'Hello' song), discover different ways to use the seesaw, or enjoy playing hide-and-seek. The everchanging environment creates a sense of time and narrative.

App 2; The beach is a familiar and iconic place for most Australian children. The Polyglots at the Beach provides a playful environment and opportunities to explore the language of colours.


A quick update on 'Show and tell' expectations. Poppies children really love their show and tell time in the afternoon. Miss Sabine and I do however strongly encourage the children to bring in a book or an item of significance to show the class.

Our suggestions include; a photo, a favourite book, a holiday souvenir, or something special they have made at home.

There is a green box where the show and tell items We also ask at this stage if your child can bring one item a week, we have a green show and share box to store all items.

Show and share is an opportunity for children to express themselves. Sharing something important to them that they know a lot about allows them to become an "expert" and share with their peers their knowledge. We are also developing children into effective communicators, promoting the use of language to explain and discuss people, places and objects.

We appreciate your support with helping your child to choose an item for show and share

Learning environment- CURRENT INTEREST what you would see in room right now

During January and February our focus has been on settling in to a new routine and learning about each other and the classroom environment. We have had fun exploring the life cycle of a butterfly through reading 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. Children have been exploring and engaging with numeracy and literacy in personally meaningful ways, through listening to stories and singing songs, counting and engaging with number activities to build our number knowledge. 


Henny Penny Hatching will be visiting on Monday, 12th March for 11 days!

They will be bringing 3 chicks and 12 fertile eggs which will hatch over the first week. Poppies Children will be experiencing in real life the Life cycle of a chicken! 

Hi all, boy have we had a busy first couple of months in sprouts class!

We have welcomed a returning face, Geoffrey, back to sprouts over this past month. Helping children to feel safe, secure and supported throughout the classroom, we have been focusing on building relationships with not only our returning friend, but also with educators and existing peers. Focusing on effective routines which help children to make predicted transitions (to piptree as well as throughout each day), we have begun doing a little more in depth group times each morning, starting with language development. We have begun to name body parts, name animals and name different kinds of transport. While educators may plan or asses with a focus on particular outcomes or component of learning, they see children's learning as integrated and interconnected. They recognise the connections between children, families and communities and the importance of reciprocal relationships and partnerships for learning. Learning is a social activity, which we value collaborative learning together as a group.

Educators are responsive to all children's strengths, abilities and interests. They value and build on children's strengths, skills and knowledge to ensure their motivation and engagement in everyday learning. So, following a few of our classmates interest in animals, we have done lots of naming animal activities, mostly with the big soft animals in our classroom. We've also done, collage, song & dance and role playing different animals throughout the past month!

Paying attention to children's personal, social & emotional aspects of learning, we have begun a family wall in our class room. Please feel free to email us a family photo (this way we can print it out at the centre for you), or if you like you can also bring a photo in. These photos are for children to refer to throughout the day, helping all children to feel secure, confident and included.

over the next couple of weeks we are continuing on with language development, and moving onto cognitive. Focusing on self help skills throughout the day.

until next time,

Miss Teagan & Miss Havane 

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 Hello to all Parents

All the After School Care children have settled well to their routine & is enjoying their time spent at Kindy. They are encouraged to do their home work from school at Kindy & ask for help with them if needed.

Children show interest in both indoor & outdoor activities including gardening

& watering plants.

Please feel free to talk to us with regarding your child at anytime.

Until Next time

Miss Kamani



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