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May Blossoming news

 Hello and Welcome to the May Edition of our Newsletter. I would first like to welcome all of our new families to the centre. I hope that you are all settling in well and we look forward to getting to know you over the next few weeks. Wow what a busy month we have had. This past month has been filled with lots of learning, engaging activities and plenty of parent participation allowing all the children to grow, develop and learn new things in much fun, interesting and engaging ways. They have discovered new skills and have formed great bonds with their peers and educators that they see each and every day. I hope you all appreciate the few changes that you see around the centre as we keep on trying to make the children's experience the best that it could be.  Don't forget that if you have a Facebook account, you can 'like us' on Facebook and catch up what is happening day to day.


Please be aware the CCB and CCR payments that come through to the Centre depends on a number of factors that are more often than not out of our control. If your payments are coming through incorrectly, delayed or anything of this nature we are unable to change this and it is up to our families to chase it up with centrelink/the family assistance office. Our responsibility is to ensure that we have the correct information on file (the CRN and birth dates of both the child as well as the guardian) formalising your enrolment and that we are submitting all attendances to DEEWR. Regardless of how payments come through from centrelink, it is up to parents to ensure that their accounts are up to date. Have you already updated yourself with the changes of ccb and ccr to ccs??? Please visit Centrelink for more information.


Parents and family are always welcome at the centre at any time. If you would like to come in and do an activity with the children, speak to the staff in your room. You may like to participate in activities including:  Reading a story to the children – perhaps one from home?  Doing some gardening  Doing some culturally significant cooking  Teaching them a new song  Bringing in photos or souvenirs from a trip (overseas or interstate) or visit (zoo or aquarium) with your kids.


We value children's art and early literacy and want the children to practice and engage in these experiences as much as possible. As a result, we go through mountains of paper! If you work in an office and have paper lying around that has printing on one side, we would love you to bring it in for us to help us encourage children to reduce, reuse and recycle as part of our sustainability plan for the service.

News from the Kitchen…. 

As part of Anzac day celebration children have been discussing these biscuits. Baking Anzac Biscuits helps children understand the importance of being a hard, long-keeping biscuit that could survive the journey by sea, and still remain edible. Here we have attached the recipe, if you would like to recreate your own Anzac biscuits at home. Please feel free to email any photos of children creating this delicious goodness at home.

 ANZAC BISCUITS- recipe from


1 ¼ cups plain flour, sifted 1 cup rolled Oats ½ cup caster sugar ¾ cup desiccated coconut 2 tablespoon golden syrup 150 unsalted butter ½ teaspoon bi carb soda

 Method Step 1 Preheat oven to 160°C. Line 2 baking trays with non-stick baking paper. Step 2 Combine flour, oats, coconut and combined sugar in a large bowl. Step 3 Stir the butter, golden syrup and water in a small saucepan over medium heat until the butter melts and the mixture is smooth. Stir in the bicarbonate of soda. Add to the oat mixture and stir until well combined. Step 4 Roll level tablespoonful of the oat mixture into balls and place, about 5cm apart, on the prepared trays. Flatten until about 1cm thick. Bake, swapping trays halfway through cooking, for 15 minutes or until light golden. Set aside for 10 minutes to cool slightly before transferring to wire racks to cool completely 

 Hello Again,

Firstly, a big WELCOME to all our new families that have joined us recently, it has been a pleasure getting to know you and your wonderful children who are now part of our family of Pip Tree Early Learning.

For the past month we have been trying to settle down the new children as they are away from their parents and gave them a lot of attention to make sure they feel comfortable, and have re -assurance with their new environment

So far in these past few months, we continue to focus/ learn about our physical development including balancing skills using wide balance beam, climbing on chairs to sit on, pulling ourselves by grasping equipment, pushing back and forth on the push walker/ toy, walking up and down on the rump and around furniture.

Lately we have had a few older children reaching new milestones whether it be crawling, walking, standing own their own or communicating. We have been encouraging this by assisting and supporting children to build their self-esteem and self- confidence and we are learning our washing/ drying hand practises to show ability in personal hygiene, care, and safety for ourselves, following simple instructions and to develop communication skills.

Just a reminder for the parents PLEASE read the notices up on the wall and check your child's PARENT POCKETS and pack extra clothes for your child especially as it's getting colder during late afternoon, as well as other named belonging such as milk bottle, formula, water bottle, sheets and medication with chemist labels.

If you have any concerns, please don't hesitate to ask Miss Lucy and Miss Suki or write it in COMMUNICATION BOOK and FEEDBACK/ SUGGESTION BOX.


Thank You,

Miss Lucy and Miss Suki

 Hi all,

Educators who are also responsive to children's ideas and play, form an important basis for curriculum decision-making. in response to children's evolving ideas and interests, educators assess, anticipate and extend children's learning via open-ended questioning, providing feedback, discussing their thinking and guiding their learning. Over the past two months in sprouts class we have been very busy developing our language development through various activities, reflecting on children's interest of transportation, bikes and construction vehicles. We have made sure we are responsive to all children's strengths, abilities and interests. Valuing and building on children's strengths, skills and knowledge to ensure their motivation and engagement in learning. Taking queue from children every day, we have decided as a group on the artwork for each day. Coming anywhere from children's interest in a transport book, to seeing a fire truck dive by the centre! keep an eye out in our room for all of our creative expressions displayed around the room!

We have also said farewell to Elise over the past two months, who moved on up to the buds class. Over the next couple months we will be farewelling Arlo to the buds room and welcoming Oliver & Grace from pips room. we're all looking forward to welcoming these two munchkins into our class!

For now, we will continuing on with child lead interest of building our language development over the next couple of weeks. We will focus more on communication skills, colours, shapes, face and body recognition.

until next time,

Teagan & Havane.

 Hello again for another edition of Buds news.

Over the past few months Miss Sarah and Miss Jamie-lee have been working with the children on developing their knowledge, interests, skills and abilities.

The children have been very interested in working on their colours lately. Developing their basic colour knowledge such as naming the colours, finding the colours in different activities they participate in like drawing.

Continuing to develop their physical wellbeing. The children explore their outdoor environment riding on the new scooter, bikes and climbing on the planks.

During each of the group times we do each day we are encouraging each child to learn more communication skills. We are doing this by singing the songs they love, and reading stories. Some of the songs have counting e.g. 5 cheeky monkey's so the children are gaining the early stages of numeracy.

The children continue to develop their identity through role play. They enjoy pretending to put their babies to sleep and patting their friends to sleep. They are demonstrating gender-role stereotypes by pretending to wash dishes and clean home corner. 

Please remember that the weather is starting to cool down so please ensure the children are coming in with jumpers and shoes.

Hope all of our Mums have a wonderful Mothers day and you are spoilt rotten.

Until next time 

Miss Sarah and Miss Jamie

 Another busy few months have passed in the Blossoms room.With lots of learning occurring on a daily basis.Through fostering and supporting children's interests,we have learned new skills such as counting to 5,

recognising all our colours and shapes and learning how pattern and symbol systems work. Using a range of medias. Miss Kirstin and Miss Tiahn have role modelled language and encouraged children to express themselves through language in a range of contexts and for a range of purposes to support and foster literacy skills/development.Blossom children are building friendships, and developing a range of skills and processes such as problem solving,Inquiry, experimentation, hypothesising, researching and investigating.Children have been taking increasing responsibility for their own health and physical well being by making their own beds, putting on their own sunscreen and hats,Serving their own meals and learning proper hand washing practices to keep all our germs under control in the coming Month, especially with flu season just around the corner.Through creative arts children are able to connect to their environment and connect to their world.Blossom children are becoming socially responsible and showing respect and interest for their environment.  Children are also able to express their ideas and thoughts and how they see themselves, their families and their connection to the community, giving children a sense  of identity and belonging.

Wishing all our mums a Happy Mother's Day!!

Hope you liked your cards and presents.From the Blossoms.


The Kindergarten Program is about preparing your child for Prep, here at Piptree we are offering your children lots of opportunities to play, learn and grow.

Welcome to Term 2!

We have a had a wonderful first term getting to know each other and settling in to our Kindy routines.

Over the month of April Poppies have been exploring, aspects of identity, their family connections, likes and dislikes, talking about 'our favourite' things and colour. Discussing and learning about colours, primary colours, secondary colours, even engaging in some colour mixing experiments. We are currently exploring emotions and colours, warm and cool colours, happy and sad colours. During the months of May and June we will be extending this interest of colours into emotions, music and cultural celebrations! Colour plays an important role in our lives as it affects the aesthetics of a spaces we live and play in, and it also impacts our moods, emotional wellbeing learning and behaviour.

I am available to share information with you about how your child is progressing.There is time for quick chats informally with you on drop off and pick up times, but please contact me to arrange a time to have a more formal chat about your child's progress.

Miss Brie and Miss Sabine 😊


The aim of the ELLA Program is for children to have early experience in another language and culture to encourage language learning in the later years.

What's new with The Polyglots?

App3. The Birthday Party.

This app gives children opportunities to explore that language of numbers, which is so important at birthday parties. Children engage in a variety of games, in the games music form Italian culture is also introduced.

App4. The Polyglots at the Zoo- Italian

This app introduces new language relating to fruit and drinks while building on language learnt in apps 1, 2, and 3. Children will encounter many other animals in the zoo


A quick update on 'Show and tell' expectations. Poppies children really love their show and tell time in the afternoon. Miss Sabine and I do however strongly encourage the children to bring in a book or an item of significance to show the class.

Our suggestions include; a photo, a favourite book, a holiday souvenir, or something special they have made at home.

There is a green box where the show and tell items We also ask at this stage if your child can bring one item a week, we have a green show and share box to store all items.

We appreciate your support with helping your child to choose an item for show and share.

During first term we saw many great and exciting items for show and tell! Keep up the great work 😊 Miss Sabine and I are looking forward to see what new and exciting items you find this term! 

Learning environment- CURRENT INTEREST what you would see in room right now

Poppies children have been engaging in a weekly Yoga class with Miss Tam on Wednesday afternoons. The children are loving the experience! Yoga provides enormous benefits to children. Physically it enhances their flexibility, strength and body awareness. Yoga develops their concentration and sense of calmness and relaxation improves. Children are exercising, playing and connecting more deeply with their inner self through music and movement.

On Tuesday2nd of May we had a special visitor from Shailer Park Primary School to our classroom. Her name is Mrs. D and she came to talk with us about big school next year! We listened to a story about 'Pete the Cat' and then we completed a worksheet. The activity required us to trace a word, write our own name and glue on Pete's shoes! 


Mother's Day Afternoon Tea will be on Friday the 11th May at 2.15pm on the Veranda.

We have an African Drumming Workshop coming up on Wednesday the 27th June at 9.30am

 Hello to all families,

It seems this month went quickly with the Easter break. After arriving at kindy after school care children have their afternoon tea having a relaxing time. They look forward to taking part in outdoor play time after having their afternoon tea. Children are encouraged to do their homework sheets from school & art/craft & other planned activities during the time they are at kindy care.

These are pictures of some of the activities children have been participating this month.

Until next time

Miss Kamani


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