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May blossoming update

Kylies News

A very big welcome to all our new children and their families I would like to extend a warm welcome, we hope that your children will learn many new skills whilst attending the centre and that their families will enjoy the support and encouragement of our friendly team of professionals working here.

Winter has certainly come to our Sunshine State this year and with it has come many nasty colds, flus etc.Please remember to check our Health Updates regularly which advise you of reported illnesses in the centre and to send warm clothing for those brisk outdoor play times in the morning and afternoons. A sun safe hat is required daily for each child and been been supplied to all children who attend the service. Hoods on jackets are not classed as a hat; your child will only be permitted to play under covered areas if they do not have a hat. We have had some personal items of clothing etc reported missing of late, unfortunately as these items were not named it is difficult to track them down.With children's merchandise being massed produced e.g. Dora The Explorer it is not uncommon for several hats/bags/shoes/jumpers /drink bottles etc of the same variety to turn up at the Centre on the same day, if these items are not clearly named then it is impossible to know which one belongs to which child no matter how careful Staff are. Please assist us by naming all your child's belongings (Yes even their shoesJ)

If you know of anyone who is looking for care for their children then please let them know we still have a few vacancies in all the rooms ,but only a few, so they will need to be quick.

I would like to reassure you all that we are committed to providing you and your children with a quality child care and education service and should you have any questions please do not hesitate to talk to me (Miss Kylie, Manager).

If you are running late or unwell, please help us by phoning the centre.Our inside curriculum take place from 9.15am and we encourage all children to be here by this time to ensure they are receiving the highest quality of learning possible.

Breakfast -The centre does not supply breakfast.If you are bringing breakfast for your child it needs to be a healthy  –  Please no sugar cereals e.g. fruit loops/coco pops etc. Other healthy alternatives would be yoghurt and/or fresh fruit. Please refrain from McDonald's or fast food choices.

Breakfast can only be served up to 7.30am due to staff child ratio – no later – if you are bringing your child in after this time they will need to have had breakfast prior to coming to the centre. At 7.30 staff are preparing children to go outside and the breakfast clean up has already been done. We can offer the child the food at morning tea rtime if they are still requiring more food.

Accounts - All fees need to be up to date at all times. The centre has a zero debt policy which means your account needs to be at Zero by the end of each week. If your account is in arrears then the Holiday Rate cannot be applied.

National Quality Framework - As a team the staff and I are looking over Quality Area 6 this month.It is "Collaborative partnerships with families and communities."If you have any feedback, improvements, suggestions or recommendations please feel free to place in our suggestion box locate on the edge of my desk in the foyer.

Important Reminders

  • Now that the weather has turned colder can we ask that all children have shoes, socks and jumpers
  • Check your child's pocket on the wall each day as important info is placed there.
  • Please ensure your child is bringing their Piptree hat and a drink bottle we do not provide spares.
  • Also please make sure your child's bag only contains spare clothes. No plastic bags, creams, money, toys or medicines. These all pose dangers to young children.
  • Please ensure all belongings are clearly named.
  • Doors which are marked "Staff only" are only for staff use.  Please enter rooms through the veranda doors. 
  •   please remember to close the pool gates securely behind you when you leave or enter the centre.  
  •  Also the speed limit in our car park is 5kms please ensure that we are following this as we have little children in the car park and they can come from anywhere.

Social Media

Did you know we are now on Facebook? Please find us and like our page and follow what our little pips, Sprout, Buds, Blossoms and poppies are doing on a daily basis.

Kitchen news

Please be advised that the centre is peanut and egg free zone. This is due to children attending the service with Anaphylaxis and intolerances. 

This is the recipe we use at the Centre for our Vegemite Cheese Pin Wheels, Delicious :)


  • One packet puff pastry 
  • Vegemite 
  • Grated Cheese 
  • Milk 


  1. Take sheet of puff pastry and spread Vegemite evenly across the sheet
  2. Sprinkle Cheese over sheets
  3. Roll tightly
  4. Brush with milk and cut into half inch pieces
  5. Put onto tray in a preheated oven of 180 degrees for 25 minutes or until golden brown as ovens vary.

Centre Events

FUN DAY June 12 - Bring along your favourite toy

State of origin game 2 - 21st june wear your colours to support your team

NAIDOC WEEK 2-9th july

Dream time stories

Art and craft

Indigenous music

Indigenous movement and adventures visit from Yugambeh custodian of our area



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