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May Newsletter

May Newsletter  

 Welcome to all our families that have returned to the centre, it is so nice to have all children back. We have all been working hard on our learning environments to create new spaces for the children to further their interests after being away, adding a lot of recycled items into the centre, teaching the children about recycling and having them help with planting in our new planter boxes. The children are all settling in well on their return which has been great.

A very big thank you to all the educators at Piptree Tanah Merah for working as a  team throughout this time.  The team have gone above and beyond to keep as much normality as possible for the children and themselves.  

This has been a trying time for all and we are still working with everyone on safe practices in the centre. Please limit the amount of time you spend in the centre as this would be greatly appreciated. 

As of June we will be having our extra curriculum activities back into the centre, they all have undertaken Covid 19 training and will follow all recommendations to provide a safe environment for all. If you have any questions please email the companies or if you do not wish your child to participate any further. 

As the mornings are cold but sun shining later during the day, please remember to pack extra clothes for your child to accommodate for the weather. We ask all children to please bring a drink bottle each day and due to Covid 19 please take these home each night to be cleaned. 

We would like to inform all our families that Miss Tiahn has had a beautiful baby girl and Miss Kerrie has gone on maternity leave, wishing her all the best at this exciting time ( will keep you posted on the arrival) . Miss Tracy will be taking extended leave due to personal reasons, Miss Tracy will be away for 3-4 months and e wish her the best and looking forward to her to return, we are in the process of finding another centre cook to provide the children with quality meals. 

If you have any questions please see me.

Once again thank you to all our families, educators and most importantly our children for all the wonderful support. 

Thank you 

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