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Newsletter May 2017

Directors News

Hi everyone,

We are quickly approaching the middle of the year and if the second half of 2017 is as busy as the first has been we are certainly in for an exciting time.

The month of May is shaping up as a very busy time for the children and the centre and we are all preparing for "Mother's Day". The stall will be held during the week of the 8th to the 12th of May, please remember to bring in your donated gift and $2 for your child to shop. We will have busy little fingers designing cards and shopping for gifts in their rooms – but remember "Mum's the word!"....We hope to raise approx $100 and all of the money goes towards the end of year party for the children.

Please read the following

Zero Debt: All accounts must be kept up to date (i.e. a week in advance at all times).  Our Zero Debt Policy as explained at Orientation and contained in our Policies and Procedures Manual in the foyer, is now being strictly enforced.

Please remember to check your child's pocket each day and ensure we have updated information for your account. Emails, phone numbers and direct debit information are the vital information we must have. 


Next Thursday the 4th of May there is Centre photos for your child. Please remember to bring in your envelope with what photo option you would like and the correct money or credit card details provided. If your child does not attend the centre on this day it is fine to bring them in for the photo and then take them home, the photos will commence at 7:00am till 10:00am.

Easter Raffle Winners

 Congratulations to our winners.
  • 1st prize went to Aju Family
  • 2nd prize went to Peck family
  • 3rd Prize went to Packer Family
  • 4th Prize went to Brooking family
  • 5th prize went to Yates family 
  • 6th prize went to Abbott family
Thank you for your ongoing support.  We raised $100 and all money goes towards the children end of year celebration.

Upcoming Events

 Centre Closed Monday May 1st - Labour Day Public Holiday

Centre Photos Thursday May 4th 7am-10am

Poppies and Blossoms Healthy Harold Wednesday May 10th

Mothers Day Stall 8th - 12 May

World costume day Wednesday 31st May

First Queensland origin game 31st May

Pips News

What a busy month or two we have been having in the Pips room.  We welcome our new friend Wiremu,  into the room and we look forward to all the fun ahead of us.

The children in the Nursery have been busy painting hand prints, experimenting with shape cutters and  we have  also been focused on sensory activities this  month, focusing on touch and feel activities  like goop and slime.  We have enjoyed singing lots of action songs, amongst many other things. We welcome any ideas or suggestions that parents may have for activities to incorporate into the program.

We were lucky enough to have a visit from the Easter Bunny and he left us some chocolate Eggs.

It's hard to believe that it's May already, with the weather cooling down, especially in the mornings and late in the afternoon. Please remember to pack appropriate clothing to ensure your child's comfort.

We have been focussing on developing each of the children's skills e.g. sitting practice, tummy times, self feeding  and walking practice. Each day I try and help each to gain more knowledge and skill, I see how much they have grown.

We are also celebrating Mother's Day  over the week of the 8th May - 12th May, please don't forget to bring in your gift and $2 for your child to go shopping.

Bye for now,

Miss Lucy

Sprouts News

It is crazy that it is already nearly May, time really does fly when you are having fun, it has been so much fun so far this year watching your little darlings grow and develop into young toddlers. I can't wait to see how much they will grow by the end of the year.

We hope that you all had a great Easter, it was so much fun having the Easter Celebration here at Piptree and a special guest the Easter Bunny came and handed out eggs to the children. I would like to thank those that could make it to the afternoon tea, but we do understand that some of you could not make it due to work commitments.

As it is coming up to Mother's Day we do ask that you please provide a donated gift up to the value of $5.00 and enclose $2.00 in an envelope provided in your child's parent pocket. If you do not provide a gift with the money your child will not be able to go shopping sorry.

We have been working on the children's communication skills, in each group we practice our colours, simple words by singing songs and looking at colour books. Throughout the day we try and encourage the children to either verbally or non- verbally tell/show us what they would like to do or if they need help.

I had sent out a note about bringing in a family photo for us to put up on our family photo wall, only a few have brought one in. It would be great if some more could be brought in for us to display.

As it is getting cooler some days could you please provide long pants and a jumper for your child, also having enclosed shoes will help keep their feet warm.

Please remember to label your child's items as they may be misplaced or lost and this will help us in the process of returning it to the rightful owner.

We hope that you have had as much fun as we have so far this year. We look forward to the remainder or the year with you all.

Miss Sarah and Miss Sabine.

Buds News

First of all, let's welcome Jorja,and Riley and their families to Piptree Early Learning.

Miss Jamie-Lee and Miss Kristin are very excited to be your Educators for this year.

It's been a busy time of learning in the Bud's Room since our last Newsletter.

Children are developing their literacy and numeracy skills and it's amazing to be part of their learning journey at Piptree.

The children are intrigued with numbers, shapes and colours and are learning and recognising these at a very fast pace. Every block and object needs to be counted, and most of us are counting up to 10 or 15 independently.

(Learning Outcome 5} Communication

Children's interests have also extended to sorting object by colour, shade, texture, size and purpose. Children are excited about their achievements and we celebrate their individual uniqueness on a daily basis as each day we are learning and experiencing something new.

Children are using a lot of verbal communication now, and are engaged in small collaboration with friends.

Friendships are building and children are helping each other to learn and explore new words.

Our Australian children are helping our Multicultural children learn new words as they are busy playing.

(Learning Outcome 2) Community-Diversity

Children are supporting each other through play by collaborating their ideas, feelings and thoughts, giving everyone a sense of belonging.

A month ago, children were engaged in individual play/parallel play (where children sit near each other and play but are not actually interacting with each other).

Lately Miss Jamie Lee and I have observed children playing together, holding a conversation during play and building things together whilst sharing ideas on "what they will do next."

Children are feeling safe, secure and supported by Educators and their environments and it's reflecting in their play and interaction with peers and Educators, and the way our children float throughout the room and outdoor areas .

Learning Outcome 1 (Identity)

Miss Kristin has new books each week, and most days we lay on our bellies and read a story and relate the story back to our life experience, which is exciting as we have group discussion and learn more about each other as individuals.

(Learning Outcome 1) Identity

Toilet Training has been very busy in the Buds Room but the children have embraced the challenge and we are all are doing an amazing job. The children are embracing these new self-help and hygiene skills.

(Learning Outcome 3) Well-being

I hope all our families had a great Easter break after Cyclone Debbie visited us and that your children and yourself enjoyed our Piptree Easter celebrations.

The Easter Bunny was the best...

The children were excited to share their Easter celebration with Miss Jamie Lee and I after the long weekend and by the sounds of things we got lots of chocolate.

But all good things must come to an end so back to work we go..

Over the next month, Miss Jamie Lee and I will extend on children's interests, abilities and strength with numbers, shapes and colours to continue the recognition of symbols and patterns in numeracy.

We will challenge children's thinking through small science experiments to give children the opportunity to manipulate resources, investigate, take apart, invent and construct in small group experiences so children can benefit from shared learning exploration.

We will be creating learning environments with the children where they have the opportunity to exchange ideas, feelings and understandings using language and representations in play.

We are hoping to have most of our children toilet trained in the next month before the cold weather comes along.

Thank you to all our families, you are all amazing and until our next newsletter goodbye.

ps: Please don't forget a Mother's Day present and $2.00 so your child can shop for Mother's Day.

Please bring back your money in envelopes provided and please see Miss Kirstin and Miss Jamie Lee with the presents so we can tick you of my check-list.

Thank You Again and Happy Mother's Day to all our mums.

Miss Kristin and Miss Jamie Lee

Blossoms News

Hi all,

What a busy month we've had in Blossoms. Firstly I want to welcome Harrison, Alizah and Jaxson to our class, who have all transitioned up from the Buds class in recent weeks. We also farewelled Huxley and Thomas to the Poppies Pre prep room. We've still been learning letters, and focusing on the first letters of our names and our friends names. We also did a whole week learning about chickens when Henny Penny Hatching was at our centre. We learnt the life cycle of a chicken, focusing on how they come out of the egg and grow into big chickens. After Henny Penny hatching, it was Easter, where we learnt about how the Easter bunny brings us eggs at Easter time. The day before Easter we had a real life Easter bunny come to our centre and give the children chocolate eggs! Since then we've been learning the difference between big and small and loud and soft (to try to connect between loud voices and soft voices while playing in the classroom).

In the upcoming weeks we'll be continuing on with letter recognition and beginning a farm topic with most of our class showing an interest in farm animals.

You may have also noticed, we've started "show and share" in our class this year. Please make sure if your children chooses to do show and share, they are bringing something meaningful (like a photo or memorabilia of experiences etc) and not merely a toy. Show and share is time for your children to express their home life and home experiences with their peers and also to extend on their communication skills.

Please remember to pack enough spare clothes for your children each day if they are still toilet training.

Thanks Teagan

Poppies News

Hi everyone. I hope you have all been having a wonderful April. I know the Poppies have!

We had a very special visit from the Henny Penny Hatching program on the 3rd of April for two weeks in our classroom. Poppies have thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on experience of learning all about chickens.

A few weeks later we celebrated Easter! 

Currently in Poppies we are exploring the children's interest in space, talking about all things space related. We have so far learnt about Earth and celebrated Earth  day on the 22nd of April. Discussing the importance of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, the children made Earth day promises, expressing ways that they can help the Earth.

Things to look forward to next month, Mother's Day and a visit from Healthy Harold!

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Schoolies News


After school care children have been busy in the afternoons. Just to re-cap on our routine, on arrival at approx. 3.00pm children come in and wash hands before sitting down for afternoon tea.

Homework is then encouraged to be completed at ASC and I am then available to listen to reading from children's readers or to assist with writing skills.

If we can help you in any other way, please speak with Kylie or myself.

Until next time

Miss Kamani



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