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October Newsletter

Notes from Kylie

Welcome to our second last edition of the Newsletter for 2017.

We are busy planning the final bits to the Christmas party.  We are having a Christmas Aussie show from Dance Along with a visit from Mr and Mrs Claus. It is a gold coin for every attendee and your child/ren that are enrolled here at the centre are free.  We will be providing drinks and nibbles. Looking forward to seeing you all there. 

We are finalising enrolments for next year so if you haven't returned your "Bookings for 2018" form then you had better hurry as places are filling quickly.

To confirm your enrolments for next year and to let you know which room your child will be in, letters will be placed in your child's pockets. So please remember to read your mail!!! These changes will happen as of Monday 22nd January 2018.

Christmas Holidays – you may not be aware but the centre does not close down over the Christmas period.We are only closed for the Public Holidays.When filling out your bookings form for 2018 please remember to fill out the section as to whether you will be taking holidays during December/January.All our wonderful staff also needs a break so in order to schedule leave we need to know how many children will be attending over this period.If you forgot to do this and have handed in your form already, please see Kylie and we can complete another holiday form.

Reminder: All fees need to be up to date at all times.The centre has a zero debt policy which means your account needs to be at Zero by the end of each week.If your account is in arrears then the Holiday Rate cannot be applied.

Health and Safety

We have found that a number of children have been wearing beaded jewellery lately. Due to the risks to young children under the age of 2 we ask that children do not bring anything that could present a choking hazard. Children are family grouped in the morning and afternoon which means the older children and younger children play together so please keep this in mind and avoid letting your child bring anything such as jewellery and toys that could present a risk. Don't forget some toys break and then present a choking risk to younger children

Upcoming Events

Teacher parent interviews(see your room Lead educator

Poppies Graduation Ceremony Tuesday 12th December and time to be confirmed

December 15 Piptree Christmas Party 4pm

Firstly, a big welcome to our new little friends Leopold, Archer, Samuel, Louis, Benji and their families. Everyone is settling in well as we work on building trusting relationships. Some of our long-term friends Asha and Liara have recently moved up and reached that time when it is appropriate for them to move to the Sprout Room (toddler) and have transitioned very smoothly. There is quite a difference in routine and play habits, as well as a bigger yard to play in and more children to get used to. If your child is around the age of 15 months, we will consider their development needs and possibly allow some visits to the Sprout Rooms.

Last month we focused on routines and transition and have seen our room settle into the routine and strive for a welcoming environment. The children are rapidly learning and gaining more skills and have more experience as they discover, explore, learn new challenges and adapt to a new indoor and outdoor environment through various play. The children are very happy, engage in play on our veranda and enjoy chatting to the toddlers through the fence.

We have also been encouraging the younger children to walk and assisting them to build their own confidence and self-esteem. They are improving on their balance movement skills.

Mia and Isla like to pull themselves up on everything and practice their walking skills. They are getting very good at walking and standing with the need of some assistance. (L03)

Samuel has been enjoying himself by rolling and moving around. He practices sitting but wobbles a little bit. He also loves to jump up and down in the jump-a-roos while exploring the moving parts on top. (L03)

Trey, Isaac, Wiremu, Zoey and Louis are loving that they can now walk and are starting to get around a lot quicker and show off their excellent gross motor skills whilst outside pushing themselves on the bike and walk along, up and down the ramp etc. (L03)

One of Archer, Benji and Grace's favourite things to do in the room now is to crawl into the shelves. They enjoy pulling everything out and sitting in there until someone notices them (L03)

Louis enjoys staying in the book area with the educator, flipping through book pages and practicing our simple words whilst looking at the pictures. (L05)

We value your input and if you have any questions or suggestions for the room please let us know or write it down and insert them into the suggestion box.

Until Next time, have fun and be safe ?

Miss Lucy and Miss Havane

Firstly, we would like to welcome some new children to the Sprouts class room; Delilha, Geoffrey and Holly. There are some children who have moved up from the Pips room Liara, Asha and Elise we love having you in our Sprouts class room.

The past couple of months the children have been working hard on their communication development with colours, shapes and words. The children and staff have also been singing lots of songs each day, Miss Sue, (Ameliah' s Grandma) came and joined us for a group time which was lots of fun.

With the new children that have come into our room we all have been working on helping them settle into the routine and help them make new friends. Each day they attend we have been working with them to use their imagination, self- help skills, develop their communication, develop their physical being and build on their friendships.

Miss Sabine and I would love if you had any free time that you would like to join us in the class for play times or group times. This will help us get our Pip Tree Community involved in the children's learning.

We have Celebrated Halloween on the 31st of October and enjoyed seeing all the children come dressed up. In the week of the 2nd of October was the Centres 10th Birthday each day there were fun and exciting activities to do. One day was Farm Day where we got to have fun patting and feeding little farm animals, then ball day so the children brought their favourite ball, dress as a Super Hero we even had a jumping castle. On the last day we got to Celebrate all together outside with a birthday cake.

Christmas is just around the corner. Can't Wait

Until next month

Miss Sarah and Miss Sabine

What a busy few months it has been since our last newsletter.

Piptree Tanah Merah celebrated its 10th Birthday with great fun activities for all children, educators and families.

Congratulations to Miss Kylie on a wonderful Birthday week and her 10-year dedication to the centre, children, Educators and our families.

As we are coming closer to the end of the year, some of our Buds children have started their transition through to the Blossom Room to join Miss Teagan and Miss Ellie which is a little sad, but they are growing up fast and they are ready for new challenges.

We also welcome Maddison, Finn, Riley, Remy, Axel, Amelia, Hunter and Archer to the Buds for their new adventures.

Our Buds children are spontaneously promoting new numeracy skills to our curriculum.

Through sorting, counting, naming colours and shapes children are sharing their knowledge of numeracy skills with peers and educators daily.

Buds children use blocks, Duplo, cars and lots of open ended materials to learn and build and create.

During this play, children are starting to understand how symbols and pattern systems work

Children are embracing the opportunities to set-up and create their own learning environments by collecting chosen resources and engaging in creative art experiences using and making meaning of a range of media. Children are connecting with people, place, technologies and nature. 

Buds children are also busy everyday exploring their outdoor environment.

Children are learning new gross motor skills such as balance, jumping, running, climbing on obstacle courses and the big fort, riding bikes, kicking balls and learning new skills on the swings taking new risks during their play. Children are looking after their outdoor environment by spontaneously watering our new garden beds that Miss Teagan created. Rainy days are as much fun as sunny days, and we are learning that there is a difference between sunny play and wet play and learning every moment as we explore, investigate and collaborate with our friends.

House Keeping: Just a quick reminder to all our parents that all our children need at least 4 nappies or pull ups and 4 pairs of undies and 4 sets of spare clothes during our toilet training time and please could all parent provide a packet of wet ones.

See you at Our Christmas Party Friday the 15th of December.

Thank You Miss Kirstin and Miss Jamie lee.

Hi all! wow! November already! Where has the year gone! Over the past two months we've welcomed Joshua, Jessica, Charles and Miss Elle to our class,. there has been lots of getting to know one another and getting to know the class expectations.

We've continued with learning the connection between written and oral by learning the first letters of our names, and we also started learning 'letter sounds' too. At group time each day we go over the letter sounds by doing phonics songs and by using the flash cards. Miss Teagan extends the children's interest in this activity, and puts the flash cards down at the tables. The children role play being Miss Teagan and ask their peers what letters they can see. At group times we also have begun learning the sign language alphabet through song. Some of us show a big interest in this activity and we find them singing the sings throughout the day during play. As well as tracing every day, we've been practicing writing the first letter of our names on our own, where some of us surprised miss Teagan and could write their whole name! well done guys!

Please make sure that when your children bring in show and share that they are a meaningful toy or photo to the children - not just a Mc Donald's toy or a matchbox car. Show and share is a platform for your children to explore aspects of their home life or home friends with their kindy peers.

Exploring aspects of cause & effect and motion, we have shown a big interest in cars. We got a big tunnel and were exploring what effects might happen if she shouts into the tunnel, or if we rolled cars down the tunnel or slide outside. Also teaching us turn taking and sharing skills as we only had one big tunnel.

We explored Halloween through artwork over two weeks, where we had a big dress up day on Halloween. Even Miss Teagan and Miss Elle dressed up for the occasion!

Over the next two months we will begin to explore Christmas through various activities. Keep an eye out for our giant Santa chimney we're making as a class!

please ensure that you are packing hats, shoes, water bottles and sheets every day for your children

until next time,

Miss Teagan and Miss Elle


The aim of the ELLA Program is for children to have early experience in another language and culture to encourage language learning in the later years.

What's new with The Polyglots? App 6: The polyglots at the park. App 6 is an outdoor Australian park or playground. There are many language learning experiences like, the obstacle maze and the movie builder and a space for children to explore. Children can also watch a video of popular Mexican children's game: 'Pares y nones'.

And App 7: The Polyglots in the town. App 7 features places and activities commonly found in Australia, like buildings, leisure spaces, construction sites, a pizza café, a supermarket and a library. Children are encouraged to notice the environment and interact with it using familiar language from app 1- 6


The Kindergarten Program is about preparing your child for Prep, here at Piptree we are offering your children lots of opportunities to play, learn and grow.

Children are encouraged to use language to communicate ideas, feelings and needs. Make friends and cooperate with other children. We encourage our Poppies to be more independent and confident in their abilities. Educators assist children in developing self-discipline. We support children to creatively express their ideas and feelings through art, dance and dramatic play. The Kindergarten program is also about developing early reading, writing and numeracy skills.

Useful school preparation activities might include:

•encouraging children's participation in group games and experiences;

•supporting children to cooperate with peers and make friendships in free play situations;

talking positively with children about starting school;

•discussing school visits or orientation events with children, before and after they occur;

•arranging visits to the local school so children can get used to the environment and activities;

•reading with children regularly


As the year winds down, we are starting to prepare the children for graduation and their transition to Prep with transition statements.

We are after your feedback on the most suitable time for graduation. Graduation will be on Tuesday the 12th of December, but we want to know what time suits our families. There is a notice in the Kindergarten room for you to let us know your preference about time and a decision will be made by the 6th of November.


Show and share is an opportunity for children to express themselves. Sharing something important to them that they know a lot about allows them to become an "expert" and share with their peers their knowledge. We are also developing children into effective communicators, promoting the use of language to explain and discuss people, places and objects.

We have had some very exciting show and shares come through in the past few months!

This month James brought in some of his special crystals to show his peers. James explained to the class that he keeps them under his pillow and they help him sleep better! Very cool James, thank you for sharing!

Learning environment- CURRENT INTEREST what you would see in room right now

Poppies have been very busy over the last month exploring and engaging with the topic 'All About Spiders'. After we found a Daddy long legs in our classroom, children had questions we needed to find answers to! Where do spiders live? What do they eat? Why are they here? Using interactive and engaging activities lead by the children's interest Tiahn and I have scaffolded and extended their knowledge and skills.

Children have helped to build a display of all their work this month that is hanging up in the classroom.

Changes have been made to the way we do Transition statements. There is now a consent form you need to read and sign, this ensures the information can be given directly via email to your child's teacher for next year. The consent forms are in the kindergarten room if you have any questions or need assistance please speak with Miss Brie ?

Hello to all families,

First, I would like to welcome Justice & Bryce to Piptree after school care. Children have participated in many kindy activities and our 10-year celebration has been one of their favourite, being part of the celebrations taking part in Jumping castle & the farm animal visit being the highlight for them.

Children have also shown interest in Art/craft activities & many outdoor activities. Homework is supported at any time during after school care.

Few more weeks for school holidays & we are happy to see some of our children attending Piptree Vacation care. They will be with Miss Brie during the holiday care period & will be participating in many fun activities.

Miss Kamani

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